Top 20 Indian Desserts To Complete Your Meal In Style


India, the ‘Land of Spices’. Why? Because it is famous for all its spicy foods. But many of us do not recognise that India is home for over more than 2000 desserts. Mouth watering, isn’t it?

In any meal, dessert is the finishing touch which enhances the experience of a full meal. It comes in various forms, and we present to you the top 20 delicious desserts.


Gulab Jamun

If You’re An Indian Then This Title Itself Is Enough To Provoke Those Taste Buds And Create That Tingling Sensation In The Pit Of Your Stomach Craving For At Least One Gulab Jamun. Small Balls, Called ‘jamuns’ Are Made Out Of Flour And Milk Powder And Then Dipped In Sugar Syrup. These Are Then Served Hot Or Chilled Depending Upon The Consumer’s Choice.



Rasgulla is a small white dumpling in a sugar syrup made from ‘soojee’ and ‘paneer’ which is Indian cottage cheese. Rasgulla is famous in India and is mostly served in festive functions and house parties.



Unlike Gulab Jamun and Rasgulla, laddus are not dipped in sugar syrup. In fact, they are dry, crumbly sweet balls shaped using ‘Besan’- a type of flour, cashews and raisins. This dessert is commonly given as a religious offering in Hindu temples.



Jalebi is another dessert prepared by soaking deep-fried wheat flour paste in sugar syrup. While frying, the paste is made to form a spiral shape. This juicy, crusty sweet is served either warm or cold.


Basundi/ Rabri

This one is a special dessert of northern India made with milk. The milk is stewed in a large bottom pan and is boiled till it becomes half of its original quantity. Different elements like custard are then added to this mixture to make it even more special.



Barfi is one of those sweets which readily fuses with any item added to it. The result will always be delicious. This easy fusion is the reason why we have so many different varieties of barfi like ‘Kaaju Barfi’ and ‘Coconut Barfi’. What makes this sweet unique is its soft and solid texture.


Carrot Halwa

This is a sweet dish which is a combination of grated carrot and milk. Its embellishment includes cashews, almonds and pistachios. Sometimes even milkmaid and ‘kova’ are also added for that extra candy-coat.


Mysore Pak

This sweet is first prepared in the rooms of Mysore palace and thus the name ‘ Mysore pak’. The texture of Mysore Pak is similar to that of a dry laddu, but Mysore pak is cut in rectangular shapes for consuming. It is made out of sugar and gram flour.



This dessert is a sweet rice pudding and is called Kheer in northern India and ‘Payasam’ in southern India. Its main ingredients include rice, sugar and milk. The garnished cashews, almonds and pistachios make it more yummy and toothsome.



Rasmalai is yet another variant of sugar balls but with a slight modification. These are small balls made out of ‘Chenna’ and flour. Instead of dipping the balls in plain sugar syrup, they are dipped in milk syrup and hence making it divine in taste.



Petha is a distinguished sweet item found especially in the regions in and around Agra. The unique characteristic of this dish is that it is made out of Pumpkin and Alum powder. Who cares what it is made of? All we need to know is how savoury it tastes.



When talking about Indian desserts, Kulfi should be mentioned for it is an Indian ice cream made out of milk. Kulfi is sometimes served in tiny cute pots which make it all the more tempting to eat.


Soan Papdi

One more in the list of dry desserts! Soan papdi is a sweet made using besan flour and is dry and crumbly. One cannot eat it without crumbs falling. But once it touches your tongue you will have no time to worry about those little pieces.



Misti Doi

Famous in the regions of West Bengal, Misti Doi is a sweetened yoghurt presented in small chilled pots. First, the milk is boiled and then sugar is added to it. This mixture is fermented and ta-da! Fresh Misti Doi at your service.



Obbattu is a famous delicacy from the lands of Karnataka. It is a sweetened wheat flour bread. A layer of ghee is applied on this bread and then it is rolled. These rolls are so yummy, you can’t just stop at one Obbattu.



Poornalu can only be seen in southern parts of India. Round balls are made from the blend of Chana dal and jaggery. These are then deep fried in oil and served hot.



Pootharekulu, again a South Indian Dessert made from rice flour. Thin and almost transparent layers of rice flour are dusted with sugar powder and rolled together to form cutlet-like shapes. Their appearance makes you feel as if papers are folded together.



Most of the desserts are either round or rectangle in shape. But Ghevar is in the form a disc. These discs are made from wheat flour and then immersed in sugar syrup. These are then garnished with any additional elements. Specially prepared for Teej festival, Ghevar is famous in Rajasthan.



Kalakand is a soft sweet made with Indian cottage cheese (paneer) and thickened milk. This sweet is famous all over India and also across Pakistan and Bangladesh Regions.



The standard Bengali ‘Sandesh’ is a warm dessert made with milk and sometimes paneer. The dough is kneaded over a soft flame forming the desired texture. There are many different types of Sandesh available out there, each significant for its taste and flavour.

Now you know the diverse number of Indian desserts which are always there to satisfy your sweet tooth and also that India is famous not just only for its spices but also for desserts.