The 20 Best Terrace Restaurants for a Perfect Date!

The 20 Best Terrace Restaurants for a Perfect Date
The 20 Best Terrace Restaurants for a Perfect Date

The 20 best terrace restaurants for a perfect date!
Despite being individually listed as one of the most challenging cities to live in, Mumbai has never failed to amaze people. Beaches, stars, skyscrapers, delicious food, beautiful sights and, more. In this semi-concrete jungle, you can find everything you need and, even more. Yes, even with a beautiful view, there are beautiful surroundings and, delicious dishes. The food is satisfying but combined with the beautiful scenery, it becomes sublime. If you love eating and, enjoying the beautiful locations as much as we do, these places are must-see places. This is the list of the best rooftop restaurants in Mumbai.

1. Breeze Powai

If you ask someone why they want to visit the Breeze Lounge, it is because of the view. The tranquility of Lake Powai, the views of Hiranandani skyscrapers and gourmet food, the cool breeze bring a joyous smile to your face. If you are not a vegetarian, you may want to miss this place. However, it is a heaven for vegetarians. You must try Bruschetta Con Fungi.56b8641c0b04512cde6f039e

2. Café Terra, Bandra

Their beautiful Bandra rooftop cafe has a very European look. Sitting in a comfortable chair, enjoying music and, having a little chat is an ideal way to end the day. The white and, turquoise tones used in the decoration make the whole experience even better. This is the rooftop restaurant of the Executive Enclave Hotel, so it can get hot in the summer, still compared to other places in the area, this is a nice change. The menu is a mix of dishes, including teppanyaki and, oriental bowls and, salads and, other dishes. Although this cafe is open from noon to midnight, some dishes are only served after 6 pm. Choose their sizzle or grill because they are a welcome variation of other common suspects on the

3. Candies Bandra

If you are looking for a place with delicious desserts, you must try the sweets. The restaurant is located on the mountain in Paliand, was a bungalow before becoming a large restaurant. Candy is a maze, and, the path to the top seems endless, but when you finally reach the top, you will be in awe. Try lasagna, muffins, salads, sandwiches. You will not be disappointed. Make sure you have all the food on the menu for the day.candies-bandra-reclamation

4. Rumors Lounge, Powai

The rooftop view, the incredible playlists and, the atmosphere will make for a pleasant day. You can sit and, have a fantastic conversation with your loved ones for a long time. The breeze blowing on your face will make the whole experience more beautiful. Try vegetable and, chicken bruschetta and, pasta with pink sauce. You will ask for more.rude-lounge

5. Chenab, Vashi

Chenab is Daba’s first sea-view roof in Mumbai. Everyone will feel this feeling while enjoying food. Desi Punjabi food, well-lit ghazal, and, secluded location of this place make Chenab a good choice. The atmosphere will make you feel like a royal family and, the food will take you straight to North India. They have excellent appetizers like Makhmali shish kebab, Chicken Tandoori and, Chicken shish kebab, Tawa Paneer, Makai Methi Di Tikki, and, Bhindi Churi Muri. Be sure to try Bukhara daal and, chicken tikka during your visit. While enjoying the view, try the delicious Lassis. The comfortable rooftop seats make the experience even better.chenab

6. The Marina, Colaba

Marina Cafe, located on the rooftop of the Marina Palace building in Colaba, offering perfect ocean views as well as the gateway of India seen from the rooftop. The typical atmosphere and, outdoors will make you feel comfortable and, give you a perfect view of the Gateway of India. The outdoor setting enjoys ocean views, making the whole experience even better. Sit down and, have a pleasant conversation with a close friend. Try the mac n cheese sauce when you come here.20180311-182618-largejpg

7. Social, Versova

The rooftop branch of this popular restaurant is designed in the form of a large green Victorian conservatory. Nice decor and, patio with great views. Work or play here! Enjoy its popular fusion dishes with delicious cocktails.
8. Shalom Rooftop Bar and, Kitchen, Chembur
Shalom has a spacious rooftop space, which exudes a feeling of warmth and, tranquility, accompanied by delicious food. This place brings you the essence of Morocco and, its culture. The menu also offers a set menu, filled with comfort food from around the world, including famous dishes from India to Mexico. Dishes include Butter Chicken, Chingari Masala, Veracruz Fish and, delicious pasta, pizza and, risotto. Pair with delicious cocktails and, drinks and, enjoy the view!photo0jpg

9. Raasta, Khar

Raasta is a place surrounded by a four-story building on the Caribbean Sea. Its roof space is also fascinating with its happening atmosphere and, jazz blues. While enjoying fun drinks outdoors, you can also taste Jamaican cuisine! Raasta Bombay in Mumbai makes way for a hearty meal. This place is synonymous with delicious food that can satisfy all cravings. It has some of the most popular dishes, including continental, desserts, and, seafood. To cater to a wide range of visitors, This restaurant has a premium rating in Khar West.925952952s

10. AER, Worli

Aer, located on the 34th floor of the Four Seasons Hotel in the center of Worli. It is worth a visit. The spectacular scenery will make you fall in love at first sight. Have a few drinks while watching the sunset in the background of Mumbai. Going on a romantic date will turn out to be good. The food is delicious and, this place is a must-see. As the second tallest rooftop lounge in town, AER attracts many high heels due to its superior location. with stunning views of the city. What’s more special is the lighting here, which makes the city look more beautiful at the night. They have some very weird cocktails called Pickle Me Up, Lucky Nut, and, Clarity and, each one will have an enormous impact.23102017_AER_01

