20 Places To Have Maggie In Uttarakhand

20 Places To Have Maggi In Uttarakhand.

The only thing that kids ever wished was Maggi to be a regular part of their meal. Maggi is an impeccable part of every kid’s life and now is the time where not only the kids but even 20+ enjoy this stuff. Let’s see the places where you can bump upon anytime, anywhere at Uttarakhand.

Sonu ki Tappri-

When you crave for a dish, you will only to eat the same and nothing attracts you more. Same is the case with this famous Tapri in Dehradun named after its owner ‘Sonu’ and fulfills the demand of every Maggi lover. It not only fulfills your stomach but also your desire.

Sonu ki Tappri

Jai Durga Restaurant-

It is a small restaurant which offers a delightful mixture of taste and ambiance. This is a very widely visited place and offers quite a large range of Maggi delicacies. Apart from Maggi there are many other specialties that one wouldn’t hesitate to try.

Jai Durga Restaurant

Maggi Point Raja Road-

Specially dedicated to the outstanding taste of Maggi, with only 4 types of varieties available, this place is a must visit when in Dehradun. Though confined within a very small area, it offers a very fresh and demanding view of nature. Make sure to go heavy on your pockets while making a visit!!

Maggi Point

Mussoorie Maggi Point-

Mussoorie, the famous hill station is known to be very famous among travelers and riders. Thrill lovers love to experience this place and ride along the amazing weather. Creating the magical apt combination for the thrill with cold weather and delicious Maggi makes this place go on top of every Maggi and adventure lover.

Mussoorie Maggi Point

Rishikesh Raft point-

After a really tiring day at Rishikesh, with a lot of rafting, rapids and breathtaking chilly water,all you need is hot soupy Maggi with just the right amount of spice and where else to find it other than the raft point in Rishikesh.

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 Manali trance at Chakrata-

The trances all around the place, with snow upon you is exactly the right time to have a cup of hot & sour Maggi Noodle. This amazing place not only offers amazing view but also gives a whole new varieties of Maggie and when I say different, I mean Different and the list includes  Mushroom Maggi, Spicy Manchurian Maggi, Paneer Tikka Maggi, Chilly Chicken Maggi, Plain Maggi (not so plain), Pizza Maggi and the list goes on and so does the variety.

Manali trance at Chakrata

Raj Dhaba ICFAI Road-

Located exactly in front of the famous ICFAI University, this place is where every student stops for hunger. Not only it is very clean but also it is a treat for your taste buds. Not only the nearby audience but this Maggie is well received and seen by many outsiders.

Raj Dhaba ICFAI Road

Tea Point-

Who told tea points are only for Tea? And did you know that Maggi when served with Tea is an amazing combination? Well, don’t be shocked because it indeed is a very good combination. This place in Nainital serves you just get the right amount of everything that fulfills your cravings.

Tea Point

Five Star Maggi Point-

As the name suggests, this place truly deserves five stars as it offers a wide range of Maggi and fulfills every demand of your stomach. This is the place where you begin your journey. The location near ISBT Dehradun is just apt for the swinging taste buds. Here the specialty includes Spice. The Maggi is extremely spicy (masaledar) that completely suits the Indian taste buds.

maggie 9

10 Maggi Point, Shahasdhara Road-

This is again a tourist spot in Dehradun where you can experience mountain climbing and making an effort to come closer to you. This view is well accompanied by spectacular taste of Maggi which is also enjoyed by travelers in the natural swimming pool. This place is just like a hot spring which has a perfect glaze of sun which gives the perfect romantic getaway for couples and makes just the right amount of time for the he, her and Maggi.

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11  Maggi Point, Roorkee-

Who said that Roorkee is only known for IIT; well, it is known for the brilliance in the academic field but the greatness of ‘‘Taste bhi and Health bhi’’ cannot be over looked. Yes!! Intelligent people also eat Maggi. Haven’t you seen Big B? This place offers a nice location for a proper get together which will not only save your high profile bills but also give you a nice tangy twist in your mouth.


12 Rober’s Cave, Dehradun-

One of the most famous tourist attractions in the capital, Rober’s Cave is also primarily known as Gucchu Panni because of the common attraction “Paani”. With such a huge number of attractions of people, it is not possible that it will not serve the famous demand of Maggi.

Robers Cave Dehradun

13 Asan Barrage-

This beautiful destination for bird lovers is a fabulous place to visit during spring season. More than 1000 species of birds visit every year. This place attracts a lot of people which specially includes school and college visits which brings in a lot of population and this makes it an ideal place to taste the soupy Maggi and spot the magic in it.

Asan Barrage

14 Ganga Point,Haridwar-

Ganga Ghat is among the purest and safest place to feel for a soul. You come, you relax, you feel and what else you do is EAT. Eat plenty of Maggi at Ghat sitting on those vintage stairs, taking the feel and having the impeccable taste of Maggi. What else can one demand for? Maybe, a glass of water?

Ganga PointHaridwar

15 Khana Khazana at Chakrat-

This place will feed you with everything that is best and make your mouth go all watery. Though better known for complete meal structures, this place is also the one that offers the tastiest and the most experimental range of Maggi of the lot. Though it might get heavy on pockets but that shouldn’t stop us from trying right? Special recommendation: – Momo Maggi.

momo maggi

16  NH9 Maggi Point-

On the way to a beautiful destination from Tanakpur to Pithoragarh, there are many Maggi and Tea stalls serving the craving but the NH9 Maggi point is a different addition to this list. Buses find the perfect stop in here where people love to stop by and fill their stomach.

NH9 Maggi Point

17  Moti Mahal at the Railways-

This hotel primarily meant for lodging purpose is for all the tired and hungry people. After a long journey all you need is a bed and some good food. Though not known for its taste, Moti Mahal offers amazing, finger liking stuff and Maggi is no less than it.

Kannu Bhai ka Dhaba 1 1

18  Maggi Point, Dunagiri-

Located in the cold valley of Ranikhet near Almora this place is a perfect scenic beauty and offers wide range for selfie sites. And that’s just not it; it also is a great place to have Maggi. Maggi is complimented by Chicken Pieces and some vegetable talk. Sooner you get here the better it is!! Don’t miss the opportunity.

Maggi Point Dunagiri

19  Kannu Bhai ka Dhaba-

Popular place near the beautiful campus of UPES, this is the students’ ritual place where kids love to go. After a tiring day at college, it is the best way to end the day on a spicy and a saucy note!

Moti Mahal at the Railways 1

20  Jim Corbet Extension-

Waiting for the thrill when a tiger snatches up of your Maggi and leaves you shocked?? Well nothing of such illusion happens here but having the hot cup of Maggi with Tiger in your vicinity is the thrill you could die for.

Kannu Bhai ka Dhaba

So these were my top standings, let’s see where do you people visit and discover your place.