20 Marvelous Ways To Give Your Cheese Toast A Total Makeover

20 Marvelous Ways To Give Your Cheese Toast

It’s perfect for those hunger pangs that just pop up. Jazz up your cheese toast in twenty fabulous ways to keep both hunger and boredom at bay.


Cheese Cornflake Toast

At one point of time, most of us have wished that our cheese toast had that element of crunch. Incorporate that delicious crunch into your cheese toast by sprinkling a layer of cornflakes over your cheese slice and then toasting it in a pan. Now that’s perfect!
TIP: Use Masala Cornflakes for that extra zing!


Spring Onion Chilli Cheese Toast

Give your plain old chilli cheese toast a sophisticated and yummy touch by liberally adding finely chopped spring onions to the top layer. I promise you; you simply cannot go back to eating regular chilli cheese toast once you’ve tasted this!

TIP: Saute the chopped spring onions in olive oil for a tasty, caramelized flavor.


Cheese Garlic Toast

Why shell out your hard earned money on garlic bread in restaurants when you can make a better version of it at home?
Sauté finely chopped garlic in a tablespoon of butter and drizzle it over your cheese toast. Now you have the perfect snack for your movie nights!

TIP: Sprinkle a bit of oregano and chilli flakes on it for a savoury touch.


Duo Cheese Toast

Do you know what’s better than a cheese toast with one type of cheese ? A cheese toast with TWO types of cheese! Combine the regular slice cheese with a generous quantity of grated mozzarella for a cheese toast that has both fabulous taste and a creamy and stretchy texture. A dream come true, right ?

TIP: Garnish with crushed pepper and sev for an interesting mixture of textures and flavours.


Tomato Cheese Toast

Tomato lends a touch of acidity of the subtle yet rich flavor of the cheese, thus elevating the taste levels of the toast. Add a layer of tomato ketchup or tomato chutney to your regular cheese toast and put a slice of fried tomato on top and feel the taste improve magically!

TIP: Garnish with raw onion rings, finely chopped green chillies and crushed pepper for best results!



Herb Cheese Toast

How do you give your usual cheese toast an elegant, flavorful twist ? Simple! Sprinkle lots of oregano, finely chopped coriander and a little bit of fresh basil onto the cheese before toasting. Delightful!

TIP: Use grated mozzarella instead of sliced cheese for a stringy, stretchy texture.


Spicy Corn Cheese Toast

Mix cooked sweet corn with grated mozzarella and put liberal amounts of it on the bread slice. Toast it to get one of the most simplest and most fabulous kind of cheese toast !

TIP: Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and chilli flakes to give your toast an Indian twist!


Mushroom Cheese Toast

For a cheese toast that’s truly Mediterranean by taste, fry slices of mushroom in olive oil and layer it on the cheese. Grill it to get an amazing cheese toast with intense, earthy flavors.

TIP: Add caramelized onions for an interesting flavor twist.


Murukku Cheese Toast

Now, this is a cheese toast that’s truly South-Indian at heart. Fill your cheese toast with your favorite veggies. Toast and top it off with crunchy murukkus placed on a bed of grated cheese.

TIP: Apply pudina chutney to the murukkus for a dash of spiciness.


Pizza Toast


Apply a layer of ketchup or pizza sauce to a slice of bread and top it off with your favorite veggies and grated mozzarella. Your mini pizza will be ready in a jiffy!

TIP: Sprinkle oregano and chilli flakes on top for dash of flavor and spice .


Chutney Cheese Bread Bajji

A yummy, filling snack, the chutney-cheese toast is easy to make. Layer cheese slices and coat it with red and green chutneys. Coat the sandwich in a mixture of besan flour and water. Deep fry in hot oil. Voila! The most sinfully delicious snack is ready!

TIP: Serve hot with chutneys and tomato sauce.


Paneer Cheese Toast


Saute cubed paneer, capsicum and tomatoes. Use it as a filling for the cheese toast to create a lip-smacking snack that can even had as a complete meal by itself!

TIP: Add a teaspoon of garam masala to the filling to lend it a savoury feel.


Aloo Masala Cheese Toast

Combine mashed potatoes, chopped onions, chopped coriander leaves and garam masala to make a delectable filling for the cheese toast. Grill and serve with tomato sauce.

TIP: Apply green chutney to the slices for a tangy flavor.



Sunny Side Up Cheese Toast

An Indian take on an American classic, this is one snack that’s easy to make.
On a slice of bed layered with grated mozzarella, crack open an egg and toast on one side till the cheese melts and the egg is semi cooked. Cover with lid while its cooking.

TIP: Garnish with crushed pepper and rock salt.


Healthy Cheese Toast

Yes, such a thing actually exists and it’s utterly delicious! Saute finely chopped vegetables like carrot, beans and onion. Add grated mozzarella and slice cheese to it and cook till the cheese begins to melt. Spread it on a slice of bread and toast till the base is golden brown. Now you have a snack with all the taste and none of the health concerns!

TIP: Serve it with tomato chutney instead of ketchup, as a healthier alternative.



Bell Pepper Cheese Toast

This toast is a riot of colors and flavors. Chop up bell peppers ( capsicum ) in different colors – red, yellow, green. Saute with onions. Layer it on a slice of bread and top it with cheese. Toast till golden brown and yummy!

TIP: Add pizza sauce to the filling for an intense flavor.


Chicken Cheese Toast

For a quick, tasty and satisfying meal, saute shredded cooked chicken with mozzarella and spices. Use it as a filling for the toast.

TIP: Serve it with mayonnaise and salad.


Mayo Cheese Toast

This crispy, creamy toast is very easy to make. Mix mayonnaise, pepper flakes and chopped onions and apply it to the bread slices. Top with cheese and toast till the cheese melts.

TIP: Use garlic butter to toast it, for an added flavor.


Sev Cheese Toast

Saute your favorite vegetables with pizza sauce and shredded cheese. Use it as a filling for the cheese toast. Apply a layer of butter on the top and sprinkle liberal amounts of sev over it.

TIP: Serve with tomato sauce and pudina chutney .


Chicken Tikka Cheese Toast

Combine pre-cooked chicken tikka with sauteed vegetables. Use it as stuffing along with grated cheese. Grill till golden brown in color.

TIP: Serve with mayo and fresh vegetable slices.