Top 20 Dishes Using Only 3 Ingredients

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We all have been in a situation where we skipped a meal or two just because we didn’t have enough ingredients to cook a perfect meal, at least towards the end of a month when we run out of groceries. And who doesn’t hate last-minute grocery shopping? If you are planning on just whipping up some last-minute wonder that wouldn’t require a long list of ingredients or  tricking kids into getting their nutrients in a somewhat more accessible and tastier way, you are looking at the correct page.

Ranging from a healthy smoothie to cooking a whole dinner all by yourself, you can explore it all.

We would be helping you out with twenty unique dishes using only three ingredients.

1.Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Let us start smooth and sweet as nothing even comes in the vicinity of the smoothness of a smoothie!

Anyone will regret saying no to something that is simple, healthy and satisfies your cravings as well. Clean your blender and gear up folks because you wouldn’t want that dirty blender getting in the way of a perfect smoothie.

This nutritious smoothie is purely vegan. It is prepared using fresh strawberries, bananas and almond milk. Blend your way into getting that heavenly taste.

2.Green Smoothie

What is a better way into getting kids to eat greens than a green smoothie? There is none.

As the name suggests it gets the green colour from spinach, but you wouldn’t have to give a second thought about the smoothie to taste all green as the pineapple and coconut added compliment it into masking the flavour of spinach. The coconut provides a creamy and silky texture to the smoothie, while the frozen pineapples contribute to the sweetness so that you don’t have to add sugar. There is nothing wrong in saying that this smoothie is a pina colada imposter.

3.Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Did anyone say pancakes? Because we heard you!

You just have to blend oats, eggs and, of course, the star ingredient “cottage cheese” along with a shimmer of salt. Don’t forget to heat your pan, and you’ll get a mouthful of fluffy pancakes in no time. As cherry is to a sundae, you get to decide the shape and toppings for this magical pancake.

4.Dalgona Coffee

During the first phase of lockdown and quarantine, this mysterious coffee was the only thing driving people into doing something out of their comfort zones. At a glance, this would appear as a highly complex beverage to make at home, but we would love to break it to you that you can easily whip up this luxurious coffee in no time.
Get ready to hand-mix equal parts of instant coffee, sugar and some water until it becomes fluffy. After getting the right amount of fluff you were looking for, pick any milk of your liking as the base and top it with the coffee mix and enjoy!

5.No Churn Ice Cream

We definitely heard you scream for more ice cream! Gather up condensed milk, cream and vanilla into a large bowl and start whisking already. Whisk until it’s thick and scrape it into another bowl and freeze.

6.Almond Biscuits

These yummy, chunky almond biscuits will, for sure, take you places. All you have to do is mix almond butter, raw sugar and eggs into a smooth mixture and roll it into balls. Press them with a fork and pop into the oven until brown.

7.Tomato Soup

We have all been stuck with just tomatoes at some point of our adult life, not knowing what to do with it. Well, here is the perfect tomato soup recipe you were looking for. You need some olive oil, onions and, of course, tomatoes.

8.Mac And Cheese

Mac and cheese that melts in your mouth is always a go-to meal. Bowl up pasta shells, cheddar cheese and milk. You would also need a pan and a stove.

9.Tomato Cheese Toast

This is a quick snack for your kids after school. Plate some bread and top them with cheese and tomato, sprinkle some oregano or any other spices to your liking and bake it.

10.Banana Pudding

Go bananas with this mesmerising banana pudding. Slice up bananas, pour some chocolate almond milk and chia seeds. Don’t forget to keep some banana slices aside for toppings.

11.Chocolate Mug Cake

Baking a cake is a very long process with many complicated ingredients and messing up any one of the processes is relatively easy. That’s when this recipe comes to the rescue. Mix cocoa powder, sugar and flour along with some salt, baking powder and milk and pop it in the microwave and enjoy.

12.Buttermilk Biscuits

Kids love themselves some crispy, moist biscuits. Self-rising flour, unsalted butter stick and buttermilk are whisked together in a bowl and baked until golden brown.

13.Bbq Hoisin And Honey Chicken

Barbeque nights are always an excitement, even for the nth time. The Asian flavours are a treat to the tongue. Marinate the chicken breasts with the hoisin sauce and honey. Cook until golden brown.

14.Cookies And Cream Fudge

Cookies and cream are made for each other. For this sweet fudge, you need to mix sweetened condensed milk, white chocolate and chopped sandwich cookies. Make sure you melt the white chocolate.

15.Nutella Brownie

Brownies are god sent. And you would think twice if these delightful bite-sized brownies are made from just three ingredients. Stop licking Nutella from the spoon and save it for these brownies.
Whisk Nutella, flour and eggs into a fudgy mix and bake. Voila!

16.Chicken Nuggets

Save up those potato chips that you are munching on, for some juicy, crispy, tender chicken nuggets. Boneless chicken pieces are coated with egg and dipped on crushed chips, fry your way to a tasty appetizer.

17.Cheese Biscuits

These gluten-free cheese drop biscuits are a Canadian wonder and take only 20 minutes of your time, and three ingredients from your shelf- Self-rising flour, cheese and milk. You will be amazed by the beauty of these biscuits that are golden brown on the outside and as fluffy as a cloud on the inside.

18.Watermelon Margarita

Last-minute party? And no gap for shopping?
Pop in some blended watermelon, lime juice for tartness and, of course, what is a margarita without tequila. Shake until mixed thoroughly; Simple, boozy and refreshing margarita on your fingertips.

19.Hummus Chicken

Hummus can be used with anything and everything and it is a perfect combination with tender chicken breasts. Coat the chicken with hummus and then cover it with breadcrumbs. Fry using olive oil until cooked perfectly.

20.Lemonade Scones

Mornings without tea are a buzz-kill and tea without scones is unimaginable. Fluffy, crispy scones with only chilled lemonade, self-rising flour and thickened cream are hard to say no to.
Serve these golden wonders with jam, cream or powdered sugar and get lost in time.