20 Indian States Whose Local Food You Should Try At least Once

20 Indian States Whose Local Food You Should Try At least Once.

Are you preparing for a travel trip across India? When it comes to travel a new place, It will never complete without digging into authentic local food of that place. So, here are 20 INDIAN STATES whose local famous food you should try at least once

1. NAGALAND : Nagaland Pork W/Dry Bamboo Shoots With Rice

If you are a Pork lover, than you will have a great dine out in here. Rice, Chicken, Pork, Vegetables, Insects and Worms are essential ingredients in the Naga diet. Nagaland Pork w/dry Bamboo shots with Rice is one of the lip smacking dish of Naga food culture. Ingredient that are used in this dish are Pork and Bamboo Shoots that are shallow fried  with famous Naga chillies that are famous for its spice thrills. Naga Bamboo Shoots and their famous chillies literally make this dish a mouth amuser.

pork with bamboo shoot

2. MANIPUR: Eromba

Herbs and Spices are a very important part of Manipuri food Culture, which they grow in their household.  Manipurians  like to make their food mostly either steamed or boiled rather then frying. So, it is healthy as well. Eromba, a very popular dish in Manipur which they prepared it by boiling a lot of vegetables along with dried fish. Its aroma will fill your mouth with water.  Its smell and taste both fulfil your appetite  of good food.

Soibum yendem eromba


As being a South state, Andra people love to have rice in their food course and that’s why all their meals contains rice in them. Pulihora, is one of the most delicious and popular dish from Andhra Pradesh. In this dish rice is cooked with tamarind along with green chillies. It is cooked in two ways-

FOR VEGETARIAN, It consists of koora, that includes cooking different vegetables in variety of styles along with gravy.

FOR NON-VEGETARIAN, It has a delightful mix of seafood, meat and eggs cooked in exotic spices along with vegetable like Egg Plant.


4. ASSAM: Pithas

Assames Traditional food is not that much spicy like other nearby eastern state infect it is bland sometimes as well. As rice is a staple diet of Assames so every home made sweets or snacks contains rice. Pithas are most famous and favourite sweet /snack in here. It is supposed to be the tastiest snacks in Assam. There are a lot of varieties of Pithas. It can be sweet or salty in taste and can be in any shape or size, round or long. Til PIitha is the most popular variety between all of them.



As we all know, there is an abundance of rainfall here and that’s why it got its name as Meghalaya. People have typical type of cooking pattern. Jodah Traditional food of khasi tribe.  This dish is prepared in two ways- One cooked in pork fat.And other one cooked in pork or chicken blood. This is their actual way to cook. This is prepared very carefully.  The use of blood can be in some fixed amount as it can both enhance or can destroy the delicacy of this dish.

Usually, the one which is cooked in Pork fat is for tourists who came to visit here as they are not that much courageous to taste the one cooked in chicken or Pork blood. It looks like a biryani of north India but because of some local chosen spices, It taste a lot of tastier than north Indian Biryani.



Himachal Pradesh is a state that is known for its scenic beauty which is formed by those beautiful and miraculously epitome, natural hills that made it a famous National and International tourist place. But tourists are also attracted here because of its tasteful blend of Pahari cuisine. Every festival of Himachal Pradesh have a special and important place for Dham. It is prepared by the Brahmins of the Chamba region. This dish is prepared with  Rajma, Mong dal and Rice in curd which gives it  a flavorous touch.  It is served in the plates made by natural leaves.


7. SIKKIM: Momo

Sikkimes, essentially they are rice-loving persons. Momo, now–a-days, is most loving snacks between youngsters but do you know, it is traditionally most popular dish of Sikkim. They steamed these Momos with Bone or Tomato soup in their vessel that give them an Eternal flavour.


8. TRIPURA: Mui Borok

One of the seven sister states of North eastern India It is famous for the ruins of Ancient Dynasty, impressive Architecture with rich Heritage contains a mesmerizing beauty within itself but also known for its delicious food. Mui Borok, this traditional cuisine contains Berma. Berma is dried and fermented fish, favourite food of people of Tripura. It is extremely healthy as it is not cooked in oil and contains a tempting flavour  that is to the top of all taste.

Mui Borok


Pondicherry is a former French colony in history. Here food is outlined and has dominant influence of French cuisine. A French food lover has no better place to taste French food here than anywhere in India. Coq Au Vin is  a classic French chicken casserole. This dish is cooked by chicken braised with wine, lardons, mushrooms, and garlic. Variant local people used different wine in this dish but mostly preferred wine is from Burgundy.

Coq Au Vin

10. JAMMU AND KASHMIR: Mutton Rogan Josh

Jammu and Kashmir is the beauty paradise crown of our Country India. Its scenic beauty is very unique and a combination of all,  either it is about Leh Ladakh, world famous Wular lake or about its dry fruits and spices. It has  a blend taste of mouth watering delicacies. Fruits of Jammu Kashmir is transported  across as well as outside India. Mutton Rogan Josh is originally eaten here by Mughals. In this dish, Mutton is cooked with brown onions, spices, and yogurt. Kashmiri red chilli add an exotic colour to this dish. It has a royal aromatic flavour of shallots and garlic. You can have it with rice or naan.

