20 Lip Smacking Malaysian Street Food You Should Try

Best Malaysian Street Food You Should Try

Malaysian food is a mixture of all the people who make up the country. Cuisine like Chinese, Thai, Indian, and Asian is high in their dishes.
Here is a list of 20 lip-smacking Malaysian street food you should try:

1. Assam Laksa

This is a dish with rice noodle in a fishy soup and is soured with tamarind. This delicacy is topped off with pink ginger flowers, birds eye chilies, and also some cucumber.

Assam Laksa

2. Rojak

Rojak is essentially a fruit and vegetable salad, which may contain fries and sometimes even squid. This is topped with a black sauce which contains shrimp paste, which gives the fruits a khatta-meetha tinge.


3. Chendul / Cendol

Chendul/Cendol is a sweet soup which is served cold. It has green Jelly like worms, which resembles falooda. It gets its green color from mung-bean flour and pandan, the leaves of a tropical plant which tastes like vanilla. The rest of the soup is made with palm sugar, coconut milk, and santan. The soup is added over ice and topped with condensed milk all over.


4. ApomBalik

These stuffed pancakes are crispy on the outside and incredibly soft and sticky on the inside. The batter is made of sticky rice flour and eggs. Into this batter corn is stuffed and heated in a special shaped container. Usually, it is folded into a loose taco which gives it a crispy edge.


5. BatuMaung Satay

Satay is meat on a stick. Chunks of meat like pork, chicken or beef are marinated in peanut sauce and roasted on a bamboo skewer, much like a seekh kebab. They are served with a side of cucumber and raw onions.

BatuMaung Satay

6. KoayChiap

A dark soup made of duck meat and noodles. This is a dark soup with duck meat shreds, gizzards, coagulated blood, soy sauce boiled egg and rice noodles, of course, garnished with Chinese celery.


7. Chee Choeng Fun

These delicious rice noodle rolls are bathed in chili sauce, a black sweet shrimp sauce which is made sticky by adding maltose.

Chee Choeng Fun

8. Milo

This childhood favourite drink is popular to wash down all the sumptuous street food in Malaysia. The Milo ice is sweetened with condensed milk. If you ask for Michael Jackson, also known as soya cincau, you will be handed a black and white drink which has grass jelly at the bottom and soy milk.


9. Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik is nothing but black tea and condensed milk which is ‘pulled’ much like the way we try with our filter coffees. On the streets of Malaysia watching vendors playing with their tea from an impressive distance is quite a sight.

38216361 – tea with milk or popularly known as teh tarik in malaysia

10. KoayTeowTh’ng

This is a soup made of pork bone broth and thin and sweet noodles. Then ground pork and fish balls are added to it. This is topped with a whole egg yolk, which can be popped straight in the mouth.


11. Lok Lok

The word ‘lok-lok” means dip dip.This is an assortment of various bite-sized goodies like vegetables, tofu, meat, seafood and the like. In the center is a boiling hot pot, into which the goodies are dipped before eating. The stick on which the food is hooked has color codes, which are presented to the vendor at the end of the feast, who charges according to the colors on the sticks.

Lok Lok

12. Ice Kacang

Ice gola in Malay is called Ice Kacang. An electric device shaves the ice block, and a banana split type shape is made from it. In the split is added corn, kidney beans, and jellies. This is then drizzled with syrup and condensed milk, and also an ice cream scoop of choice. Instead of ice cream, there is shaved ice topped with a pink syrup which tastes like bubble gum. Also, condensed milk is added over everything.

Ice Kacang

13. Durians

Durians are available on the streets of Malaysia during the fruit’s months of June and December. The streets are flocking with carts with the pine-like green fruits. After munching on its flesh, you can sip salt water in the shell of the fruit to avoid smelly burps. A word of warning and durians.


14. Nasi Lemak

This rice cooked in coconut milk is the preferred breakfast in Malaysia. The rice is cooked in coconut milk, fried anchovies, chili sauce, and shrimp paste. This is usually packed in banana leaves, keeping the dish piping hot.

Nasi Lemak

15. Char KueyTeow

Char KueyTeow is thin, delicate noodles stir-fried in lard. This spicy and salty taste is accompanied by eggs, prawns, cockles, chives and bean sprouts.

Char KueyTeow

16. HokkienMee

Also, popularly known as Ha Mee, HokkienMee is noodles served in a soup. Two varieties of noodles are used i.e. egg noodles and rice noodles and Kang Kong, which is also called as water spinach or hollow heart vegetable. This is added to the broth, followed by prawns, bean sprouts, pork slices, and a hard-boiled egg. The broth is prepared with prawns, salt, sugar, chili, and pork bones.


17. Wonton Mee

Noodles are served in the black sauce along with wontons. This is topped with choy and roasted pork and pickled chilies the wontons are usually stuffed with pork or shrimp, sometimes both.

Wonton Mee

18. Bak Kwa Bread

Sweet Chinese pork jerky and pork flossare stuffed between steamed hot dog buns. This melt in the mouth, sweet and salty snack is then topped with sweet sauce all over.

Bak Kwa Bread

19. KuihKosui

This bite-sized desert comes wrapped in banana leaves. These are small pillows of glutinous rice dough which are wrapped around a filling of furry, stuffed with coconut shavings which are stir-fried in brown sugar and pandan.

Kuih Kosui (1)

20. Roast Chicken Rice

Roast Chicken Rice is popular street food in Malaysia. The chicken is chopped up and soy sauce is added to each piece. This makes its skin crispy and is topped on a mound of rice which is fluffy as it is cooked in butter and oil. Cucumber slices and ginger scallion sauce are served alongside this dish.

Roast Chicken Rice