11. Skky, Powai

The Sky Lounge located at Ramada is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Mumbai. It is an amazing place to enjoy the sunset. With plenty of alcohol and, delicious food on hand, staying here for one night will make you come back again.skky-rooftop-lounge

12. Asilo, Lower Parel

Asilo is another place in Palladium; you may want to visit the beautiful scenery there. The best part is that it is located on the 40th floor, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful view of Mumbai. However, the food may be disappointing, but to view the skyline of Mumbai from such a high altitude, a must-visit. The highest rooftop restaurant in Mumbai, do we need to talk about shelter? Due to traffic jams, Lower Parel may be one of the most crowded areas in the city.unnamed

13. Bayview Cafe, Colaba

Not only is the Bayview restaurant beautiful, but the best part is that it is open 24 hours a day. The midnight menu is worth it. Must try the cold garlic and, cheese corn cakes. The delicious food and, breathtaking scenery are sure to bring you to Bayview. This is a spacious oceanfront themed restaurant located in Colaba with plenty of seating and a warm, friendly atmosphere. It is an excellent option for informal dinners with friends. They serve Chinese, North Indian and, Continental cuisine, which are delicious and, affordable. The atmosphere is warm and, welcoming. The staff here are also very supportive and, polite, which adds to the atmosphere. The Cafe also has a bar. They also have a rooftop and, outdoor dining.24122016_Bayview_AD_01

14. Dome, Churchgate

Even though Dome’s food is free, I will pay for the atmosphere here. The top floor of the InterContinental Ocean Drive offers you incredible views. Dome defines the dining experience. Try vegetarian bonsai, crispy pancake rolls and, sushi. The magnificent view of the Queen’s Necklace will fascinate you. With the magnificent view of everything in and, around, this definitive place is the destination of dreams. Dome InterContinental is a magnificent and, magnificent place to dine with a rich and, luxurious atmosphere, allowing you to feel the dignity of the royal family. Besides sandwiches, they also offer delicious Japanese cuisine. The courteous and, knowledgeable staff take great care of you and, you will be very flattered. This is a different friendly zone that provides valet parking services. A great bar serves wine and, other amazing alcoholic beverages. Dome itself is an amazing place, and, Various activities can be arranged for you, such as light dinners, rooftop dinners, and outdoor seating. The pool setting adds to the beauty of the place, and every view from every angle is a sight to behold.restaurant_223114_restaurant420170526104033

15 Mehmaan Nawazi, Powai

Mehman Nawazi is a high-end restaurant specializing in Indian cuisine. The restaurant serves authentic North Indian vegan dishes and, is famous for its rich aroma and, spiciness. All ingredients used in the production process are of high quality, and, the rich sauce production provides a comforting taste for diners. Mehman Nawazi also offers a stunning atmosphere and, modern Indian-style decor, making this visit worthwhile. An added feature is the beautiful outdoor seating area where visitors can enjoy food, drinks, weather and views. Mehman Nawaazi is the perfect rooftop spot for a quiet dinner. This restaurant is vegan and, offers excellent service. Beautiful lights, stunning decorations, and, breeze complete the experience. The service is fast and, the menu is highly categorized.right-side-restaurant

16. Zenzibu Da Sky Lounge, Koparkhairne

Zenzibu Da Sky Lounge is a casual restaurant for those who want to have fun. Affordable menus featuring North Indian, Italian, Chinese and, Continental cuisine complement the standards of quality and, hygiene that the place has set for itself. The atmosphere is full of bright colors, making your heart beat faster, especially for sitting outside. If you are a group of people looking for a good place to enjoy delicious dishes, this is the place to go. Try the Chicken Satay, Cheesy Chicken Balls, and, Amritsari Biryani, you won’t be disappointed. There is also a rich bar menu. It is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy a hearty meal.eatigo_ZenzibuDaSkyLounge_20180529200003_4844

17. Bonobo

Bonobo combines a calm and, a warm interior design concept with modern elements, it is a good place to enjoy a truly luxurious meal. This is a great restaurant to enjoy food in Mumbai. They offer delicious continental and, Mexican food, and, their finger food is also very special. The dining experience is excellent and, value for money. The staff in this place are also very friendly and, polite. This place has a DJ and, a dance floor, so you can spend quality time with friends. Bonobo also serves alcohol in a dedicated bar. There are also live performances. In short, it is a great and, exquisite place for everything you need to eat out. Great music, lively crowds, rooftop atmosphere, obviously delicious food is the definition of Bonobo. If you plan to go for a drink, try to go between 6:00 p.m.and, 9:00 p.m. To enjoy happy hour discounts.bonobo-bar-love-food

18. Mangoes, Malad

If you wish to indulge in some authentic Goan cuisine, you must make sure to visit Mango. This rooftop restaurant is not only cheap, but you also have to try foods such as recheid prawns and, dry coffee chicken. Try this Goa restaurant, you will thank us in the future.310816_Mangoes-Malad1

19. Chaubara 601, Thane

Chaubara 601 is a luxurious restaurant located in one of the busy areas of Thane. The restaurant has rooftop seating, creating an impressive atmosphere. Punjabi themes and, wonderful music add a warm atmosphere to this place. This next-level restaurant in Thane is easily accessible and, you can find enough space to park vehicles. The staff is friendly and, polite, and, the extensive menu ensures that everyone in the restaurant can find something for them. Kebabs are a popular dish among tourists. The costs of the dishes also are very reasonable.restaurant_661805_restaurant220190204054911

20. Smaaash

Not only can you enjoy the food in Smaaash, but you can also play here. Smaaash is one of the best places to entertain and, relax and, it is a must-visit place with friends. The best part is that they also have an indoor and, outdoor seating area. The service is impeccable.smaaash-1