Top 20 Weird Indian Restaurants

Top 20 Weird Indian Restaurants


Cross Café, Mumbai

It was previously known as Hitler’s Cross, this café in Mumbai invited the wrath of Jewish organizations all over the world. They thought that naming the café after Hitler whose reign was remembered as one of the darkest periods of history for the Jews was spreading the wrong message. Mr Punit Sablok, the founder of café, later decided to adopt the name Cross café and replace the swastikas(the symbol)  which is a part of the décor with different colored rings.



Hijack Cafe, Ahmedabad

Moist clay media starts this vanity where customers were taken for a tour of Ahmedabad city. The tour completes in an hour or two hours and lets its customers enjoy their food while traversing the roads of Ahmedabad. The name earned a lot of gimmick from the public because of the weird use of the word ‘hijack’.


Taste Of Darkness, Hyderabad

Taste of Darkness offers unique dining concept where customers did not see but experience their food. The whole cafe is surrounded by darkness, and the customers learn about the lives of the visually disables. To add to the experiences are the hanging bridge and the park experience.


Tihar Food Court, Delhi

The Tihar  jail is well known for the efforts the jail authorities keep making to help the convicts. Opening a food court in their premise is another step in this direction. Inmates were employed as staff at the restaurant in this place. The food has been well praised by many people`s and patrons especially compliment the nice service of the staff.


New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad

Owner Mr Krishnan Kutti did something not many businessmen can try. He decided to start his restaurant in a place which was a graveyard earlier. Not just this, he chooses to keep the graves there and set up the hotel around them. Mr Kutti believes that the graves bring him good luck charm. And the crowd of customers which gives in to enjoy the tea and freshly made cream rolls is never disappointed.


Veli Lake Floating Restaurant, Trivandrum

Kerala has a variety to offer, and this restaurant is a unique part of that list. The villagers of Veli established a whole village in the center of the lake, and the floating hotel in lake is part of that village. There are many floating bridges that one has to travel to reach that restaurant. The food is ready using the local produce and procedure.


The Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai

A pub, called as The Bar Stock Exchange, which works on the basics of the stock market.  People may buy their drinks for prices as low in compared to their cost price when the market starts and at 00 hour. The prices of drinks and liquors keep changing according to their popularity and publicity. The most popular drink is, the more it charged, and vice versa.


70Mm, Hyderabad

As the name suggests they try to recreate the feel of large theatre for movie lovers. And it is ata complete new level of excited interest. The walls and ceilings were furnished with pictures of movie stars, and the fans are never disappointed by visiting this small restaurant.


Social Offline, Delhi

The Social Offline is a place which allows customers to enjoy their work. It was opened with the main aim of creating a cafe which allows peoples to stay connected even when they were offline. It`s an urban hangout where work mixes with fun. It combines the best of an office and a cafe.


Firangi Dhaba, Mumbai

Auto-rickshaws are the major part of Indian transportation system. But earlier who would have thought of mixing them in a restaurant? This restaurant has done it and how. The interiors just looks like of Desi, and one can sit in an auto rickshaw and enjoy a meal.


Nature’s Toilet Cafe, Ahmedabad

India’s first ever toilet based themed restaurant, Nature`s toilet café, which has a toilet garden around it which brags a collection of about twenty lavatories and urinals which date as past as the 1960s. The signboard outside the toilet carries the sign “Haash!. The founder Mr Jayesh Patel is the son of Mr Ishwarbhai Patel who founded the toilet garden. He was commonly called ‘ Baby Toilet ‘ because of this weird legacy.


Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

It was set up like a jail, Kaidi Kitchen restaurant has staff dressed as convicts and jailers. Though the food rating was average by the customers, but the interiors makes it something to add to your cart list.



Nasa, Bangalore

Although this place has been abandoned, it deserves a mark on this list. It was built up like a spaceship, the waiters at this cafe wore spacesuits and looked like Astronauts. The entire cafe is covered in the neon-blue light which gave the customers another worldly feel.


Minus 6 Degrees, Kolkata

Kolkata’s first frozen ice bar, at Minus 6 Degrees, you will have to put on woolen garments and warm hand gloves that will be given in the restaurant itself. With a completely veg menu, interiors constructed out of ice cubes, and complimentary shots of cocktails served in ice glasses, this place is a welcome visit for those who want to try something new and funny.


Dialogue In The Dark, Bangalore

For a completely unique experience where you get to live the life of a visually disabled person for a short time visit, Dialogue in the dark is the option for this. Your cell phones and other similar light-emitting gadgets will be taken from you. You can choose from either a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian option for your meal. The TRP of this experience is that peoples have no idea about what they’re eating as the restaurant is wholly dark.


Seva Cafe, Ahmedabad

Functioning on the principle of good economy, here’s another gem of a restaurant to check out the next time you were in Ahmedabad. The food you have will have already been paid earlier by someone in advance for you, and you can return the favor by paying in advance for someone else’s meal for next time.


You Cook, Bangalore

A fully unique concept where you have to choose whether you want to feast on the available meal or you would want to prepare your own dish, this Bangalore restaurant has been temporarily shut down.


21 Fahrenheit, Mumbai

Fully air conditioned place having hot and delicious food is what we all have enjoyed many times. But what about a cafe made up of ice, serving you finger licking food choices. Yes, 21 Fahrenheit, in Andheri, has bought Ice bar concept. Curtains to plates everything is made up of ice blocks. The restaurant provides warm hand gloves, warm jackets with boots to their guests so that they can enjoy their meal with a cozy feel. Definitely, it is a must visit place while in Mumbai.


Bob Dylan’s Cafe, Manali

Located in the centre of Manali, it is a nice cafe offering good coffee and world famous cookies. Not only this, but the place also has a theatre, and you can watch the films of your choice absolutely free. To add to your experience, they also play songs of artist Bob Dylan. The cafe also helps their customers find hotels, transportation and organize tours to make their trip, more enjoyable.


Namyasheth Bhejawala, Mumbai

This place is, or was, famous, not for the interiors, but for its food. Arrive here early or you’ll have to settle for Bhurji instead of Bheja. For over twenty years, the owner Mr Namya has been cooking up fresh batches of Bheja that vanish in a minute. Bheja is the special item of this tiny place. Juicy and spiced according to your palate, the Bheja Masala is a treat, enjoyed best with Masala Pao. Even the Bheja Rice is worth a try.