20 Most Smacking Pickles To Cherish Simple Dinner

20 Most Smacking Pickles To Cherish Simple Dinner


Mango Pickles

Mango Pickle or popularly known as Aam ka Achaar are eaten in every Indian house. Whether the Sabzi is of dull taste or you haven’t prepared any, this Achaar will make everyone happy. Raw mango pieces soaked in salt and then mixed with spices and oil and then the Mango Pickle is ready.


Lemon Pickle

The sweet and sour lemons are all children’s favourite. Lemon Pickle is particularly famous in South Asia and Africa. In addition to the sweet and sour taste of the Lemon, the Pickle is slightly spiced which make it ideal to nourish our taste buds.


Carrot Pickle

Carrot Pickle or Gajar ka Achar is a not so soft kind of Achaar of this list. The Carrots are crunchy and perfectly marinated with Spices and Condiments. This is an Andhra style Pickle which can be prepared very instantly.


Chilli Pickle

Chillies- the only thing that comes to my mind on hearing this name are lots of spiciness and red hot. But surrounded by these thoughts, who could have thought about the Chilli Pickle? This Pickle enhances the taste of any food.


Amla Pickle

Amla has very soothing properties. The taste of Amla Pickle is tantalising for others. It’s juicy and slightly sour in this. It leaves a sweet flavour lingering over our tongues even after the Amla is over. Amla sliced into pieces and mixed with some spices and oil is awesome.


Karvanda Pickle

Karvanda or Conkerberry is believed to be found in the Himalayas like many other berries. In Maharashtra it is also said as ‘Dongrachi Kali Maina’ by the common people. Found during the summers, this is a sweet and juicy fruit. Karvandache Pickle tastes spicy and sour.


Garlic Pickle

Garlic possesses much health benefits than any other condiment. Most of the children don’t like the taste of garlic which is used in almost all vegetables in India. So, for our children to consume garlic, we can prepare the Garlic Pickle. It’s healthy and tasty.


Karela Pickle

Bitter Gourd and Pickle, this is totally impossible according to me. Pickle is loved by all and Bitter Gourd by least number of people. But who might have thought about a Bitter Gourd Pickle? This amazing dish is a must try for everyone at least once.


Onion Pickle

Onion Pickle or Sirke Wali Pyaaz is something which completely brings Onion in front of us in a new form. It’s just Onion soaked in Vinegar, some salt and water. After soaking for some time the Onion forgets it pungent taste and gives us a very sour and sweet tasting Onions.


Sweet Mango Pickle

A piece of raw Mango with a pinch of red chilli powder and salt is everyone’s favourite. But who doesn’t love the sweet taste of Mango? So, here we have the sweet mango Pickle which consists of some jaggery and spicing. This Pickle is extremely wonderful.


Sweet Lemon Pickle

The Lemons are sour in taste but still everyone loves it. Even though the Pickle is named the Sweet Lemon Pickle, the taste of this Pickle is sweet as well as sour or saying it in the local language as Khata Meetha Nimbu Achaar.


Tomato Pickle

Tomato is a fruit vegetable used daily in our food preparation. The Tomato Pickle involves sliced Tomatoes, salt, chilli powder and tamarind paste. Tamarind paste is added to enhance its sourness as the tomatoes are very light in sourness usually.


Coconut Pickle

Coconut Pickle is also known by the name of Tevha Achaar. Coconut Achaar is very famous in the Southern part of India as the most cultivated fruit here is the Coconut. The white inside part of the Coconut is used for making Pickles. Spices and Condiments add to the flavouring of the Coconut making it the much loved.


Star Gooseberry Pickle

The Star Gooseberry with some Chilli spicing and salt is sold by the Chaat hawkers outside almost every college in India. This Pickle requires no sun drying and brings in front of us the other side of Star Gooseberry. Star Gooseberry tastes something like Amla.


Ginger Pickle

Ginger Pickle or Allan Pachadi as said is Andhra is very famous in Andhra. It is mostly prepared during the winters. Ginger is free on fibre and aids in digestion. So consuming the Ginger Pickle along with the meal will aid in daily digestion.


Drumstick Pickle

Drumstick Pickle looks very different from the other Pickles but is highly juicy and aromatic. The more the Pickle is marinated, the more the taste increases. The taste of Drumstick Pickle increases as it ages same like wines. Drumsticks are rich in vitamins and fibres.


Watermelon Rind Pickle

Watermelon with Seeds gave much rind than watermelon without seeds. What to do after you have eaten the juicy, sweet reddish part of the Watermelon? The remaining rind can be used for Pickles. The Rind tastes exactly like Cucumber and is always ready to absorb the Spices and ingredients that you add. This Pickle is great during summers.


Cucumber Pickle

Cucumber is a juicy fruit which is mostly available in the summers. It is juicy and good for health. The street hawkers sell sliced cucumber with a sprinkle of red chilli powder and salt. It is commonly served alongside Burgers or Sandwiches.


Ladies Finger Pickle

Ladies finger Pickle is slightly spicy and slightly sweet side dish for main courses. It’s a perfect combination of Spice and Sweet. Ladies Finger Pickle is something very different from our normal vegetable, and this shows us the other side of Ladies Finger.


Turmeric Pickle

Turmeric Pickle – the name gets everyone confused. How is it possible to make Pickle from turmeric powder? But here, in this Pickle the ingredient used is the Turmeric Stem. Turmeric Pickle involves no cooking but instead just mixing all the ingredients.