20 Places That Deliver Food After Midnight

Best Places That Deliver Food After Midnight. (1)

1. Mad Bites

Now, someday or the other, we all end up staying awake till late night. Be it a party study or maybe just catching up on some sports, getting quality food so late in the night is surely a pain right up the crack. Madbites is an online delivery service who offers a variety of piping hot Indian and Italian food to satisfy your late hunger pangs. Their service is spread across Dadar, Mulund on the Central Line areas till Malad on the Western Line and areas till Chembur on the Harbour Line.

mad bites

2. Midnight hunger solutions

When you decide to binge- watch a TV series or just completing some late night assignment and you meet your old friend “HUNGER”, you need not worry this time, midnight hunger solutions is literally a solution to your midnight hunger. They stir up some really good wok and drool worthy pasta.

midnight hunger

3. Pop in

As we all know the difficulty of finding food at midnight, Pop-In is among a few places who delivers food after midnight. They offer quality food with comparatively lower prices. It’s a perfect place for the vegetarian lovers. If you’re not dying of hunger but only looking for finger food, this is the perfect place for some sandwiches. If you happen to order from here, do try the special cheese burst pizza.


4. Bachelorr’s

Another tasty cure to you midnight munchies. If you happen to visit the store, you’ll probably find it crowded even after midnight. They serve lip-smacking milkshakes and ice-creams. chilly ice-cream is worth trying. yess.! its sweet and spicy and deliciousss.!


5. Zaffran

This place epitomizes class, service, hospitality and food alike. It serves the best mughlai food. Try the juicy butter chicken. Trust me my mouth still drools over that taste. the prices are a little bit high, but the quality is up to the mark, and they even have options for full and half. Zaafran special murg mussallam, murg patiyala, nihari, handi gosht, rogan josh, butter chicken are a recommendation


6. Sagar kabab corner

Sagar is an after party scene survivor. Its located in juhu and open till 4a.m. This places servers a perfect balance of street and authentic Chinese. It’s prices are easy on the pocket and delivers free of cost. And as a boon, the quantity is quite filling. All the varieties of rice are amazing and served with gravy.

sgar kebab

7. Jantar mantar

Huge menu of all different and wonderful stuff. Amazing is the word for its taste. Its famous for its naan turnovers. You get the typical tandoori food here, nothing special or different, but it is truly delicious. Paneer makhanwala roll is a must try.

janatar mantar

8. High on food-all night

It’s one of those night, when you’re really hungry and you’ve hogged all the biscuits from the cupboard, but are still not satisfied? Don’t worry. Just pick up your phone and order, and just wait till they ring the bell. They serve Chinese and north indian, and the quality is more than good.! Any paneer dish is recommended

High on food-all night-

9. Midnight Express

If you’re having Late night craving for some Chinese, American or Italian food and you’re too lazy to go out and buy food, reach out to Midnight Express (ME). It is not just another delivery only joint, it’s a savior, with its wide delivery range. except that its liked for its fast delivery. So you can get good hot spicy food in no time, isn’t that amazing!!


10. Fatboy’s kitchen

Aafter a disappointing late night football match, all you want is to pamper yourself with a burger? Then fatboy’s is the place my friend. They deliver really fresh and not-at-all soggy burgers. After all no burger lover should go to bed in remorse.! Their famous black jack burger is just a delight for meat lovers. The crispy fries can’t be more perfect to complement the burgers.


11. Ice and Rolls

This place is a Saviour for all Night Owls and Nocturnal animals. Its open till wee hours of morning till 3 am. Its Forrero rocher milkshake is a perfect way to end the day.if you’re a hogger, then go for melting cheese sandwich, seriously what better than melting cheese? Also, the pastas and pizza are finnling and yummy.!

ice and rolls

12. Lazeez desi tadka

Tthis place serves delicious mughlai food till 5 a.m. in the morning.its a little bit costly, but the food is worth every penny.do try the Nizami murg mussallam. Even the kebabs are good. Probably the best place for a late night eat overload.


13. Amar juice center

Pau bhaji, south india, pizzas, sandwiches, rolls, juices, you name it and they have it. A perfect destination to end you midnight hunger and pretty famous too. The taste truly justifies the hype about the place. They have a huge variety of different dosas, and the pau bhaji satisfies you taste buds

amar juice

14. The third kitchen

Jet lagged..? Hungover..? Oh we’re you drinking all night and now you are hungry and want to eat something really really good??You must try this place. The USP is their sliders and chicken biryani. They provide you with unbelievably good food, even at 1’o clock in the night.

third kitchen

15. Khurshid Pav Bhaji & Bhurji

After vada pau, paubhaji is the second favorite food of mumbaikars.as the name suggests they serve pau bhaji, bhurjis and tawa pulav. Its open till 1 a.m. if you’re not a heavy drinker and prefer to fill your stomach instead, then this is the place for you.


16. Apna dhaba

Totally lavish food and scrumptious delicacies here.If you’re looking for north indian or mughlai food, then you should totally try this out. Its open till 6 a.m. the food has a dhaba style taste to it. I would recommend the crispy chicken or the chicken dum biryani. Even the Chinese is up to the mark.


17. Mogul sarai

It’s open till 4 so if you are having a house party or just are hungry midnight you know whom to call another heavenly place to have flavoursome chicken. The butter chicken and chicken lahori is brilliant. Rolls are great and filling as well. Its costly but it reflects back while feeling your full stomach & content smile!


18. Mini Punjab

Mouth Watering Prawns Koliwada has the essence of true punjabi culture. The place is reliable, quick with its delivery and guarantees good food every time. The chilli chicken rolls leave you wanting for more. If you don’t want to risk with your food, go for this place, it’ll never disappoint you.

mini punjab

19. Adarsh Annapoorna

It’s a perfect place for the vegeterians. They always deliver fresh food, be it in the middle of the night! This place serves aunthetic rajasthani and Punjabi food. If you’ve never had rajashtani before, do try the dal batti churma. Even the churis are good and different.


20. The night chullah

Rummaging through refrigerator frantically at midnight trying to calm your hunger pangs because all the restaurants probably shut down five minutes before you got hungry. don’t worry the night challah is right here with a wide menu to choose from. Their food’s got a “ghar ka khana” taste. All the curries are great. Definitely one of the best places to have Punjabi.