20 Maharashtrian Dishes You Must Try During Fasting

20 Maharashtrian Dishes You Must Try During Fasting

It’s ironic how the days we fast seem to not end…fast enough! Impressing your mom, increasing one’s self-control, giving god some attention, are a few incentives as to why people fast. The longing for your regular yummy food on such days is everlasting! Not everybody’s cup of tea, oh but tea!

Here are 20 dishes to prevail yourself right through your day of fast, without missing your favourite plates of food too much. Dig in!

1. Sabudana Khichdi

What’s a fast without having Sabudana (Tapioca) Khichdi! It’s a total must-have and extremely typical on fasting days. As it’s much in demand, tapioca has its own tantrums, you know like we have to keep it soaked in water till soft and only then can it be used to make all sorts of yummy food for fasting days! This spicy-sweet treat is the easiest and yummiest of all khichdi’s.


2. Sabudana Kheer

Time for something sweet with Sabudana (Tapioca). Hot kheer made of sabudana is just what one needs on a cold winter fast day. Sweet milk simmered along with tapioca till its sweet aroma fills the room is food worth having! Definitely a main for all the people with sweet tooth! sabudana-kheer

3. Sweet Potato in Jaggery

There is nothing more soothing to your soul than a hot, sweet plate of sweet potato dessert! Boiled sweet potato cooked in jaggery makes your inside calm as ever! A cold night must have, this dessert surely blows your mind! sweet-potato-in-jaggery

4. Sabudana Vada

Sabudana Vada is an all-time favourite all over India. Nobody can resist these hot pakodas! Eating them with cool green coconut chutney excites your taste buds like never before! Small balls made from tapioca are deep fried till nice and crispy! It’s a competition to see who gets the most! sabudana-vada

5. French Fries

A dish without an age boundary! French fries are liked by each and every one, from kids to old ones. It’s a food for every mood, cheering you up always. All one has to do is cut potatoes into strips and shallow fry. Serve hot with sprinkled salt and pepper on top! Tomato ketchup is its BFF! french-fries

6. Sabudana Papad

Eating Sabudana Papad gives you feel of eating thermacol or for that matter, a giant snowflake! It’s just the way it appears to be! Sabudana is soaked in water till soft and then made into flat circles or papads, which are then dried.Shallow fried on demand; it’s a white, crispy snack eaten along with fast day meals if you please. sabudana-papad

7. Potato Wafer

Boil potatoes and add spices making small, round chips out of it. Then let them naturally dry and shallow fry whenever you feel the urge of having crispy and healthy potato wafers. Eat them as fast as you can and as much as you can, you know how at times fasts can be boring! When bored just hog these. potato-wafer

8. Potato Papad

The recipe for Potato Wafers and Potato Papad is quite similar, just that to cook papads, make big circles and deep fry. There you go, crispy and again healthy papads to eat alongside any meal of the day! potato-papad

9. Bhagar with Ampty

Bhagar, as known in Marathi, is a type of rice variant. It’s a famous ingredient to make a lot of dishes during fasts. Just roast some bhagar in a pan and then cook it with spices you like. Eat this along with a sweet and spicy delicacy, ampty (a dal preparation). Delicious to its core, it is very stomach filling! bhagar-ampty

10. Rajgira Ladoo

Rajgira is a grain named Amaranth in English, meaning immortal! So you see rajgira will never go into oblivion! Rajgira Ladoo is a must have backpack dessert on a fasting day! Rajgira is mixed with jaggery and cooked till a smooth mixture is formed. Then shaped into small balls and dried. Voila, they are ready to be carried anywhere and eat anywhere! rajgira-ladoo

11. Dry Fruits Chikki

Dry fruits are the healthiest treats out there! Combine your favourite roasted ones’ like almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, walnuts in a bowl and pour hot, caramelized jaggery on top and mix well! Harden this mixture till it forms a kind of brittle and eat this hard, sticky sweet testing the health of your teeth! dry-fruits-chikki

12. Banana Wafers

Cut bananas length wise, deep fry and sprinkle salt, pepper and chilli on these long wafers. Or you can cut them width wise, deep fry and sprinkle salt on top making yellow wafers! Both taste equally amazing. Best food to snack on during your fast. banana-wafer

13. Mix Thalipeeth

Thalipeeth is a Maharashtrian dish. Small dosa or parantha like Thalipeeths are made from a mixed grain flour with chopped onions, cooked in a pan, and served with ghee on top and curd alongside! This mix of grains in its flour consists of ingredients which can be eaten during fasts like bhagar, rajgira, sabudana, and singhada (a type of root called buckwheat in English) making it a wholesome fast meal! mix-thalipeeth

14. Singhada Sev

Singhada is a root vegetable called as buckwheat in English. It’s a Maharashtrian dish, eaten a lot during fasts. Sev is every Indian’s weakness, and this Singhada Sev is no less in those terms! Mix singhada flour with mashed potatoes and form a nice dough by adding water! Form small stick-like structures and deep fry! Singhada Sev is ready for fasting party. simghada-sev

15. Rajgira Bhakri

Rajgira are grains called amaranth in English! They are technically not grains but seeds of a plant. Rajgira Bhakri is a flat bread made from its rajgira flour, served hot with ghee on top. These bhakri’s are typically eaten alongside potato sabji (made using fasting ingredients only). New realms of pleasure! rajgira-bhakri

16. Rajgira Sheera

Well, it’s a dish that rhymes, and hopefully, will be in sync with your tastebuds too! Again a sweet dish but made from rajgira flour. It’s mixed with sugar or jaggery and other spices, cooked with a little milk till it evaporates and thus forming a nice, hot plate of dessert. Sheera is more commonly known as halwa! Eat heavens! rajgira-halwa

17. Upwasacha Dhirda

Upwasacha (which means fast special) Dhirda is similar to a dosa just that the mixed flour is made into a batter and small circles of dhirde are formed! This mixed flour again consists of sabudana, singhada, and bhagar. Eat hot with tomato ketchup or other chutneys! upwasacha-dhirdha

18. Potato Kachori

Cool, green coconut chutney in the centre, surrounded by mashed potatoes form small balls of yumminess! These kachoris are then deep fried and eaten hot. It’s a perfectly fattening dish to eat during your fasts. Try it today! potato-kachori

19. Kaju Katli

Being a personal favourite of most Indians, this barfi is just the right amount sweet. Kaju is sweetened and cut into cute rhombus shaped barfis! A major attraction is the eatable silver which is finely plated on top of this treat! No festival is complete without Kaju Katli and so are our fasts! kaju-katli

20. Curd Fruit Salad

Bored of just eating all sorts of fruits during your fast, imaging how good a fruit salad would taste? No worries, all the custard and caramel goodness can be eaten with your favourite fruits during fasting too with some fun alterations. Just take curd, add sugar to it and mix well until a nice consistency is reached! Add cooled chopped fruits to it and there is your fruit salad in its utmost healthy state!