20 Indian Dishes You Should Try Before Dying

20 Indian Dishes You Should Try Before Dying

1. Chole Bhature

North Indians serve great dishes since I don’t know when, but I really like Chole Bhature from the menu. Chole Bhature is a combination of spicy chickpea and Bhatura made from wheat flour. The fusion of spices can be seen when you eat and spices burst into your mouth. It is famous all over South Asia and in future, it may be famous all over the world. The Bhatura is made huge and it’s is very hard to complete that in your one seating. When you order Chole Bhature in a traditional India restaurant or Dhaba, you’ll be served with Lassi, salad on the side.


2. Kebabs

Kebab is a Muslim for a variety of meat getting grilled. People who dislike Muslims are the people who eat kababs sitting at home watching movies. Instead of doing that love every human being on earth and love the food they make. The meat is flavored with spices you need and grilled using a rod with meat attached to it.


3. Sarson Ka Sang with Makke Ki Roti

Mustard seeds are used to make a dish that will make you forget all your worries. Palak is also sometimes added in this to give it a color and a thick consistency. Sarson Ka Sang is served with corn bread which has butter melting on it. It is popular in Punjab and Kashmir and is served mostly in Winter and Spring.


4. Rogan Josh

Indians do not use much of lamb in their daily food, but Kashmir has got it in their hands. They have included lamb in their cuisine. The Rogan Josh is a Persian origin dish. This dish is made from using chopped onions, yogurt, and other spices that give this dish its distinct taste. It’s served hot with roti or rice.


5. Butter Chicken

It is like universally served in all Indian and Non-Indian dishes. The chicken is primarily fried or cooked in a tandoor. The chicken is then added to a curry made from spices and yogurt butter is also added. Cashew paste is used to make the curry thick. In the end, the dish is garnished with cream or coriander. It was first developed in Moti Mahal Restaurant in New Delhi.


6. Dal Makhani

Main ingredients used to make this dish is black lentils and kidney beans jumbled with cream and butter. This dish is seen to serve with any different other dishes to make the meal more variable in the case of ingredients and just not rice and simple dal. It is one of the main dish in most of the thalis served in India and parts out of India.


7. Malai Kofta

This dish will keep you salivating for a long time. Koftas are balls made using mashed potatoes filled with cashews, raisins, and cream in it. Which is then fried using corn flour and added to the curry made using tomatoes and cashew paste. It’s is late garnished with coriander.


8. Sheermal

Indians are not a big fan of bread. But when they make them they will kee you wondering, how can they do so much. Sheermal is a flat bread made from maida and is flavored with saffron. It is kind of like naan and roti but the only difference is the adding of saffron to give it a tiny sweet flavor.


9. Gajar Ka Halwa

To the all the people who have sweet tooth and crave for something new. Gajar Ka Halwa is one the dishes to try once. It is made from Gajar which is also called Carrot. The carrot is used with other ingredients like milk, water, and khoya. It is one of the most served desserts during the festival and special occasion. In the last, it is topped with dry fruits.


10. Rasgulla

Bengalis are really proud of many things they gave to Indian cuisine, one of them is Rasgulla. They are made from rolling cheese (Cheena). Which is then added to a mixture of sugar and water with a little of rose water. When you squeeze them they don’t break or fall apart.


11. Macher Jhol

I really can’t understand the obsession of Bengalis with the red color. It might be some religious thing, but they also prefer food to have red. Macher Jhol is one of the foods which are made using seafood. Seafood has the quality to absorb all the flavors and impart the sea flavors which give them the distinct taste. This is a stew made using potatoes for thickness and adding other seasoning and tomato to give the dish the red color which they prefer.


12. Bhapa Ilish

Bengali dishes are on fire. This dish is made from using Hilsa fish. The fish is marinated with turmeric, mustard paste, cream, salt, and chili paste. The marinated fish is then mixed into the stew and cooked under pressure and finally garnished with cream and slit chilies. The fish used is very popular in Bengal, India. The markets are filled with fishes there Hilsa being one of them.


13. Dahi Vada

A snack that can help you with your quick bite. Vada is made from Urad lentils and crushed and made balls out of them. The balls are then fried and added into the thick yogurt which is the Dahi in Dahi Vada. Sometimes golden raisins are added in the Vada to enhance the flavors. When Dahi vada is served make sure you garnish it with little of black pepper, chili powder, and chaat masala.


14. Pav Bhaji

A dish that will make you forget all your worries after seeing butter melting on that Bhaji and Pav which is all fried in butter. Served with onion and tomato salad which when eaten together gives the crisp and that is what you want after hard work and boss nagging at you. The Bhaji is made from the mixture of different vegetables and spices over a big Tava and the man smashing all the vegetables together.


15. Rista

Kashmiri dish which keeps you wanting more every time you eat it. This dish is very time consuming so if you have a lot of time available then go to your kitchen and make it. Minced meat is used to make balls which are made to boil. The container used to boil is added with a small pouch of spices to add flavors to the meat. The meatballs are then fried and saffron stew is prepared and the dish is done. Garnish it with coriander and serve.


16. Nethili Varuval

Indian Anchovies are used to make this. This dish can be served in the form of curry or it can be fried. The anchovies are supposedly being high in calcium and when they eat this fish they eat the whole fish with the bones. The fish is marinated and fried and served with lemon used to garnish and later is squeezed. The fish is traditionally served on coconut leaves. This speaks to much about the tradition in Kerala.


17. Chicken Chettinad

Poppy seeds, fenugreek, coconut, roast dry chilies, Kal Pasi, and many other spices are mixed together to form a paste. The chicken is marinated with yogurt and turmeric. This dish is traditionally made in the region of Chettinad in Tamil Nadu, India. The flavors used in South India are very different from other parts of India and makes us familiar with new flavors.


18. Navratna Korma

What to please your guest with some new dishes? You got it. This dish is basically a vegetable stew. The vegetables are fried and milk is added to give a sweet taste and cashew paste is used to thicken the stew. Apart from vegetables, you can also add Paneer or Tofu. Vegetarians your welcome.


19. Saag Paneer

Made from green leaves. This dish can be prepared by using spinach, mustard leaves, broccoli or any other green leafy vegetables. Paneer is added to make the dish complete. Instead of paneer you can use meat and turn this dish into another gem. It is served hot with roti or naan. Garnished with cream.


20. Pork Vindaloo

Pork is not a choice of meat in many states in India. So pork is used less in many dishes. But India needs to add pork in their diet. It just makes the dish go from Nice to Smack my ass and call me Judy. This dish is mostly made in Goa and Kashmiri chilies are used to give the overwhelming heat the dish needs. People are India are busy eating the same dish every day. But they need to get out of their home and taste the different dishes made in their own country. You can’t blame them as India as a history of staying in the bubble no matter what.