20 Indian Starters With A Twist You Can Impress Your Guests With At Your Next Party

20 Indian Starters With A Twist

The success of any party is on the starters and starters only. The first bite lets your guest know how well the party is going to wind up. It is, therefore, very necessary to put an extra effort on your starters in order to make a good impression on your guests. However, coming up with new ideas every time when it comes to starters can be a little vexing sometimes. But fret not. Here are a few starters that will do the work for you for the next few parties.

1. Fried Chicken Momo

Coming with a twist from the commonly steamed momo, fried chicken momos can always surprise you. The paradox of the crunchiness on the outside and the softness on the inside wins your heart every time you put a dumpling in your mouth. Serve it with a spicy sauce of your choice and your party is good to go.


2. Nargisi Kofta

Have egg on your menu? You can never go wrong then. Nargisi koftas are eggs boiled and stuffed inside keema shells and deep fried. They are soft and melt-in-the-mouth good with brilliant flavours tickling your taste-buds.


3. Stuffed Nan Pockets

This particular dish is a very easy and delicious one and can be made in a lot of ways. Its nothing but stuffing the Indian bread with your choice of filling. Nan is one Indian bread loved by everybody, from kids to the old ones. Bringing a little twist to this idea of the ordinary nan is this delicacy that will absolutely rock your party.


4. Idli Manchurian

If your guests love South-Indian food, they will love this new form of idli. If they are not quite a fan of South-Indian food, they will get to love it. Idli manchurian brings an interesting Chinese twist to your all-time steamed idli. It comes with a variety of flavours, a bit spicy and super tasty, with brilliant colour and texture.


5. Indian Spiced Chicken

A perfect chicken delicacy, this dish is a masterpiece. Nothing but chicken breasts grilled with a variety of dried spices makes this a phenomena and an absolute must for every party. Releasing perfect bold flavours this starter tastes like heaven inside your mouth.


6. Crispy Corn Chaat

Very Indian and very tasty, this starter brings a change to the Indian chaat concept. The process is easy and less time-consuming and will easily impress your guests. Corns turned crispy with a coating of corn flour is tossed with sauteed onions and other vegetables. The variety of flavours playing their magic inside your mouth blows your mind.


7. Honey Mint Chicken

This starter can be trusted on with your eyes closed. You don’t have to think twice about this. The sweetness of honey meets the freshness of mint on chicken, what more can you ask for? Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, this chicken starter is every meat lover’s heaven.


8. Parsi Mutton Cutlets

As the name itself suggests this particular starter is a Parsi invention and a must have in almost all Parsi occasions. These mutton cutlets are easy to make and can be made and stored overnight to help you lessen your load of work. Delicious and crispy, these golden mutton cutlets are a gem and well, if you have mutton as your starter, your guests know the party is going to get even better.


9. Chapli Kabab

If you want to play it safe, kababs are always your friend. Chapli kabab is a Pashtouni kabab made of minced beef and is a delicacy. It is tender and soft and melts in your mouth just as you take them in. These kababs can also be made with mutton. For better results serve your chapli kababs with coriander chutney and watch your guests go crazy over them.


10. Dahi Ke Kabab

Well, a bit weird and on the strange note, these kababs are made of dahi. As impossible as it may sound it is real and so is its deliciousness. This appetizer can throw your guests off the track and you will never regret it. Having a soft and creamy feel, these kababs have a unique texture. Bread crumbs or paneer is used to give volume to the kababs. This dish can make you the god of parties.


11. Tandoori Lamb Meatballs

Meatballs are every meat lover’s heaven. Tandoori lamb meatballs are just everything you can ever ask for in a starter. Made with lamb and sizzled with tandoori spices make these meatballs crispy and spicy and wonderfully balanced in flavours. Serve your tandoori meatballs with minted yogurt and watch your guests go nuts over them!


12. Baked Samosa

This dish will be loved by your guests who are a little health conscious. The classic samosa with a twist. No deep-fried, oily samosas but healthy, baked ones. Give the street-side samosa a little class, and your baked samosa is done. If you want you can also use a mixture of various vegetables or any other choice of filling for your baked samosa instead of potatoes if you wish to keep a little more low on calories.


13. Hariyali Chicken Kabab

This luscious green kabab can win hearts. Prepared with most kinds of greens, such as mint, coriander, green chilies; these kababs are a colourful delight for your mouth. Characterised with bold, fresh and tangy flavours, these kababs are irresistible. Put these on your starters menu and be the hero of your party.


14. Paneer Balls

What chicken is to a non-vegetarian, paneer is to a vegetarian.  There are many ways to make paneer balls. You can use your choice of filling, such as mashed potatoes, cheese, mixed vegetables, corn – there is no end to the list. Substitute your meatballs with paneer balls for your vegetarian guests. They are easy and mouth-watering.


15. Noodles Cutlet

This is a unique Indo-Chinese starter quite easy to make. This starter is loved by most noodle lovers and is quite popular among the youngsters. The starter is made of sweet corn, noodles and cheese and all these highly loved ingredients leaves no reason not to love this dish. Coming with a crispy and creamy texture this delicacy can be made in minutes.


16. Spinach Khandvi

The all-time popular Gujarati snack meets with a twist in this gem of a starter. This appetizer is healthy and unbelievably tasty. Made with spinach, these khandvi rolls are tender and vanishes in your mouth. You can also fill the rolls with cheese if you wish to bring a little more uniqueness to your otherwise classic khandvi.


17. Baked Crab Samosa

This starter is one of a dish. Bringing to you all that you can ask for in a starter. The ordinary samosa filled with a stuffing of cooked crab mixture and baked, teases your senses to the utmost. The texture, the taste, the whole dish is mesmerizing and will leave you wanting for more. Do try this one out if you want to have bold flavours on your starters plate.


18. Goat’s Cheese Bruschetta

Bruschetta is basically an Italian starter. It involves a crispy toast with various toppings. Giving a twist to the traditional bruschetta is the one topped with goat’s cheese and chopped veggies. Add this to your starter pack to give it an exotic feel.


19. Fish Kofta

Fish kofta is another starter that can never fail you. Minced fresh fish blended with a variety of spices and supported by bread forming into round balls is what fish kofta is all about. Juicy, spicy and tender this dish is a party in itself inside your mouth.


20. Malai Paneer Tikka

This melt-in-the-mouth delicacy is pure love. Made of Indian cottage cheese this dish is a soft, creamy one and you will know what heaven tastes like. Characterised by a brilliant texture and amazing flavours, paneer malai kofta is a delight on the plate.


Take your first step towards a great party with these starters. Happy partying!