Top 20 Chicken Starters Famous In Andhra Pradesh

Top 20 Chicken Starters Famous In Andhra Pradesh

1. Chicken 65

It is a South-Indian style of Chicken starter with boneless meat. There are many ways of making it in different styles or versions and the famous one is the Hyderabad one. You can also use yogurt for seasoning purpose or it is your wish though the result will be juicy and soft. The other ingredients are corn or rice flour, egg, spices, and oil for deep frying.


2. Chilli Chicken

Chilli Chicken is a gravy type or dry restaurant style dish. It is one of the Indo-Chinese Chicken appetizers where you can find it in many Chinese restaurants in Andhra Pradesh. The recipe consists of boneless fillets in sauce, chili, and pepper. You can either shallow fry or grill the meat for intense crispy one according to your desire.

Chilli Chicken

3. Chicken Pakora

You can find this crispy recipe in many restaurants as an appetizer or starter. Pudina or Curry leaves are essential to add flavor to the curry and you should not miss onions too. The other ingredients include chillies, ginger paste, turmeric powder, and oil for deep fry.

Chicken Pakora

4. Pepper Chicken Masala

This chicken starter is advisable at the time of winter with an easy recipe. It has a taste and aroma different from other curries or appetizers. The reason behind this is due to the fresh ground pepper and the preparation does not need grinding masala but the basic ingredients are sufficient.

Pepper Chicken Masala

5. Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka Masala is nothing but roasted pieces of chicken in a spicy sauce and a type of food predominantly in Andhra Cuisine. It also serves as an appetizer. Usually, the sauce consists of tomatoes, cream and the correct amount of spices. Also, other Tikka dishes will replace Chicken with Lamb, Fish and in Vegetarian terms, Paneer. The origin of it is still unknown.

6. Zinger Burger

This burger recipe is simple and does not require any expertise for cooking and is one of the routine menu items in KFC which comes with extra crunchy and patty of chicken breast. The other ingredients are curd or yogurt, pepper powder, bread buns and crumbs, rice flour, salt, and oil.

Zinger Burger

7. Popcorn Chicken

Many Chicken lovers must have the privilege of tasting these little bits of crispy popcorn chicken. It is common in KFC and many other franchisees. Also, soaking the strips in buttermilk for forty- five minutes makes it juicy and tender. The result would be soft from inside and crispy outer layer which many people crave for this kind of recipe.
Popcorn Chicken

8. Garlic Chicken

This Andhra style Chicken curry is one of the favorites at every home as it is hot, spicy, and delicious. The preferred combination is plain rice and rasam. For the taste, you can soak the strips in buttermilk along with salt and pepper in the overnight. It is ideal for home preparation kind but not suitable for any restaurant style of starters.

Garlic Chicken

9. Chicken Kurma

It is a simple Indian kurma curry which sounds mouth-watering with plain rice, biryani or pulao, and chapati. The preparation includes various ingredients such as coconut, yogurt, nuts, and poppy seeds. Students love this dish as it is hot and spicy like many South Indian ones tasting delicious with thick gravy and an aroma of spices.

Chicken Kurma

  10. Kadai Chicken

Kadai Chicken is a Pakistani and North Indian dish and is one of the favorite Andhra cuisines for the spicy taste. In Pakistan style of Cuisine, it does not include capsicum or onions whereas the North Indian version uses capsicum. One utensil is sufficient to prepare this dish and it is a karahi.

Kadai Chicken

11. Chicken Butter Masala

It is an Indian dish which is even popular in many countries, a grilled or roasted chicken in a creamy and spiced curry sauce, which can include butter usually for the taste originating from Andhra style of Cuisine. There can be many variations of the composition of the ingredients and spices of the sauce and even the presence of cashew paste will give the taste.

Chicken Butter Masala

12. Chicken Majestic

It is one of the dry Chicken recipes in Hyderabad when it comes to starters or appetizers. For many people in Andhra, it is not a new dish and this recipe does not include egg unlike others and it yields a soft, tender, and crispy from deep fry and is also the seasonal street food item.

Chicken Majestic

13. Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is a starter consisting of various ingredients. The classic one consists of pieces of chicken or vegetables with the addition of pasta, dumplings, grains such as rice and barley. It has the reputation for the remedy of cold and influenza and also in many countries; it is the comfort food.

Chicken Soup

14. Chicken Nuggets

It is one of the dishes which you can find in many fast food restaurants. They either use ground pieces or breasts of the meat slurry with cheese to increase the taste and flavor. One can find this dish hot and spicy as they are soft, juicy, and delicious from inside and crispy from the exterior side.

Chicken Nuggets

15. Gongura Chicken

Gongura Chicken is a traditional dish in Andhra region and in this recipe, we use red or green stem sorrel leaves. The green chilies and red chili powder balance the sour taste and the green leafy vegetables are of help in a variety of ways with the combination of steam rice along with chutneys and pickles as accompaniments.

Gongura Chicken

 16. Chicken Keema

Chicken Keema consists of meat which is significant in the preparation of various dishes like curry, paratha, cutlet, samosa, and balls. It is an easy recipe and would turn out into soft, tasty, and pairs with plain rice or roti or chapatis.

Chicken Keema

17. Lemon Chicken

Even if you are a child or an adult, chicken lovers will always trend around the different type of dishes all over India, and this dish is the favorite of all beyond belief. In terms of health aspects, the flesh is high in protein and low in fat levels and also easily digestible.

Lemon Chicken

 18. Chicken Cutlet

For this recipe, you need to use boneless chicken breasts by the method similar to that of keema. There is no bread or potato in this preparation unlike most of the cutlet ones. The ingredients include patties, herbs, and spices. It is one of the snacks in the Indian cuisine.

Chicken Cutlet

19. Chicken Ghee Roast

This Ghee Roast consists of chunks which are soft, juicy, delicious, spicy, and hot with the combination of white rice, tomato rasam or any vegetable side dish. Curry leaves and Pepper will add flavor to the curry.

Chicken Ghee Roast

20. Guntur Chicken Fry

It is an Andhra chicken fry with fresh ground spices and the recipe is as simple as a potato one. It is a fiery hot and spicy dish with Guntur Red chilies and the other ingredients include cashew or pepper powder, curry leaves, and ghee.

Guntur Chicken Fry