Top 20 Lip Smacking Halwa Recipes You Must Have



Simple Rava Halwa

One of the most popular breakfast recipe prepared in India is the Rava Halwa or the Sooji Halwa. Fried Rava mixed with sugar makes the most delicious snack and oblation for God. The cooking is very simple and can be cooked by children as well.


Pineapple Halwa

One of the tropical fruits and the most priced is the Pineapple. It keeps the tropical flavour intact and has a unique taste of itself. It is sweet as well as tarty in taste. Adding pineapple to the normal Sooji Halwa gives it a very different taste.


Moong Dal Halwa

Moong Dal Halwa is a popular dish in the northern part of India. People in North India just love this sweet the most and search for random reasons for its preparation. It is made mostly prepared during the winter months. The ingredients required for its preparation are Moong Dal and Sugar or Jaggery to add to the sweetness.


Banana Halwa

Banana Halwa- this is my personal favourite of all the Halwas. Banana Halwa tastes just heavenly. The taste of smashed banana with every bite just melts in our mouth. I recommend the soft and sweet Banana Halwa for everyone.


Kesar Halwa

Kesar Halwa is a rich and mouth-watering sweet prepared during major festive occasions. Kesar is considered to be a traditional and auspicious food. Adding Kesar to the simple Sooji Halwa adds a distinct colouring and taste to it.


Badam Halwa

Almonds or Badam are full of richness and a healthy dry fruit. It is an easy to prepare sweet to be cooked during the festivals like Holi or Durga Pooja.  Grated Badam along with Milk and Sugar are the main ingredients required for Badam Halwa.


Papaya Halwa

Papaya Halwa can be prepared using the raw Papaya as well as the ripe Papaya. The taste of both the Halwa prepared from raw and ripe Papaya is different and unique. The ripe Papaya is sweet, and the Halwa made from this does not require much of a sweetening agent like sugar.


Chocolate Halwa

Chocolates are loved by all- old or young; it is perfectly fit for all age groups. Chocolate Halwa is tasty, sweet and requires the minimum of preparation time. Who won’t love the Halwa when it has the flavouring of chocolates? This Halwa is a must try for everyone.


Vermicelli Halwa

Vermicelli or Semaiya Halwa is cooked in almost every house in India. It is simple, quick and healthy breakfast recipe. It is simply indispensable from the rest of the list. Vermicelli Noodles fried in Oil or Ghee and mixed with Milk and added Nuts makes a perfect breakfast.


Gajar Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa is popularly made in northern part of India and Pakistan. It is the most popular dessert in India. Grated Carrots cooked in Milk or Water along with Sugar is the best of all sweets.


Dudhi Halwa

Dudhi Halwa is also known as Lauki ka Halwa – is made from grated bottle gourd. The preparation of Dudhi Halwa is almost as the Gajar ka Halwa. It is a sweet and creamy dessert. The goodness of Bottle Gourd reaches us effectively with this unique sweet.


Dry Fruits Halwa

Sweet made from the mixture of different dry fruits combined which are high in calories is eaten mostly during the cold winter days. The energy which one receives from this dry fruit Halwa is sufficient to help us cope with the cold of winter. Dry Fruits are soaked and made into a paste to make the Halwa.


Milk Halwa

Milk Halwa is the most famous sweet dish made in Tamil Nadu. Milk Halwa has the richness and creaminess of milk combined with the purity of Ghee. In South India it is popularly known as Polkova. Milk Halwa is served with a garnish of a pinch of Kesar and grated Almonds.


Mixed Fruits Halwa

Mixed Fruit Halwa is one of the most favourite sweets of all as it contains the taste of all fruits of your choice. Also, the ingredients are very flexible, add any fruit of your choice, but still you will love this Halwa the same. It is a must try for all health conscious people.


Beetroot Halwa

Being aware of the health benefits of Beetroot, which mother won’t want their kids to have this special and healthy sweet? Beetroot is low in fat, full of powerful anti-oxidants and packet of vitamins and minerals. It is a must try for all, as it doesn’t taste like Beetroot at all.


Mango Halwa

Mango is the king of all fruits and also the king of everyone’s heart. It arrives in the summer months and keeps everyone waiting for it this the next summer. The simple Sooji Halwa with the flavouring of Mango is a huge trend in the summers.


Dates Halwa

Dates are mainly eaten during the Muslim fasting festivals. Dates have various health benefits like the relief to stomach related threats, rich in vitamins and minerals. So, why not have something different this festive season? Try on the Dates Halwa.


Watermelon Halwa

Watermelon Halwa is made from the white part of the Watermelon called as the Rind. The Watermelon Rind does not have any specific taste of its own. This Halwa is a traditional Indian sweet prepared during the summers to get rid of the scorching heat of the Sun.


Apple Halwa

Apple and Nuts are just a perfect combination for a sweet to be made. Apple Halwa contains the richness of Apple and who doesn’t love a fruit which keeps them away from Doctors? Apple Halwa is healthy and can be given to small children without hesitation.


Wheat Halwa

Wheat Halwa is a popular sweet dish of Tamil where the people call it as Godhumai Halwa. It is very simple, sweet and easy to cook. The ingredients required are readily available in every house.