20 Mouthwatering Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa

20 Mouthwatering Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa

Best Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa are presented here.You might also be interested in Snacks Of Orissa.

Maccha Besara

Maccha Besara is the famous fish recipes that is prepared in Orissa. The interesting note is that the fish is cooked with mustard paste. The texture of the dish makes it more interesting. The dish is usually found in all the famous restaurants of the state.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Maccha Mahura

Maccha Mahura is kind of another recipe of fish which is cooked with various vegetables. The vegetables added to it makes the taste even better. It tastes like the typical fish curry but is simply magnificent! It is very famous in Orissa. This dish is cooked in almost all Odia household and is loved by one and all.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Maccha Chachadi

This recipe is made with small fried fishes and tastes marvelous with steamed rice and dal fry. This dish is meant to be quite healthy. This is a common dish of every Odia household.  A must try.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Chingudi Malai Tarkari

This is a typical prawn curry prepared with malai and some spices. Prawn itself tastes heavenly and when garnished with coriander leaves, it takes the taste to a higher level. This is prepared usually in lunch and is quite rich in spices.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Kankada Jhola

This is the Odia name of Crab Curry. The curry is prepared with all the effort and tastes simply exquisite! It is famous in Chilika, a famous bird sanctuary in Orissa. The crab curry is something which will leave you licking your fingers till the end. This deserves a one time try and said to be one of the great variety among Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Dahi Maccha

This recipe of fish is prepared with curd and other spices. The dish is quite famous in Bengal, but people of Orissa can prepare it usually according to their own styles. This is a must try and is definitely a lip-smacking hit! The sour and sweet combination of taste can simply leave an incredible experience within you.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Chingudi Jhola

Here’s another dish of prawn. It is a simple prawn curry and tastes better with steamed rice. The spices and condiments added to this dish simply adds to the flavor! A simple and common dish but will be remembered forever for its incredible taste. This is prepared simply with some potatoes and spices.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Mansa Tarkari

The specific Odia name of Mutton Curry is called Mansa tarkari in Orissa. The taste differs a lot from the typical Mutton Curry you have tasted. As we know Mutton tastes best with rice and hence adds up to the flavor and taste. This is loved by all the Odia non-vegetarians and call it as one of the best Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Kukuda Tarkari

The specific name of Chicken Curry in Odia is called as Kukuda Tarkari. It is prepared with a very different accent and is quite famous in specific Orissa dhabas. The preparation is quite simple but the taste differs incredibly from any other simple curry. This deserves a one time try.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Mansa Kassa

Mutton curry and Mutton Kassa are very different from each other. Actually kassa items are very famous and especially prepared in Orissa. Kassa defines a thick gravy. This is prepared richly with extra spices and condiments. Hence it is prepared in specific occasions only.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Kukuda Kassa

Yet another kassa item but this one is from the chicken item. Tastes heavenly, and is a must try! It is a very simple recipe but is quite famous in Orissa. This tastes marvelous when served with chapattis. The garnishing of this dish with the coriander leaves and the spices simply adds up to the flavor.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Maccha Chhencheda

Here’s another preparation of Fish. This is something unique and is prepared with rice, spices and the fish head. In Odia we remark it as a dish cooked with Maccha Munda (Fish’s head). It deserves a one time try! This dish is quite famous in Bengal, but the style of preparing it is quite different from the Bengalis. Hence the Odia needs a one time try.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Bandha Kobhi Chhencheda

This is yet another dish prepared with Fish, but this includes the cabbage curry even. This dish includes small pieces of fish in the cabbage curry and tastes utterly delicious. The dish must seem very  weird to you but it tastes heavenly and best when served with steamed rice.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Maccha Poda

It is a dish of burnt fish which is prepared with mustard paste and tastes heavenly. This is a very famous among Non-veg dishes of Orissa and tastes great with steamed rice. Maccha Poda is usually prepared in some special occasions which can be garnished with some spices and served above a banana leaf that adds up to its taste as well as beauty.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Chingudi Chhencheda

Prawn is something which is something very close to my taste buds and I believe all sea food lovers would love it. Chingudi Chhencheda is a special dish and known as one of the best Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa and tastes exquisite. This is somewhat similar to the Maccha Chhencheda discussed above, but this differs slightly, hugely in taste, and requires a must try.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa



This is a very authentic Odia non-veg dish prepared with dried small fish and spices. It can prepared in various ways .The famous Bali Yatra of Orissa spreads the importance of Sukhua across the city. Sukhua is the most ancient and famous non-veg item of Orissa. Hence never miss this dish if you have ever visited or will be visiting Orissa.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Chingudi Dalma

Chingudi Dalma is a dish prepared with prawns and a mix of exotic vegetables. This is one of the healthiest dishes of Orissa and calls for one time try. Dalma is itself a famous dish of Orissa, but coming to the non-veg items, Chingudi Dalma tastes best and is also quite famous in Orissa.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Fish Kofta

A starter dish which is loved by one and all. These are small ball shaped fish stuffed starters which tastes heavenly. This is taken as the starters in many occasions. These are moulded into small pieces and looks delicious. They are garnished with chilies and spices.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Janhi Chingudi Tarkari

This is a typical dish somewhat similar to the dish Chingudi Tarkari and is considered as one of the best Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa, but this includes small sized Prawns which looks as delicious as it tastes. This dish is known to be quiet healthy and tastes best with steamed rice.

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa


Chingudi Rai

This is a mixed gravy recipe of prawns along with vegetables. But this is not similar to the curry genre. It provides a gravy and semi liquid texture. Tastes delicious!

Non-Veg Dishes Of Orissa