20 Fun Cookies In India

20 Fun Cookies In India

Tea or coffee time for adults is something they can’t properly function without. At the same time, kids don’t always enjoy having plain milk. Here is when cookies come to the rescue, and play a humongous role in making tea or milk time even more fun than it already is! Dip the cookies in your favourite drink and eat them before they fall off!

1. Achappam

People who don’t really have a sweet tooth, but still enjoy sweets occasionally, will surely love these Kerala based Achappams. Mildly sweet, these are deep fried cookies which are rose shaped stored safely in air tight containers. Keralan Christian homes serve these sweets during Christmas. Cumin seeds, fennel seeds or sesame seeds can be added for different flavours.


2. Kashmiri “Roth”

On auspicious days in Kashmir like ‘Pann’, it’s a tradition to have Roths! Every year especially on the day of “Pann Deun,” eldest lady of the house makes these cookies as Prasad while narrating anecdotes about the festival. It’s typically a cardamom flavoured cookie.


3. Iyengar Bakery Khara Biscuit

A famous South Indian cookie, is had along with a nice hot cup of tea. Being spicy, mildly sweet, crispy, and crumbly it’s a deadly combination of textures and flavours. After all, coriander, chillies, and curry leaves are added to the cookie batter!


4. Eggless Saffron Laced Almond Cookies

Vegetarians will be happy knowing about such a delicious yummy cookie! The name says it all, doesn’t it? Saffron and Almonds are incorporated in the cookies and made into a really healthy snack for tea time. Whenever thin or bored, just eat these!eggless-saffron

5. Chyawanprash Cookies

Recollected all those television commercials showing how great chyawanprash is for your body and mind, didn’t you? So then, of course, we Indians thought of making cookies out of it. These biscuits are on the spicy side and taste best with Darjeeling tea.


6. Jam Filled Cookies

You will bring out the kid in you when trying to make this cookie at home. Make small balls from the cookie batter and press you thumb in the middle, making an impression. Heat the cookie and when is becomes crispy, fill the thumb created space with whichever is your favourite jam.


7. Whole Wheat Cookie

They are the best food items to pack for your kids’ tiffin. Healthy, easy to digest and being not too sweet everybody loves these cookies. It’s basically made using whole wheat flour, cardamom, and butter. Wholesomely nutritious!


8. Nan Khatai

Nan Khatai is the most famous cookie made in India. Spicy and eggless, is a favourite of many. Its softness is from the added yogurt and ghee in the cookie, making it melt in your mouth. Best served with tea. Keep them in air tight containers and eat them whenever you please, which is often!


9. Rajgira Cookie

Rajgira is mostly eaten by Indians when they on a fast. There is not a sweet which can’t be made using Rajgira, so its cookie isn’t really surprising. Also it’s very healthy and slimming, and is a must have! It’s what you eat on your fast days makes it interesting, and there is nothing better to accompany tea than this.


10. Jeera Biscuit

If you love to bake but don’t enjoy too much of sweets, then Jeera biscuits are just the thing for you! Deliciously savoury, these are lightly salted, and seasoned with cumin seeds. All-time favourite menu at tea parties, you just can’t get enough of them!


11. Khara Biscuit

Also known as Masala biscuit or salted cookie, its Hyderabad’s favourite bakery product! Easy and simple to make, it’s available on most tea stalls in the state. Flour, chillies, ginger, yogurt, ajwain (cumin seeds) are the only ingredients needed.


12. Ragi Biscuit

Ragi biscuits are best suited for all the health conscious people out there. Heat the mixture of ragi flour, cardamom, sugar, baking soda, and ghee upto 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 to 20 minutes. Never miss a chance of having these while in Bandra (Mumbai).


13. Butter Biscuits

These creamy yet crispy cookies from South India again, taste amazingly buttery and leave you wanting for more after having just one. The batter is mixed made of sugar and butter till light and fluffy. These are the BASIC biscuits you find yourself with at any tea or coffee stall.


14. Spritz Cookies

Spritz sounds fancy because it’s actually a German dessert made on Christmas. We Indians have done a great job adopting its awesomeness! Having a vanilla based batter, these cookies can be pressed and made into any fun shape you want. Not only does it come in many shapes and sizes, but feeds the artist inside as you can decorate them with anything yummy like jellies, jams, sprinkles, and so on. Buttery to taste, is crumbly and soft! spritz-cookies

15. Spiced Spritz Cookies

You see how the word “Spiced” is added to the name of the previous cookie, in here?! Confusing…? It’s basically a spritz cookie inspired from Germany but spicy. Adding different spices does the trick.


16. Dry Fruit Biscuit

Dry fruits are the healthiest of them all. Therefore, going ahead and having cookies made from them makes absolute sense, doesn’t it now?! Even one cookie having almonds and nuts in it makes extremely vibrant and sometimes  really sharpen your brain! C’mon get the Almond reference! Tooti – Frooti can be added too, if you love it sweet.


17. Murukku

South Indians seem to love cookies the best. Murukku is a biscuit which originated and is famous in Tamil Nadu. A snack often made during the festival of Diwali, is a deep fried, salty-spicy, spiral shaped cookie, somewhat like a chakli (famous in Maharashtra).


18. Shrewsbury Biscuits

Buttery English cookies, these are a famous gifting item. Extremely famous in Pune (Maharashtra), they are a specialty found in Kayani Bakery. Margarine, sugar, eggs, flour, and lemon are the ingredients using which a batter is made. This batter is rolled out into thin sheets for Shrewsbury biscuits to be made.


19. Khari or Puff Biscuits

Puff biscuits are pretty tough to make, but this effort is all worth once you eat them. Absolutely light and savoury, Khari biscuits are normally dipped in tea and had.


20. Shankarpalli

It’s a Maharashtrian sweet, a lot in demand, especially during Diwali. Sweetened flour batter is made into thin sheets and then cut into tiny rhombuses, which are the deep fried. There you go, yummy shankarpallis whenever you feel the need to hog!