Mutton Rogan Josh

11. GOA: Crab XecXec

Goa is a state which is famous for its celebrations, fun, ts hot Beaches, Bear and Wine. But on other hand amazing Goan food is also the other reason which make it more tourist loving place. Sea food and Wine is very cheap and popular here. Crab XecXec is Crab meat, which is made from grounded coconut, coriander, dry mixed roasted spices. This impenetrable gravy dish is served with rice or bread.


12. HARYANA: Khatte Ka Saag And Bajre Ki Roti

Haryana is a place with abundance of Milk, Butter and Ghee. This state is extremely rich in agriculture because of that food prepared here is well enriched with healthy goodness. It is very well known for its variety in chapattis but Khatte ka saag and Bajre ki Roti, is also very delicious dish of Haryana. This Saag is very nutritious as it is prepared with Spinach, Buttermilk, Ginger-garlic which gave it an awesome blend of taste and nutrition. And served with Bajre ki Roti will gave it an exotic taste.

Khatte Ka Saag And Bajre Ki Roti

13. KERALA: Fish Curry

Kerala is Gods own Country of “ Lands of Spices” and delicious food. It is also famous for its beauty that is enveloped in greenery. Curries are very famous dishes here, Keralits have varieties in curries like beef curry,  fish curry   From them one is most popular is  Fish Curry, the most famous dish of Kerala which is specially prepared in  an envelop made of banana leaves. Such an amazing mix of taste between sweet and spicy will surely  blow your mind.

Fish Curry

14. UTTARAKHAND: Mandua Ki Roti

Uttarakhand, being a hilly state it is also famous for its natural beauty that attract tourists all over the world, and also famous for its culture, traditional famous food. Mandua ki Roti is most popular here. People have it in breakfast or lunch in winter. This roti is served with regional vegetable. This dish is very tasty and nutritious which is prepared from Mandua flour.

mandua ki roti

15. MADHAYA PRADESH: Poha With Jalebi

Madhya Pradesh was once being a part of Malwa plateau that connects Deccan with Delhi. Because of that, food here is very much integrated by Mughals and non-veg dishes are core favourite of MP’s people. But Poha with Jalebi, without this dish in your platter, of food can never be complete. Poha of MP is very popular across India. Use of rich species with satisfying sense of Rice and green chillies garnished with Peanuts and coriander leaves give it an awesome tasty appearance.

Poha With Jalebi

16. JHARKHAND: Handia

It is an eastern state of India. It carries a lot of importance in many ways either it is related to tradition, Ancient civilisation or Steel city of Jamshedpur. Food in here is commonly consisting of roti, Rice, sabzi and achar. But one thing that is very popular here is Handia. It is a Rice bear prepared by local community. Almost 20-25 herbs are used to mixed with boiled Rice and then left to ferment. It took almost 7 days to prepare fully. Local people love this drink. It is something different and must try drink.



This central state is well known as a Rice Bowl of INDIA. The consumption of rice is very common here. It is a staple diet of Chhattisgarh people. Muthia is a very famous dish prepared here with the batter of rice which is made into dumplings after a hard boil it is ready to serve. It is served with seasoned spices that they cultivated their locally. Speciality of this dish, it can last for some time without refrigerator. It is tasty and healthy too.


18. ANDAMAN AND NICOBAR: Steamed Garlic Prawn

As it is one of the union territories of India which is a beautiful Island and because of this it is a very exotic spot for tourists across the world. Besides its amazing Beaches that are surrounded by the sea, the Sea food is also very famous. That’s why, Steamed Garlic Prawns, is very popular sea food dish and having a very plush aroma as well as taste in it. It is prepared with only Garlic that gives it a very pleasant taste.

Steamed Garlic Prawn

19. PUNJAB: Butter Chicken

Punjab it is a state of land of five rivers. It is a land where people love to serve you their love in full package of different tasty food which is incomplete without a glass full of Lassi. Sarson ka Saag and Makki ki roti is well known as most popular dish of Punjab but other than that Butter chicken of Punjab, it is having such an amazing aroma you can’t resist yourself if you are a chicken lover. Juicy Chicken which is dipped in amazing orange-reddish gravy and garnished with butter and coriander leaves, gives it an awesome unforgettable taste.


20. RAJASTHAN: Gatte Ki Sabji

If we talk about royalty, Rajasthan is a place where we still have the essence of royalness in the air.  Rajasthani people are very popular for their welcoming gestures that they give to their guests and tourists with due respect and love. Their famous food Daal, bati and Churma  is very famous across India. But it is not the only one dish to taste the Rajasthani flavour. Gatte ki Sabzi, it is  also well known traditional dish of Rajasthan, prepared with gram floor balls which is dipped in tasty tangy gravy made up of Bbuttermilk and with spices of Rajasthan. This is served with both chapatti and rice.

Gatte Ki Sabji

All these awesome 20 states food can give your food appetite a satisfaction of having something just awesome. These all are exotic and tasty dishes that you should try at least once. So  next time, If you plan to visit any of these places than don’t forget to feast over these traditional delicacies that will surely add an amazing experience and outlined memory page in your BOOK OF LIFE.