20 Most Loved Recipes With Prawn We Love!

20 Most Loved Recipes With Prawn We Love!


Kerala Fried Prawns

Other than the obvious authenticity of this dish, it is also incredibly tasty and flavorful. The prawns are fried until crisp in coconut oil. They are then tempered with mustard seeds, curry leaves, chillies, and lemon and turmeric powder.


Spicy Prawns

The best type of prawns to use for this dish is Tiger Prawns. Soak the prawns in a light marinade and then sauté them with chillies, white wine and onions.


Spicy Sriracha Prawn

There’s something special about spicy dishes, isn’t it? This is why we have this recipe. The prawns need to be soaked in a couple of ingredients which are sriracha chilli sauce, onions, basil and fish sauce. Then the prawns can be cooked, with minor additions like green chillies.


Prawn Curry

There is nothing that can beat a simple prawn curry. No matter how fancy dishes get, we love our home-made prawn curry the most. The dish needs a few ingredients only and hence makes for a great side dish for guests as well. To make this you need to grind garlic, coconut, coriander together. Then cook this paste with the prawns, with enough water to cook the prawns through.


Karwari Prawns

There are many recipes with fried prawns, but this one is a healthy one. To make this dish, medium prawns are first marinated in tamarind water, lime juice, and turmeric. Then semolina is added to the prawns. The batter is then fired until the prawns are crisp.


Prawn Pulao

Pulao can be made interesting with the addition of many elements. This is how this particular variety came into place. The Prawn Pulao is a recipe where the prawn is marinated with spice and ginger and garlic and then cooked with vegetables and rice, for the final product. This one is a total crowd pleaser and makes for a great festival dish.


Prawn Malai Curry

A Bengali dish, which is loved by all. Prawn Malai Curry is an extremely simple dish to make yet is unique and flavourful. The dish is prepared with coconut milk, ginger and cinnamon. The prawns are first fried with a little seasoning in mustard oil. Then it is blanched in coconut oil.


Prawn Balchao

This dish from Goa, will surely make you feel as if you’re in Goa, while you’re right at home! The dish is cooked in a sour mixture along with onions and cashew paste. The flavours of this dish truly reflect the Goanese cuisine by all means.


Prawn Pollichathu

This is a recipe from God’s own country. The dish comprises true and original flavours from Kerala. The prawns are cooked with turmeric, mustard seeds, coconut oil, garlic, and ginger, chilli and lemon juice. It is best served with steamed rice.


Koliwada Prawns

For this dish, de-shelled prawns are used. The prawns are first dipped in a batter, which is seasoned with a mix of pepper, cardamom, ginger, garlic. The prawns are then fried until golden brown. It makes for an extremely tasty appetiser.


Chettinad Prawn

Chettinad cuisine is an extremely spicy cuisine from Tamil Nadu, known for its spicy and exotic taste. This dish is prepared with prawn as the main star of the dish, using the true flavours of the Chettinad cuisine. So if you are a spice lover, then this is the best dish for you.


Golden Fried Prawn

We all love this starter at any Chinese restaurant. The dish is an extremely delectable one with mild flavours. The prawns are fried in seasoning till they are golden, and that’s how the dish got its name. It makes for a great appetiser and disappears within moments. It is best served with a sweet and spicy chutney.


Prawn Chop

There are varieties of chop available, one of them being the Prawn Chop. Here first, a batter of minced prawn and masala is made. The batter is then half-cooked. Then pakoda like dumplings are made which is dipped in a chickpea flour batter and fried.


Prawn Momos

There has been an increasing love over Momos, these days. Prawn Momos are once such variety which uses an amazing and tasty filling of minced prawn. The dumplings can be steamed or fried.


Butterfly Prawn

A fun appetiser, which is found in every restaurant. It gets its name from its shape, which is a butterfly. It is a great party snack, as well.


Prawn Biryani

There are various versions of Biryani and we all love them. Biryani can be prepared with a variety of ingredients or meats. Other than the common chicken and mutton versions, the Prawn Biryani is also a popular variant of the dish. Instead of the meat, flavoured prawns are used in alternate layers with rice. The method of preparation of this dish remains the same. The container is sealed with dough, and the Biryani gets cooked in its steam.


Daab Chingri

A famous dish from the land of Bengal! This dish is a dish where prawns are cooked inside a tender coconut. Other than being unique, it is extremely easy to prepare. The signature flavour of the dish is of coconut’s which is extremely tasty. In fact for aesthetics most of the times, the prawn curry is even served within the Daab.


Prawn Paturi

This is a simple dish where the prawns are marinated in a paste mixture from mustard seeds. They are then covered in a banana leaf and tied up. The parcels of banana leaves are then steamed over a flame. The steam thoroughly cooks these prawns and makes them moist and juicy with the strong mustard flavours that are absorbed within the prawn. Each bite is flavourful and delectable.


Prawn Cutlet

For this, a batter of a mix of minced prawn with seasoning is prepared in rectangular shapes. The fillets are then dipped in egg, biscuit crumble and then fried. Best served with a side of onions, lemon and mustard sauce.


Prawn Mustard

This dish is prepared by first frying the prawns and then cooking them in only a simple mustard seeds paste, turmeric, and chillies.