20 Places that have the Best Milkshakes

20 Places that have the Best Milkshakes

I have always been the kid who made her mother run after her with a glass of milk. I HATED it. I hate it even now. So when I randomly visited these café’s in town, I had to make myself remember of the hatred against milk. However, my friends ordered shakes and taking big gulps from their drinks; I couldn’t resist these shakes. I separately ordered this bunch of slurpy shakes, and while I tell you about them, I’ll am going to be lost in the heaven of drinks!

You have to visit these café’s already and indulge in a sinful shake. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

1. Big Chill Café

(HS 5, Kailash Colony Market, GK 1)

We’ve all heard about this famous café. It however, isn’t just famous for its pasta, pizza,  and desserts but also for the amazing shakes that they deliver. This place tops my list for it never disappoints. From Belgian Chocolate Shake to the Chocolate Banana Oreo Shake (I’m already dreaming about it), you get it all and it is a very tough choice to choose one, trust me. All the shakes here are bang on and deserve a loud shout out.


2. Bistro 57

(Jawahar Nagar, Kamla Nagar)

Their Blueberry Shake deserves all the shake lovers out there. Although they don’t use  blueberries, the sauce with a mixture of vanilla ice cream is a shortcut to heaven. Being a bit too sweet, it has to be tried by the ones with a sweet tooth (like me!).


3. The All American Diner, India Habitat Centre

(Lodhi Road)

As the name suggests, you’re in for an all-American meal experience. And the best part is, I’m not just talking about pancakes and waffles but the Wicked Brownie Shake and Cookie Shake. Please don’t be discriminative and try all of them even if that means visiting this place once every week and I’m not even kidding!


4. Sakleys – The Mountain Café

(M-23, M Block Market, Greater Kailash 1)

Sakleys is an establishment opened in Nainital back in 1944. This café-cum-restaurant has a commendable seating and (bonus!) delicious fare. It serves contemporary breakfast, baked delicacies with Italian, Continental and Americanized dishes. Imagine getting the food right from the hill station! You have to try their Sakleys Special Chocolate Caramel Shake or the good old Oreo Shake which top my list.


5. Johnny Rockets

(S-14, 2nd Floor, Select Citywalk, Saket)

Known best for quintessential American fare, perfect place for a hang out and sitting back to enjoy the ambience. Try their Strawberry Milkshake which has juicy bits of strawberry and vanilla ice cream that gives it a very smooth and creamy texture.


6. The Coffee Shop

(8, Community Center, PVR Anupam Complex, Saket)

Nestled in the forgotten PVR Saket Complex, The Coffee Shop is very welcoming with its cozy environment. Their Café Mocha Sundae has to be tried anyhow. It tastes exceptional and gives value for money being huge in size. You will lavish praise on it and trust me, will go back to try other shakes. It’s that good!


7. Social Offline

(9A&12, Hauz Khas Village)

Did you even think that I’m going to miss this one? Well, I am totally in love with this place and the ambience. Had I been a critic, I would have had a hard time pointing their mistakes. The way they serve their food is out of the box. I have truthfully finished two Oreo shakes individually. Chocolatey Ferrero Rocher Shake isn’t far behind either. You can rely on anything on the menu though!


8. Billu’s Hut

(G-28, Aggarwal Millenium Tower, Netaji Subhash Place)

Known for its pocket-friendly rates, this joint has gained a lot of fame all of a sudden. I have almost visited this place a thousand times and still haven’t got tired of it. The Brownie Shake tops my list for not only because of its quantity but the use of excess chocolate syrup blended with full cream milk and crushed brownie on top. It’s a delight!


9. Keventers

(High Street, Ground Floor, Select Citywalk, Saket)

The authentic milkshake chain that is now widespread gives us a chance to explore our taste buds for their shakes are pure heaven. They come up with different shakes according to the season as well. From the evergreen Butterscotch to my favourite Bubblegum, you just have to find one for yourself. BONUS: you get to keep the super cute bottles as well in which they serve!


