20 Places For The Best Continental Food In Chennai

20 Places For The Best Continental Food In Chennai

1. The Padrino

It is one of the preferred Continental restaurants in Chennai with a decent ambiance and the correct seating arrangement. This restaurant has a specialty for the thirty-inch Godfather pizza. The menu also consists of Mexican, Italian, and American Cuisines with starters, main course, desserts, and drinks in each one. The hosting is also appreciable for the friendly service and elegant decor over there.

2. East Coast

This restaurant is a part of the Madras square. They also have the seating facility in the garden for all jungle lovers making you feel that you are in a jungle. The food is appreciable and the maintenance of this place is decent enough for most of the customers.east-coast

3. Ox And Tomato

It is a place for pizzas, sandwiches, and salads too. Quality is what it gives this Continental outlet an edge and even the richness of the content. The crust of the pizza is delicate and crunchy as well as juicy and the sauce tastes fresh and tangy. People also prefer the pasta over here as the vegetables give the welcoming taste of freshness.

4. Doner Kebab Bistro

One of the people’s favorite places in Chennai. The preferable starters are chicken wings and prawns and the beef steak as the main course. The desserts also taste like heaven as they are rich in quality and flavorful.


5. Radio Room

The ambiance of this place is extraordinary because of the lighting, props, and the radios with a huge bar. It is the place for all those who drink due to the dim atmosphere of lights. Also, the cozy and comfortable seating arrangement will take a hit on the customers and the food options are not at all compromising for the menu consists of a variety of dishes with a friendly service.


6. Swiss Hutte

Swiss Hutte is a place with the restaurant on one end. The outlook appearance resembles a heritage building due to the style of the brick walls and the roof and those wooden tables with chairs which are comfortable and appealing to the customers in terms of appearance and theme. The preferred items are Chicken and Beef Stroganoff, Chicken steak and for desserts, yogurt and pannacotta which is of a mousse type.


7. The Kitchen The Raintree

The Kitchen is a bookmark for everyone who plans to check in with family or friends which are at the lobby level of The Raintree. It looks like a family place or for business meets and is less suitable for people who want to spend some time together since it is a buffet restaurant. Even the buffet has many options with soups, starters, salads, live counters, main course, and desserts. The favourite items of this place are corn and cheese balls, chicken Tikka, Veg Manchurian, and Cheesecake.


8. Lydie’s

This place has a different style of ambience than the ordinary one and provides stomach filling recipes but on a little expensive side. Butter Garlic Prawns have a delicious taste with spicy chicken soup and people also love the steak in brown sauce and the Bangalore beef.


9.  The Beach Club

A place where you can have the essence of sea breeze by the shore while enjoying your meal with a calm atmosphere and so most of the people will naturally like it. There is also an indoor seating facility as well as and a pool. Their main course specializes in Continental feast with a variety of mocktails.


10.  The Miner Diner

It is one of the new entrants in Nungambakkam area in Chennai and the interiors consisting of brick walls with the framing of blue prints on it which included some thinking in this piece of art. The starters like Stuffed Mushrooms and Chicken sausages taste delicious with sandwiches as their Signature items. For the desserts, people would recommend the Red Velvet pastry.


11.  Rock Town Restaurant

Rock town is a restaurant on the roadside at the corner of a road junction busy with people. It is popular for the spicy Pav bhaji. This place also serves pulav and Continental dishes. An extra spicy bhaji with butter and the masala chaas are the staple foods for everyone over there.


12. Ink 303

When it comes to this place, everything is satisfying if you consider the taste, quality, service, and value for your money. The music includes all the nineties songs including Michael Jackson pop which everyone appreciates it. People die for the beef and chicken and coming to the desserts,  the strawberry cheesecake and the brownie are delicious.

13. Basil With A Twist

The food here is delicious and economical as well and a decent atmosphere with decently trained staff. The service is impressive and most of the continental food was prepared deliciously.


14.Barbecue Nation

It is a place where the food is worth your money and the starters are delicious with the desserts. The staff is comforting and friendly and most of the people chose a vegetarian course over here. The ambience is appealing for everyone and everyone recommends this place if you want your money’s worth for the food.

15. 10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street is an International brand and the waiters won’t allow to make it look like a local one. The food is fantastic and the lunch is an innovative idea and when it comes to hospitality, it is satisfactory for every person.


16. Wrapsody

This place is a small eatery on the ECR after the OMR link road junction. For starters, French fries are tasty and the chicken parmesan wrap. Even the wraps and burritos are delicious. The prices are also reasonable.


17. The Flying Elephant Park Hyatt

In Chennai, people recommend ‘The Flying Elephant’ and this restaurant has a bar on two different floors. The menu ranges from Asian to Continental dishes. The soup is flavoursome and for the main course, everyone likes the grilled chicken with seasonal leafy ones as it is tender and juicy with the correct balance of the spices. Even the desserts sound interesting including the chocolate cake. The service is quick and attentive.


18. Sudaka

The interiors of this place have a remarkable feature with an impressive ambiance for hanging out with friends as it also the facility of music and drinks. The service part is convincing as the waiters are attentive with a quick delivery service. The menu is an interesting one including the dishes from around the world. The Vietnamese chicken is supreme over here and some delicious items like Columbian chilly chicken with cheese and mushroom. For the dessert, a chocolate volcano with a piece of banana and vanilla ice cream is stomach filling.

19. Tovo

This place has a nice ambiance and is one of the restaurants for Continental recipes. Even the burgers are amazing and tummy filling. People recommend the grilled chicken with a creamy mushroom sauce on it as it is delicious and finger licking too. The service is also better and quick.


20.  The Pasta Bar Veneto

Pasta Bar Veneto is  the central area in T Nagar which is easy to find for any tourists. The restaurant has the facility of both indoor and outdoor seating with appealing ambience to your meal. The recommended ones are pasta, pizzas, and the lasagna. The service is appreciable and the quantity goes well with the price with the quality of food.