Top 20 Cafes In Mumbai You Ought To Visit For A Lovely Date!

Top 20 Cafes In Mumbai, You Ought To Visit For A Lovely Date!


Kala Ghoda Café

One of Bombay’s beloved cafes, Kala Ghoda Cafe is a cafe with a rustic and old-world charm, with a backdrop of Bombay’s gothic architectural instances. Almost of an art gallery, or a place for great networking, this cafe will have you taken aback. The only negative thing about this cafe is that seating is restricted, so one might have to wait to get a table.


The Pantry

The cafe is a true replica of a Parisian outlet and will bring you the joy of European delight. The interiors are chic and they serve breakfasts all day long. One of their Specials is the Chocolate Cake which is absolutely flourless. And of course, there is free wifi. The plus is the seating which looks like it is out of a French movie.The sandwiches are also recommended as they use Cheese, which is freshly transported all the way from Pondicherry.


The Nutcracker

One of Bombay’s ultimate breakfast places, The Nutcracker is a tough nut to crack! A South Bombay favourite, their breakfast menu will sweep you off your feet with some absolute comfort food. It’s a highly recommended cafe for vegetarians, and their menu comprises only egg items in the non-vegetarian section. The prices might seem a little steep, but it is worth it! One of their Specials is The Seven Layered Cookie. And, their Breakfast in a Bottle is also recommended.


Food For Thought/ Kitabkhana

Just as the name suggests, it is indeed one of the most desirable book cafes in Bombay! You can choose to buy a book, and enjoy your own company while having a good read. Also, their in-house cafe offers you the ultimate experience as you sit and enjoy your meal away from the busy city. In fact, you’d often see office-goers from nearby office enjoying their meal here! Their Pink Pasta is a must try.


Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk has the aura of a college canteen, especially not only because of the feel, but also the economical prices. It is a small cafe with barely seating available for 5 tables. This is not a place you go for a fancy meal, but for a meal with its true essence attached to it. Perfect for laid back evenings, this will be a favourite of yours, just as you visit it.


Cafe At The Ncpa

This is ideal for someone who’s looking forward to a true Bombay experience. It is a hub of budding artists in the city but has quite the posh ambience. Located near Nariman point, this is where all Bombay elites have the best of conversations. And, what better could be there than a great Chocolate Fondue, which they specialise in!



Gaylord is a hub of dual crowds. Dual because not only is it famous for college hangouts, but also as a fancy restaurant, however, you want it to serve you. The food is incomparable and the bakery is quite great. The Cinnamon Rolls and Jujubes are a few things you definitely want to try out.


Tea Centre

The one place where you’re not worried about the government disappointing you. Although a little difficult to locate, this government- run cafe is a steal! Not only does it serve various varieties of tea, but it also has a tea museum attached with it. You’ll find simplistic chai like Kulhad Wali Chai and even the fancy varieties like Banana Caramel Tea. Plus, you get great food here. Although you might not be used to paying the kind of prices they charge for Tea here, it will still be a great experience of sorts!



Theobroma is a quaint little cafe with limited seats, the Dessert range over here will surely please your taste buds. The Red Velvet Cake and Hot Chocolate are to die for! Also, it is very friendly on the pocket.


Samovar Cafe

Samovar Cafe is a part of Bombay’s history as this charming cafe is also a beautiful art gallery, within which it operates. This art gallery has seen works from legends like MF Hussain, Amitabh Bachchan and other such famous personalities who used to frequent this gallery during their youth. The food is delicious, and the Hot Coffee is thirst quenching.


Salt Water Cafe

The Pantry has the perfect European decor of your choice with high ceilings and wooden furniture. Its elegance makes it one of the most wanted cafe and also offers free wifi if you want to work with endless cups of coffees. This charming bistro specialises in European dishes which you’ll love!


Cafe Madras

If you’re looking for the best Filter Coffee in South Bombay, then this is where you have to be! It specialises heart-melting homely South Indian food, which will make you a regular over here. The prices are extremely affordable for the quality of food here. Do not miss the Appam and Stew, and the Bisibele when you’re here along with a cup of Bombay’s one of the best Filter Coffees.



Suzette is a quaint but contemporary cafe with a very French feel attached to it. It is one of the greatest places to hang out in the city, with anything much like it anywhere. Do try the Cafe Viennois with some extra whipped cream, and you’re in for an absolute treat!


Leopold Cafe

The infamous Leopold Cafe is famous for all the right and wrong reasons. The right part is the food, while the wrong being the history attached to it. It is crowded most of the time owing to its popularity, in fact, you can still see the existing bullet holes from the incident of 26/11. Although it was earlier popular for mostly foreigners, now it sees many Indians too. You get a variety of good continental food here along with the all-time favourite Chinese and even Indian.


Cafe Basilico

A simple yet cosy side street cafe at Colaba Causeway, this place is known for its Pizzas and Pasta. The sandwiches are quite amazing too. What’s extraordinary about this is the screening done with foliage which shades it from the busy streets outside and offers a safe haven for its customers. Their cafe has a branch in Bandra too.


Cafe Mondegar

This Colaba Cafe has been the talk of the town since the 1970s when a famous cartoonist from Goa, Mario Miranda painted murals which adorn their walls even now. The colourful graphics is a source of delight for its customers, which is why it is such a favourite for all.


Mockingbird Cafe And Bar

Mockingbird Cafe is a warm cafe with books adorned walls and light music which will make you love your conversations with your friends. The food here is mostly European, with Indian and Thai. Look out for their stone baked pizzas.



NRI stand for Not Really Indian and is quite the new hip addition to the list of cafes in Mumbai. It is the perfect destination for Business meals which celebrates foreign interpretation of Indian food. Try the Caribbean Goat Curry and Bunny Chow for the best of experiences along with a Curry Leaf Martini to wash it all down.



Lima is another cool cafe right adjacent to NRI and is perfect for a hangout session with your work buddies. Two-time Michelin Star Winner Atul Kochhar claims that at one point in time, the restaurant will only have 10 tapas dishes.



Located in Juhu, this white picketed fence cafe truly give you the feel of a real life Alice in Wonderland experience. Try the Egg Decker dish, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Plus, they’re open all day!