20 Dishes With Spinach That Are Healthy For You!

20 dishes with spinache


Methi Palak Gobi

If you love your vegetables, then this is just a very healthy and marvellous dish for you. This dish uses a variety of green leaves such as palak and methi along with one of our favourite vegetable cauliflower. Other than being obviously delicious it is also incredibly healthy and recommended for you. It is also quite easy to cook this dish, so start already!


Palak Ki Bhurji

We love our bhurjis. Don’t we? Be it aloo or paneer or egg, scrambled form of any dish just adds an incredible amount of magical taste to it. This is why the Palak Ki Bhurji is also such a loved dish by all. It is prepared by frying the palak with other spices and scrambling them as you go. You can experiment and add eggs and potato to it too. It makes for a great breakfast dish which can be served with toast.


Aloo Palak

A common dish from the households of India, Aloo Palak, is loved and frequently prepared. It is a simple dish which comprises only two major elements of Aloo and Palak. In spite of using a minimal number of elements, this dish is flavourful and tasty.


Palak Paneer

The thought of Palak Paneer itself sounds so heavenly that it doesn’t need a description. The dish is prepared by first blanching the spinach leaves and then blending them in a mixer to get a paste like consistency with which paneer is cooked. It is a luxurious dish, which brings out the best of both the elements. In fact, it is a popular restaurant dish in India.


Khada Desi Palak

Khada Desi Palak is a common dish in Northern India. It is a simple recipe where the spinach is the star of the dish.


Aloo Palak Ki Gujia

We all love the sweet Gujia, don’t we? With all the love that the dish receives, there are savoury versions of this popular sweet. The Aloo Palak Gujia is one such dish, where for the stuffing of the sweet, Aloo and Palak is used instead of Khoya.


Fried Palak Chaat

Palak may not seem like an element that can be used in a chaat, but with this dish, all such preconceived notions can be ignored. This dish is a preparation of fried spinach leaves with is mixed with a number of items to produce a lovely chaat dish.


Palak Paratha

There are various types of Parathas that we all love, such as aloo, pyaaz, gobi, etc. Palak Paratha is one such variant where the spinach leaves are mashed into a mixture which is used as a stuffing for the paratha. It is popular dish during winters.


Spinach Salad

A simple dish, where spinach is used as a salad. You can use salad dressings to introduce interesting flavours to the dish. Use a variety of leafy vegetables to add that extra edge to that dish.


Chicken Saagwala

Chicken Saagwala is an amazing dish with the goodness of vegetables and flavour of chicken in it. To prepare this dish, a variety of leafy vegetables including spinach is first blanched in water and then blended in a mixer with spices, onion, garlic, chillies and ginger. The resulting paste is then used to make the curry of the chicken.


Palak Kofta

Kofta is a loved dish in India, which is made exactly like how the regular Kofta is made. The only difference is that Palak is used in the mixture other than the regular constituents.


Palak Puri

Palak Puri is a delectable snack which is not only a crowd pleaser but also an incredible dish! It is prepared by mixing palak with the puri batter. Then you can make the puris the way you intend to. Such a simple alteration to the common dish can lead to magnificence.


Murg Palak Kebab

We all love Kebabs, don’t we? Murgh Palak Kebab is one such dish which is prepared using a mixture of chicken, spices and spinach. The mixture is properly mixed and then the chicken is put on a sheekh and cooked in a tandoor. This makes for a great party snack.


Corn Palak Tikki

Aloo Tikki and Aloo Tikki is such a favourite dish, right? So try this recipe for a different altercation to the usual dish. Use boiled sweet corn kernels, and mashed spinach leaves with the usual tikki mixture, and follow the same procedure of making a tikki. Your dish will have tasty palak as well as the crunchy corn in it.


Palak Dal

Dal is such a common dish in India which is prepared almost every day in households in India. Since it is such a common dish, it is necessary to bring some amount of innovation, so that one doesn’t get bored of the usual dish. So add Palak to your regular moong dal. It will add extra flavour to your dish and will also seem like a new dish to your family.


Sarson Ka Saag

When we think of North India, we natural associate it with Sarson Ka Saag and Makke Di Roti. Sarson Ka Saag is a preparation where five different types of leafy vegetables are used, including spinach. The dish is extremely popular in North India and consumed often. In fact, this dish is commonly found in the roadside dhabas of Punjab.


Palak Khichdi

There’s barely anything as comforting as Khichdi. So, for a little extra something add Palak to your Khichdi to make it healthier and tastier.


Spinach Soup

Spinach is known for being a tasty and healthy vegetable. The spinach soup is very advantageous to your body and adds a lot of nutrition.


Cheese Spinach Momos

Momos have gotten a newfound popularity within India. We all love the steamed healthy ones. There are usual stuffing which can be used to make Momos, but if you want an extra something then add cheese and spinach to your stuffing to make this incredible delight.


Palak Chole

Palak Chole is an interesting dish which uses simple elements of Chole and Palak. It is extremely popular in North India.