20 Foods To Make Using Tomato Pure


Any meal can easily benefit from the richness of tomato puree. It is an essential component of numerous stews, soups, and other spicy dishes. It’s a brilliant idea to buy a lot of this reliable ingredient. If you’re looking for alternatives to spaghetti that call for tomato puree, this is the right place. Classics like pizza and rice are available, as are more exotic options like tikka masala.

1. Tomato Soup 

This simple tomato soup is an excellent choice for an energizing appetizer during the summer. Another straightforward dish with amazing flavors is this one. The seasonings make the tomatoes taste even better. Additionally, fresh tomatoes need not be sautéed or pureed in this recipe. It will suffice with a canned puree of high quality.

2. Homemade Pizza Sauce 

The sauce is just as crucial to the success of any pizza as the crust and the toppings. This recipe has everything you need to make the best pizza sauce. You won’t want to use marinara in jars again after learning how to make this delightful and tangy sauce.

3. Tomato Pasta Sauce 

The flavors of this sauce, called passata, are fantastic despite its simplicity. Oregano, tomato sauce, balsamic vinegar, sauteed onions, and garlic, all mixed. The vinegar helps reduce the sauce’s thickness in addition to providing a subtle acidity.

4. Penne With Marinara 

Tomato puree can make yet another easy pasta dish like this one. Marinara is an exemplary sauce with a dazzling tomato flavor. This sauce has only garlic, basil, salt, and pepper, and the rich tomato flavor comes through.

5. Moroccan Shakshuka 

Shakshuka is a good breakfast of meatballs and just right eggs cooked in prepared pureed tomatoes. Use Mutti tomatoes in this dish to get the authentic Moroccan flavor. They are made with Mediterranean Sea salt and sun-ripened Italian tomatoes.

6. Tomato And Garlic Chicken Curry 

Tomato puree is an absolute must if you enjoy curry. This Indian dish succeeds not only because of the spices but also because of another crucial component. Chicken is flavored with tomatoes, garlic, and a spicy and flavorful curry blend in this dish. Additionally, Greek yogurt is added for creaminess and richness. Enjoy this curry with rice or naan bread.

7. Cream Tomato Pasta 

You get the richness of carbonara and the refreshing flavors of marinara from this creamy tomato pasta. Basil adds an earthy flavor to the sauce, and parmesan adds nuttiness. These flavors work well together.

8. Cream Tomato Soup 

Since you can never have enough tomato soup, this is yet another recipe. Because it combines tomato puree, beef stock, and heavy cream, you can anticipate a fun flavor explosion. It is also infused with white wine, which gives the soup a flavor that is sophisticated and complex.

9. Pink Sauce Pasta 

Pink is made from red tomato puree, heavy white cream, and milk. This is how the sauce gets its lovely color. Additionally, it is prepared with a lot of cheese, butter, aromatics, spices, and seasonings. You’ll be blown away by this pasta sauce. It will be popular with both children and adults.

10. Mexican Red Rice 

Rice is often a side dish, but in this case, it’s a meal in and of itself. This Mexican red rice, prepared with vegetables, tomato puree, and chicken broth, is filling, hearty, and full of delicious flavors. The texture is just as important as the flavor.

11. Homemade Burger Patties 

Tomato puree adds extra flavor and moisture to these traditional burger patties. These guys have a secret, even though they taste like regular burgers: They lack dairy and carbs. Yes, you can still make burger patties without breadcrumbs or eggs.

12. Keema Matar 

Keema Matar, or “peas and mince,” is a delicious Indian dish made with curry-coated ground meat and peas. This curry is dry in comparison to other spicy curries. However, that does not mean it is inferior. In addition, the variety of textures provided by the ground meat and peas combination is an absolute delight.

13. Spaghetti Sauce 

Despite its simplicity, the flavors of this spaghetti sauce are spot-on. The word “spectacular” cannot adequately convey the quality of this. Using both tomato paste and tomato puree is the key to giving it a distinct tomato flavor. The only thing left to do with this combination is to season it with salt, pepper, and aromatics.

14. Paneer Butter Masala

Cheese is more than just a supporting character in this epic Indian dish. It is made of cottage cheese cubes that are drenched in a tomato sauce that is thick and creamy. The tomato puree contributes to this.

15. Lasagna 

When making lasagna, getting the tomato meat sauce right is one of the most important things. That’s why you need this recipe. Additionally, you must make your bechamel. But don’t worry; it’s not hard at all to make the components from scratch.

16. Mushroom Masala 

Another Indian dish that will make you drool is here. Button mushrooms are encased in a tomato-rich, spicy curry sauce. This masala has such a wonderfully robust flavor due to the spices in it.

17. Vegan BBQ Sauce 

This vegan BBQ sauce will impart its smokey and sweet flavors to beef ribs and chicken wings. This sauce is vegan because there is no ketchup in the recipe. However, all of the delicious flavors of a barbecue sauce will remain.

18. Chicken Tikka Masala 

In addition to the succulent chicken, this tikka masala is the ideal blend of buttery, spicy, rich, and creamy. The sauce is the real star of this dish.

19. Pasta Alla Norma 

The delicious Italian pasta known as Pasta Alla Norma is made with eggplant and tomato sauce. Vegan bolognese, of course. with its meaty eggplant, rich marinara sauce, and al dente pasta.

20. Creole Sauce 

This is a simple method for incorporating the vibrant flavors of Louisiana into any dish. This sauce has a distinctive southern flavor that you’ll want to eat repeatedly because it is infused with red peppers, cayenne, and creole seasoning. Therefore, the recipe should be at least doubled or tripled. When the craving strikes, you’ll have this sauce ready to go.