20 Must Have Desserts In Mumbai

20 Must Have Desserts In Mumbai


Chocolate Brownie

There is nothing yummier when talking about Chocolate Brownie, and it becomes more delicious with nuts making these brownies irresistible to anyone. The recipe is mixing chocolate and butter and heated until it melts with the addition of roasted nuts, cocoa powder, and flour in the oven. After taking out allow it to cool before cutting into square shapes. Pecans and Brazil nuts are preferred combinations with this dessert.


The Rocky Road

This dessert is made up of milk chocolate and marshmallow in the form of cupcakes or brownies. In American style, it is of ice cream flavor, and the other ingredients include cherries, nuts, or walnuts. Earlier, it used to be a breakfast but now converted into dessert.


Ice Cream Sandwich

Raspberry ice cream sandwich is a must try out dessert for every person who visits Mumbai. It is a large creamy cake stacked between two delicate wafers and is cold at first but begins to melt which you cannot miss it. This dessert is one kind of experience where it is worth trying.


Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet is a Chocolate cake but with red or brownish red color layer cake topped with creamed cheese. It is a traditional dessert at the time of Christmas or Valentine’s day. The ingredients are buttermilk, butter, cocoa, and flour for the cake, beetroot coloring for the color.


Classic Chocolate Fondue

The Chocolate Fondue comes with waffles, different flavors of ice-cream scoops, brownies, and crepes. It is a royal dessert which comes at a high price but it is worth every penny and also can be shared by two persons.



Pate is the one to go and along with Dark Chocolate. It is smooth, creamy and gives you the sensation of a real. This cake is the one sin you want to commit again and again.


Ghewar Cheesecake

Ghevar originated from Rajasthan which is popular at the time of monsoon. It is sweet, delicate and crispy sponge-like surface, justifying the name of cheesecake. The ingredients are fresh cheese, curd, sugar and lemon extract with dry fruits like pistachios and almonds.


Gulab Nut

This dessert is new in Mumbai but is now leading among many of them. It is a donut shaped gulab jamun with cream filling. This combination is innovative with a new style of ingredients and is one of the desserts every liquor lover must try.


Payesh Cheesecake

This cake is one of the tasty dishes containing unique and flavorful ingredients which include rice, milk, cardamom, and jaggery and is carved especially to attract people. This dessert is quite familiar to the Bengali people. The taste occurs with toppings of milk containing crunchy nuts and spices, and out of it, a creamy, thick payesh cheesecake dripping with sweetness emerges out and also almond to give a correct balance of textures and flavors.


Strawberry Sorbet With Pink Champagne

It is one of the favorites in Mumbai, and the main part is its creative recipe. A delicate and smooth sorbet filled with the sweetness of strawberries and dipped inside the boundaries of Chandon Pink Champagne and topping off with fresh, sugary syrup of strawberry sauce. The final product which emerged out of all these innovative thoughts is something you wouldn’t miss for a lifetime. La Folie is the place for this dessert in Bombay.



Egg Benedict

Egg Benedict is an American dish consisting of two Muffins each in half and topped with bacon, hollandaise sauce and a poached egg. You won’t feel the taste and smell of egg in it even though it looks like one. It is one of the tastiest and creative desserts, Mumbai has ever seen.



Green Chili Ice Cream

Who doesn’t like Ice cream when especially it comes to Mumbai, a coastal city where you can have the pleasure of enjoying it while walking on the shore which ought to be so romantic with your partner. It is sweet, fluffy with a flavor of hot, fierce green chili leaves leaving you a unique aftertaste.




Kulfi is a dairy product popular in the frozen state which has originated in India. It is also known as Indian Ice cream. They have a lot of varieties which include Malai, Chickoo, Mango and Pista with the traditional Malai as a popular one. The taste has not changed since ages.



Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse

It was a modification of the Peanut Butter Mousse Tart by switching hazelnuts for peanuts. For the recipe, the hazelnuts have to be dry roasted, and the sugar should become crystal powder.  Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Tart became one of the most classic and refined desserts that anyone has ever tasted.



Pizookie is a tasty half baked cookie with a lot of ice cream on it. These delicious cookies are freshly baked right out of the oven and topped with scoops of vanilla or any flavor of ice cream. It is probably the favorite dessert of many people in Mumbai.


Moong Halwa

This sweet delight is North Indian in which there is the addition of Moong Dal and ghee at low heat. Then after a fragrant dish, brown in color evolves, and the fruit of this process is a sweet, creamy halwa, and you will not keep your hands off after having a couple of spoons of this.


Devil’s Mousse Cake

It is a cake whipped with choco filling and the cocoa powder sprinkling on the top of it would just enhance the sweetness of the cake. It is known as the devil’s cake because it is so sinfully full of chocolate with crushed biscuits mixed with roasted almonds and butter and garnished with the chocolate truffle.



Blueberry Pancakes

This pancake recipe uses purely whole-wheat flour, canola oil and a tablespoon of added sugar. The blueberries not only sweeten the cake but acts as anti-oxidants which will be beneficial to the body. Hence, it is a delicious and healthy dessert.


Dark Chocolate Cupcakes

Treat your family members or friends with these delicious cupcakes. This dessert is one of the preferred recipes of chocolate cake not only in Mumbai but everywhere in India.


Chocolate Mousse Bar

This dessert recipe is a chance to live your childhood dreams by providing you this delicacy of chocolate heaven. It is a chocolate with fruit and cherry flavors with a touch of almond and mint for a refreshing taste.