20 Places To Get Lip-Smacking Sea Food In Bangalore


If you are into sea food, Bangalore is the place for you. Packed with restaurants, serving the best fish and chips and what not, your sea-food fantasies will come true here. These places have everything from slow-smoked salmon, grilled prawns and shrimp cocktails to crab cakes.


Phobidden Fruit

The jungle fish curry, the Red River Riot with squids, TithKo and mango salad are quite the specialities here. If you are in Bangalore, this restaurant is a definite must-try. This place is a spectacular and fun-filled destination for the entire family! They have a varied range of fishes served in the most succulent flavours. Everything here is quite affordable too.


Hotel Fishland

The fish rawa fry is quite the showstopper here. Amongst a variety of crab, fish, prawn and squid dishes, the biryanis are immensely exquisite. Just a hint of the delicious aromas coming from this place will make you want to feast on everything they have to offer. The tranquil, breezy setting of the place goes well with the authentic fresh-caught sea food and will make you instantly fall in love with the food here!


Toit Brewpub

The interior of this place is at par with the high quality of food they serve. The chic, classy diner has everything to offer. The grilled fish with orange sauce is simply marvellous. The all special Toit-cake is wonderfully special indeed! The ambience is also soothing. It is a place where you can take the entire family or your gang of friends for a peaceful dining experience.


Mangalore Pearl

If you are looking for the best seafood in Bangalore, you need not look any further! Rightly named so, this restaurant delivers the finest and most fresh produce from the depths of the sea. Each dish is presented gloriously and is a testament to the fine dining served here.


Carnival De Goa

This place is a carnival of sorts indeed! They serve a wonderful sea food roast, and their calamari masala fry is simply stunning. The place has a peaceful flare to it and the serene surroundings call out to you. Their grill outside gives out the most tempting aromas. Don’t worry about the price tag. Fulfilling food at pocket-friendly prices is quite the rage here.



Crispy California, Danya rolls, Tempura, Sashimi salmon, California crab salad, firecracker prawns and the numerous varieties of Sushi are just marvellous here. Their food is as great as is their air. This restaurant serves purely authentic, fresh-caught seafood in a brilliant combination of tastes and flavours.


Windsor Pub

This pub has all the chic and hi-fi dishes that go with a warm bar setting. Their crab cakes are quite the speciality. The fried fish is the most unique and spectacular cuisine you would have ever tasted. Their timeless fame for being one of the most fabulous restaurants in the city guarantees that you will have a wonderful meal at their place!


Barbecue Nation

Grilled shrimp is the speciality of this restaurant. Barbeque Nation is one of the most famous restaurants all over India, and their quality of food is known far and wide. They offer takeaway too so that you can take some home for the family or more for you! Yes, you will love it that much!


China Pearl

This place is a classic sea-breeze style café offering rich and delicious cuisine. The interiors are warm and comfortable making the place all the more beguiling. The fried crab dumplings they serve are out of the world in taste. Their unique style stems from a marvellous blend of Chinese gastronomy and sea-food produce.


Mahesh Lunch Home

This place is widely famous for the tiger prawns they serve, not to mention the excellent prawn gassi and neerdosa. They have a wide variety of dishes all waiting for you to take a taste of it, so go right over and have your fill of some of the best sea food ever!



Their sunomono Salad, Nigiri, Salmon Teriyaki & Wasabi Ice-cream, Harima Platter, Shrimp tempura and gyoza are unbelievably mouth-watering. The very special Harima platter serves up to three people. This restaurant is also known to serve some of the best Sushi in Bangalore. If you stay in Bangalore or are visiting, eating at this place must surely be on your to-do list.



This restaurant is just the epitome of class. Every dish of theirs is a work of art and is simply heavenly in taste. The stunning food and interiors here will blow your mind away. Make sure to taste their sea food platter; it is entirely worth it.


The Fatty Bao

This place is located at 12th Main, Indiranagar. You will fall in love with this place at once! The interiors are plush with the authentic feel of the sea. The pork bao, oysters and soup filled prawn are blissful.


Smoke House Deli

The fish and chips, battered squid and squid rings are just finger lickinggood. The deli sits on 52,53 (Lavelle Road).Slowly cooked, tender meat bathed in a batter of spices and herbs, the fish and chips taste like heaven on your plate! The chefs are stunningly skilled and know how to work that fryer just like the Irish.


The Fisherman’s Wharf

This restaurant is situated at Survey No. 26, opposite Shubh Enclave, Haralur Road, Ambalipura Village, Varthur Hobli, off Sarjapur Road. The food here is particularly famed. Be it the barbeque fish or the crab curry, the place is always in demand.


Anupam’s Coast Ii Coast

If you are looking for a Hawaiian beach themed party place, this is the one. The refreshing aura and serene tranquillity of the place will take you to heaven and back. While you are here, do not leave without tasting their shrimp cocktail, it is marvellous.


Kudla Restaurant Airport Road

This deli sits at 198, BB Enclave, above Cafe Coffee Day and is undoubtedly one of the greatest restaurants in the city. Serving probably the most famous crab dishes in Bangalore, this place is known for its aromatic cuisine, which has a warm colour and succulent taste.


Banjara Melting Pot

All kinds of seafood are served here. You can find this upbeat, chic place at Plot No. 32, 80 Feet Main Rd, 4th Block, Koramangala. If you are on the hunt for a stylish and cool place to throw a party, Banjara is perfect for that too!


Sea Route Resto Bar

Just the sound of its name suggests that this place is hip and happening. Find them at No. 725, 1st Floor, MK Towers, Modi Hospital Road, Rajajinagar 1st Stage. Despite it being a bar, the place serves a wide variety of dishes.


Fnc Seafood

Dine on the best seafood in Bangalore at The Forum, The Transit, 2nd Floor, # 21, Hosur Road, Koramangala. You have found your ideal restaurant! Take the whole family here, and have a blast, eating some of the best food ever.