20 Mouth-watering Food Combinations You Haven’t Tried Yet

20 Mouth watering Food Combinations You Havent Tried Yet
20 Mouth watering Food Combinations You Havent Tried Yet

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I said that food is another word for love. Love releases the hormones like oxytocin and dopamine in the human body, so does good food. We can’t help but drool when we smell the beautiful aroma of good food. Yummy feasts are the simplest way to win the human heart. Why be hesitant to experiment with this eternal gift of life? Explore the yummiest food combinations and give the best treatment to your tummy. Here, in this article, I’ll help you discover the 20 most delicious and heavenly food combinations that will make you feel euphoric.

1.Ice-cream And Fries

A scoop of Ice cream can get you out of boredom and it is never a bad idea to have one. What if I told you that you can make that regular scoop of vanilla more exciting just by adding French fries to it. Surprised, aren’t you? But trust me, anything that this combination has to offer to you is relish. You just have to place some French fries on a plate, put a vanilla scoop in a bowl, drizzle some chocolate syrup on it if you want and then you can start dipping those fries in your ice cream.

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2.Mango, Chili Powder And Salt

A vibrant amalgamation of mango, chilli powder, lime and salt that fills your mouth with a delightful blend of the flavours of sweet, tangy, spicy and citrus at the same time. The combo is even more fun when the mango is unripe and green. Not to forget, this zestful appetizer is a part of Mexican street food.


3.Nutella and Strawberry

Just the thought of this duo can make you dribble and create this immediate urge to have it. Nutella can make your strawberry taste a million times better than it is. This is my favourite mix and can be addictive at times for it has this irresistible temptation. Have it any day to lift your mood!

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4.Oreo With Orange Juice

Now, you might think that this is a stupid combo to have and wouldn’t want to waste your favourite Oreo cookies, but trust me it’s worth a try. It sounded bizarre and disgusting to me when I first heard of it but then I tried it anyway and was quite amazed by the results, it tasted good. The tanginess of orange juice embraces and enhance the flavour of chocolate and cream of Oreo cooky. If you are all experimental and adventurous with your food, you can give it a shot.


5.Blue Lays And Cheese

A basic and yummy combo of our two favourite things blue lays and cheese, it’s a day snack to munch on and gives your taste buds a satisfactory feeling! You can have simple cheese and blue lays or you can add some veggies and spices to enhance its taste and make a proper chatkedaar (full of spices) chaat out of it, the combo is a win-win either way.


6.Olive Oil And Ice-cream

Looking for a combo that is appetizing and healthy? Perfect, this combination is the answer for you, a rich and luscious blend of olive oil, Ice cream and sea salt that gives you a satisfactory mellow taste. To get the most out of this mixture I’d recommend you to use your best extra virgin olive oil and also do not forget to sprinkle some sea salt on it. Boy, no kidding this is the best way to have your Ice cream!

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7.Cheetos And Milk

One of the most peculiar fusions, I have ever come across is Cheetos and milk. This cheesy snack combined with sweet milk can be had in your breakfast. If you are into weird food experiments then you might want to try this one. I’ll stick to my regular breakfast (milk and cereals) but this crazy combination can be tried for fun sometimes, I guess!


8.Pasta With Pizza

Hey, do you like pasta more or pizza? The question puts us in the dilemma, doesn’t it? But this combination gives us the wisdom to experience the best of both. The combination is a bliss to all the pasta and pizza lovers, that saucy and cheesy topping melts like cream in the mouth and that crispy crust bite is so yum!


9.Avocado Coffee

Not the most conventional coffee, but if want to take a break from all those cliched coffees you’d been drinking all those years and are now willing to try something new. Well, this is the new one you were looking for, avocado iced coffee. The element of avocado makes this coffee healthier than regular creamers Make it flavoursome with cinnamon and brown sugar. This coffee is popular in Southeast Asia.

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10.Apples And Chocolate

Chocolates and fruits are never a bad idea to combine, one of these, apple and chocolate is a flavour as well as a healthy mix to consume, internet is loaded with the recipes of this combination. You can use dark chocolate instead of normal chocolate to elevate the benefits of the combination and make it high on antioxidants to help you protect yourself from the risk of heart disease and to prevent blood clots. A combination that you can rely on and ingest regularly.

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11.Coca-Cola And Chicken

It wouldn’t come off as a big task to find recipes for Coca-Cola and Chicken, the internet is flooded with it. It’s a popular combination to have in south-east Asia. The yummy feast has the flavour of sweet and sour and Cola is said to enhance the rich flavour of the chicken. This adds an enjoyable twist to everyday chicken.

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12.Peanut Butter And Jelly

These two come off as the common spreads of everyday bread and tastes delectable when combined. The creamy and salty flavour of peanut butter complements the sweet flavour of jelly. It’s a good mixture to have when looking for a balanced and innovative spread to your regular bread!

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13.Chicken And Waffles

You might think it’s an unusual combination and typically an out of the box idea for food but to your surprise, it’s popular in many parts of America. This unusual soulful meal has its history and maybe, therefore, it stays popular in the US.

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14.Yoghurt With Banana

A combo rich in nutrients can be your perfect portable breakfast, the abundance of potassium and protein also make it an acceptable post-workout bite. You can also make delicious and healthy smoothies from this combination. Build your muscle while enjoying this super cool snack!

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15.Carrots And Hummus

A nutritious combination to devour as your afternoon munchies. The duo comprises healthy carbs and rich protein which gives you a spirit to fight your hunger and boost your energy at the same time. A smart snack to add to your healthy diet as it is also high in soluble fibre.

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16.Cranberry And Camembert

This is not a common food combination that you might have heard of but is a popular one. It’s more of an upper-class duo in the category of flavours. Can be used in chicken to make it look attractive and delicious, also can become a good topping for bread or pizza.


17.Corn And Butter

This is probably a common one and we all have had it but still, I felt like adding this combination to our list for the divinity of it. The buttery taste of corn with some sprinkled spices and squeezed lime on it is a relishing snack to have a bite at. It gives even greater pleasure when enjoyed during monsoon!


18.Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

This combination goes together really well for the creamy texture of the soup and the hot grilled cheese. I am a cheese and tomato lover so I’ll munch on it any day. That velvety consistency of soup gives your taste buds a shake (a good one) and that niceness and softness of cheese are delish.

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19.Hot Sauce And Cauliflower

This might seem a bit alien but it’s a good one to try out. Chicken wings and hot sauce are quite heard of but how about you combine that favourite veggie of yours with that hot buffalo sauce? You can check out plenty of recipes on the internet for this utterly delicious combination.


20.Fries And Veggies

A combination that includes a nutritious and a less nutritious ingredient, a balanced one to bite on. You wouldn’t have to choose a healthy or unhealthy side for this combination gives you the virtue to stick to your health chart.

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