20 Places To Get Best South Indian Food In Matunga

Best Places To Get South Indian Food In Matunga

1. Sharda Bhavan

Recommended dishes are Rasam Wada, filter coffee, Upma, Idli and medu vada. Sharda Bhavan is one where you can enjoy the authentic South Indian food.All the dishes comes very easy on the pocket. After eating, you can order kokum sharbat or the ginger lemon juice to complete the meal.

Average cost: – 250/- for two

Address: – Lakhamsi Napoo Road, Matunga East


2. Anand Bhavan

Recommended dishes are Biscuit Roti, Khotto Idli, Neer Dosa. A regular place for anyone who loves authentic south Indian food. This place is total value for money. Next to ambience this place has no fancy decor or anything, just simple, moderate and elegant. Normal benches to sit and eat.   

Average cost: – 250/- for two

Address: – Maheshwari Udyan, Ambedkar Road, Matunga East


3. Hotel Ramashray

Recommended dishes are Kadi Idli, Mysore Sada, Rasam Vada, Upma Podi, Neer dosa, Pineapple Sheera. The most iconic restaurant in Matunga situated very near to Matunga station. Well known for the typical South Indian cuisine, people from all parts of western Bombay are seen finger licking at this place.

Average cost: – 250/- for two

Address: -Bhandarkar Road, Matunga East


4. Aiyappa Idli Stall

Ayyappan IdliStore, this is simply a new joint for craving the South Indian. With No-Seating and being on road side stall, this outlet is always crowded and mostly with youngsters having tasty south Indian food. Try their Mysore Masala Dosa, it’s really different and it’s Sambar is yummy and so is the white coconut Chutney. Also, try Dal Vada with filter coffee.

Average cost: – 180/- for two

Address: -Telange Road, Opposite Nalli, Matunga East


5. Café Madras

Recommended dishes are Upma Podi, Ragi Dosa, Pineapple Sheera, Mysore Pak, Filter Coffee, Medu Vada. 70+year old authentic South Indian restaurant. This is a go to place after Siddhivinayak darshan. Go here for the taste and not for fine dining.

Average cost: – 300/- for two

Address: -King’s Circle, Matunga East


6. Ramanayak Udipi

They serve thali food with limited and unlimited options and on banana leaves in unlimited full meals option, So that becomes a unique experience. Also unlike other South Indian food places around, this one doesn’t serve regular things like dosa, Idli etc but homely food of rice, chapattis, vegetables, curries etc. along with desserts.

Average cost: – 280/- for two

Address: -LBS Market Building, Near Matunga Central Railway Station, Matunga East


7. Mani Lunch Home

The authenticity stays same, rather better. The place is bigger and one can get hot idlis and a variety of dosas made and served with their heavenly sambar and chutney. Delicious and authentic food. The tables are in sharing, but the food too is delicious to share

Average cost: – 250/- for two

Address: -Mhaskar Building, Near Ruia College, Matunga East


8. Udipi Idli house

Recommended dishes are Kanchipuram Idli, Oondi Sambhar, Khotto Sambhar. This place is the best hangout ever for south Indian food. Idli house is lore when it comes to idlis. They have quite a few varieties available. The prices are really cheap but the taste and experience are mind blowing. A must visit place!

Average Cost:- 170/- for two

Address: -Dr B Ambedkar Road, King Circle, Matunga East


9. Thambii

Thambbi, a South Indian fast food adjacent to Welingkar’s college. Try their Mini idlis with mulagapudi and rasam, Sada dosa, Mysore onion rava dosa, Rasam Vada. They serve sambar, coconut chutney and tomato garlic chutney with the dishes. The restaurant has AC and is quite small. They also serve pav bhaji, sandwiches etc.

Average Cost:- 320/- for two

Address: -Balkrishna Niwas, L N Road, Matunga East


10. Amba Bhavan

It’s best dish to taste is Mysore Masala Dosa. If you love simple, authentic south Indian food, head to Amba Bhavan! Everything on the menu is a must try. Filter coffee for the tired soul and ginger lemon are the best finishers to soothe your tummy.