10. The Walled City Café

(898, Jama Masjid)

This place is quite new in comparison to its surroundings, and they’ve got a great variety of shakes that are worthy of trying. The ones that make to my list are Peanut Butter and Ferrero Rocher Shake. It’s the perfect blend of flavours that fill your mouth with a blast of chocolate and hazelnut. It sounds delicious already.


11. Sardarbuksh Coffee & Co.

(Vardhaman Plaza, J Block, Rajouri Garden)

A pun on the ever so famous chain of Starbucks, this is a comparatively VERY pocket-friendly Shake Center apt for the Indian palate. Imagine Milky Elaichi shake! I’m in love with them already. Hazelnut delight, Kit Kat, and the crowd’s favourite Nutella shake aren’t behind either.


12.Big Yellow Door

(2521, 2nd Floor, Kingsway Camp, Hudson Lane, GTB Nagar)

A cute little café with an obvious big yellow door, it’s a remarkable place for hangout. It has pocket friendly-rates and has a good vibe. You’d want to visit this place again and again for the super delicious food that they offer. Rocky Road Shake has to be mentioned for it is the chef’s specialty. The clichéd shakes that you have been reading throughout (Oreo and Brownie shakes) have been loved as well.


13.Smoke House Deli

(Ground Floor, DLF Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj)

A popular place for its breakfast options, Smoke House has delicious shakes and also provides a smoothie menu for kids. They have a variety of shakes ranging from classic fruit and chocolate to premium shakes. Some of the popular flavours account to be Vanilla, Oreo Cookie, Chocolate,  Hazelnut, Banana split, and Kit Kat Shakes. The main reason however for this place making space on my list is that they give you an option of customizing your shakes according to your want and needs. Did you hear that?



(A-16, Connaught Place)

Wenger’s is a legendary pastry shop not only serving the best of cakes, desserts, and sandwiches but also smoothies and shakes with a lot more. The only point that lacks it down is the unavailability of a sitting arrangement. However, a hub like Connaught Place doesn’t let that be a disadvantage.


15. Diggin

(Anand Lok Shopping Centre, Opposite Gargi College, Anand Lok)

The café is known for delicious food, generous portions, and the ambience. It is an exquisitely decorated restaurant with verandah seating and lots of greenery.  Absolute wide range of shakes along with the romantic ambience goes perfectly well!


16. Whipped

(E-556, Main Road, Greater Kailash 2)

Although a bit pricey, the place marks its position in my list not just due to its shakes only but also the homemade ice creams! The ice cream goes smoothly with the thick shakes too. Imagine that delight!


17.Café Delhi Heights

(Shop 221, 1st Floor, DLF Place Mall, Saket)

Serving shakes from the genre of classics to contemporary, they strike a perfect balance between both. Their shakes are not only tasty but also served in pretty glasses. The Beet Apple and Mint Shake, Coffee-Toffee Shake, Caramel-Apricot, and Walnut Shake are truly delightful (don’t you get the hint in the name itself?)


18. Woodbox Café

(1, DDA Market, Hudson Lane, Delhi University- GTB Nagar)

Again another café from Hudson Lane enters the list because of its affordability as well as taste! You have to order a jumbo sized milkshake because I’m sure the regular one won’t be able to satisfy your taste buds.


19.Brown Sugar

(Shop No.-36, Main Market, Defence Colony)

Serving the delicacy of Oreo Shake with utter perfection! You have to try it, and THAT taste will be able to differentiate itself from every other Oreo Shake that you have ever had. A must-try from my side.


20. Mocha

(13, Ground Floor, The Exchange Store Building, Alipur Road, Near Civil Lines Metro Station)

Fan of chocolates? Visit this café already. They serve chocolate shakes like Lindt and Toblerone. Now, where else will you experience this kind of heaven? This place stands out due to these shakes and wins the game of shakes!