Average Cost:- 230/- for two

Address: -Patel Mahal, Bhandarkar Road, Matunga East


11. Shree Sundars

Too Much of Hysteria and the Menu is complex. There are certain dishes available on certain days. Try the diamond Dosa, Malli Dosa, Chettinad Dosa and sabudana ground with lentils and rice served with Molagapodi and BisiBele Rice.

Average Cost:- 550/- for two

Address: -Bhandarkar Road, Matunga East


12. Balaji Refreshments

A really modest place, serving simple authentic South Indian food. Try the butter sada dosa and Mysore masala dosa. The chatni here is much better than many of the South Indian food joints; it’s just like the homemade powder that they serve in Kerala or Tamil Nadu.

Average Cost:- 220/- for two

Address: -Telang Road, Matunga East


13. DP’s

Recommended dishes are Schezwan Dosa, Matka (pani) Puri, Pav Bhaji, Masala Pav.  Located just outside Ruia College this is a happening place all year around. Students, professionals, families and groups all types of food lovers enjoy food at DPs. Over all ambience, food, service and location are nice.

Average cost: – 550/- for two

Address: – Opposite Ruia College, L N Road, Matunga East


14. Arya Bhavan

Recommended dishes are Filter Coffee, Mysore Rava Sada, Rasam, paniyaram.  It’s the only place which has a slightly refined ambience in the form of being air conditioned. Service is super quick as with other joints in the vicinity. Order anything from the menu and you won’t be disappointed.

Average Cost:- 450/- for two

Address: -Opposite Matunga Railway Station, Matunga East


15. Café Mysore

Recommended dishes are Mysore Sada Dosa, Khotto, Pineapple Sheera, NeerDosa, Rasam Vada, Idli Gadbad. A perfect place for south Indian food. Recharges your mind as soon as you enter the cafe. Not an extraordinary ambience. But whatever it is, it is enough to pull crowd for its delicious and luxurious south Indian food.

Average cost:- 280/- for two

Address: -Durlabh Nivas, Bhaudaji Road, Matunga East


16. Garnish

Right from the service by the staff to the quality and taste of food, everything is very good. It serves really good South Indian food. All-in-all a reasonably priced, family restaurant where you can eat to your hearts content. Try the Masala Dosa, Rava Masala Dosa, Pav Bhaji, Grilled Paneer Sandwich and Paper Sada dosa.

Average cost: – 800/- for two

Address: – Shri Ram Bhavan, Opposite Arora Cinema, King Circle


17. Ganga Vihar

A centrally located udipi which serves veg and South Indian and Samosas and vadas to Puri Bhaji and ice cream gadbad. They have a closed air conditioned sitting arrangement as well. Try the filter coffee and dosas with masala. South Indian snacks are recommended here but overpriced a bit.

Average cost:- 850/- for two

Address: -AnandSagar Building, Kataria Marg, Matunga West


18. Shree Krishna Veg

Located in matunga just opposite to Matunga West railway station it serves pure veg food with South Indian dishes, North Indian dishes, Maharastrian cuisine, Chinese dishes, Sandwiches, Juices, Milkshakes. It has Simple interiors not much spacious with cheap in prices.

Average cost:- 450/- for two

Address: -SenapatiBapat Marg, Matunga Road


19. Sadanand Refreshments

It serves North Indian as well as South indian dishes. Recommended dishes are Mysore Masala dosa, Palak Sada dosa.  It has Simple interiors not much spacious with cheap in prices. South Indian snacks are recommended and are pocket-friendly.

Average cost:- 270/- for two

Address: – Shri Krishna Niwas, Katariya Marg, Matunga West


20. Hotel Satkar

Satkar is the perfect place if you’re patient and not picky about your food. Try medu-vada-with-sambhar-separate, idlis, very passable sambhar, a coconut chutney and a special chai that seemed like a shout-out to Buhari’s in Chennai. Also, try some super fresh Puri bhaji.

Average cost:- 180/- for two

Address: – Krishna Kunj, Near Ruparel College, Matunga West