20 Places In Malviya Nagar, Delhi For An Inexplicable Gastronomic Experience

20 Places In Malviya Nagar, Delhi For An Inexplicable Gastronomic Experience

Around Malviya Nagar? Even if not, get yourself going to these places for the best of best experiences that too in your budget. Get delicious food for Rs. 500 for two (I’m not even kidding!). Malviya Nagar is the place that has something to offer to everyone. From kulchas, samosas, smoothies to pancakes, satisfy the cravings of your sweet tooth or for that matter the palate that needs something sour or chilly. You can get everything at this place that fortunately even won’t make you think twice before paying the check!

1. Liiti.in

Imagine getting Bihari food in the city! Oh yes, you can grab some of the most amazing dishes of this cuisine at Liiti.in, and the dishes are incredibly tasty. Give it a try yourself at shop 1- A, C-10, Ground Floor, Malviya Nagar. Choose Litti Choka, Kheer, Mutton Litti, Mutton Combo, Mutton Curry and their ever best Chai among others for Rs. 300 for two approximately.


2. Moti Sweets

No, I’m not just talking about the good old sweets that you can grab from this shop which has been there almost for over a decade, but grab quick bites from here which won’t disappoint you at all. Choose Gol Gappe, Jalebi, Rasmalai, Aloo Tikki, and Pav Bhaji amongst others for Rs. 100 for two approximately at C-5, Main Market, Malviya Nagar.


3. Vadapav Junction & More

Paneer Vadapav and Maggi Vadapav. Makes you think of the drastically strange combination, doesn’t it? Well, give it a try at the most affordable price along with their other serves like pasta, rolls, chaat, and the favourite Falafel Platter. Grab the quickies for Rs. 350 for two approximately at Shop 4, Main Market, Malviya Nagar.


4. Wow! Momo

How can we ever skip this place if we’re talking about places for a gastronomic experience! The heavenly place has finally come to this hub. Grab Momo Chaats, Momo Burger, Momo Sizzler, Tandoori Momo, and Chocolate Momo for Rs. 350 for two approximately at E-8/ 12, Malviya Nagar.


5. Rustom’s Café & Bakery

Well, I wouldn’t trade desserts for anything else in the world. If you agree too, get going at S-17, Khirkee Extension, Malviya Nagar. Grab Bun Maska, Omelette, Bombay Sandwich, Bhelpuri, and Coffee Cakes among other delicacies for Rs. 400 for two approximately.


6. Rollmaal

Delicious filling meals that have Kebabs, Parantha’s, Curry, and Rolls as the name suggests. Grab all kinds of amazing Rolls; Indianised and International at this one junction for Rs. 400 for two approximately at Shop 9, Corner Market, Malviya Nagar. Chug their Rollu’s Desi Remix along with the Vada Pav, Keema Pav, and Masala Fries that they offer.


7. Flavors Of Chennai

Family dinner or crazy dosa craving? Head to 6, Corner Market, Malviya Nagar for Tamarind Rice, Spring Dosa, Mini Idli’s, Rava Kesari, and of course the good old Filter Coffee for Rs. 400 for two approximately.


8. Pepper Kitchen

American and Italian cuisines? Yes, please! The Hardy Boy Burger, Desi French Fries, Spicy Chicken Sandwich, and my favourite Makhani Chicken Pizza among others that are truly heaven to taste. Grab the food for Rs. 400 for two approximately at C 51, Ground Floor, Main Market, Malviya Nagar.


9. Flavours Of Parantha

The sudden cravings of filling in those amazing paranthas can make me go crazy. Satisfy your craziness too, at Shivalik Road, Malviya Nagar for Rs. 350 for two approximately. Grab the Gobhi Parantha and Dal Makhani that are on top of my list.


10. Stop My Starvation

Do I even need to speak about the place? The name suggests it all. My favourite breakfast joint that serves the best of Nutella Heaven Pancakes & Raisin Waffles, and the unconventional Chicken Tikka Waffles for Rs. 400 for two approximately at C-10, Malviya Nagar.


11. Health Pan

The Pan stands for Pancakes, so let your dream come true and taste the most amazing pancakes without the fear of gaining those extra calories. Grab Banana Pancake, Paneer Parantha, and Egg Salad among others. Unfortunately, the place doesn’t offer to seat as of now, better off, get it delivered. Call on: +91 9711089550 for home- delivery. It costs Rs. 200 for two approximately.


12. Vero Gusto

Affordable health café with healthy and low-calorie choices. Health freaks, are you reading? Get Sprouts Rich Salad, Corn Cottage Sandwich, Soya Milkshake, Yogurt Smoothie, and their all time famous ice creams like Fruit Exotica, Roasted Almond Rock, and Cherry Jubilee among others for Rs. 250 for two approximately at Chota Gol Chakkar, Malviya Nagar.


13. Kulcha Guru

Taste the famous Amritsari kulchas at E-6/ 12, Malviya Nagar for Rs. 250 for two approximately. Grab their Aloo Pyaaz Wala and Pithi Wala Kulcha that are served with Amritsari Choley and Onion Chutney. Chaach goes along perfectly on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


14. Fun Bytes

Ultimate fast food craving fix. Get going for the Fun Chicken Burger, Paneer Lava Burger, and Fun Pasta among the others at E-6/ 12, Malviya Nagar for Rs. 250 for two approximately. If you live nearby, this place has to be visited for it marks the top place in my list. It won’t disappoint for sure!


15. Chill-E-Pepper

If you’re in the Main Market, Malviya Nagar, you can’t afford to skip on a joint like this. Head to Chill-E-Pepper for the most amazing Paneer Noodles, Chicken Tikka Egg Roll, and the ever famous Tandoori Momos. Visit Shop 7, Main Market, Malviya Nagar and grab the delicious food for Rs. 300 for two approximately.


16. Snacky Shaky

This joint makes the most lip-smacking Chicken Wings, and the best factor that puts this joint on the list is that it’s affordable. Get their super delicious burgers, wraps, and chicken burgers for Rs. 200 for two approximately. This has to be your hang out place, visit along with your vegetarian friends as well as they have a variety of dishes for vegetarians too. Head to E-2/ 16, Malviya Nagar now.


17. Samosa Station

Pasta Samosa, Peri – Peri Samosa, Cheese Samosa, and the Chocolate Samosa will win your heart only for Rs. 50 for two approximately! Now that is a deal. Grab the samosas at E-6/ 11-12, Malviya Nagar.


18. 33 Food

As they call themselves 33 Foods- Rishton Ki Nayi Shuruwaat, they serve the best quality Indian and Mughlai cuisines. Although the place only provides take-away and home delivery, they don’t fall short on the food. Get going at Shop No. 3, Tikona Park, Malviya Nagar for Rs. 500 for two approximately.


19. Mehfil Dhaba

Get their Dal Tadka, Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani, Chicken Bharta, and Paneer Parantha to have a filling meal only for Rs. 300 for two approximately. How can you deny such a combination of good food and affordable prices? Get going to, Main Market, Malviya Nagar.


20. Bhukkhar

Visit this place for Roast Chicken, Paneer Butter Masala, Soya Chaap, Dal Makhani, Paneer Momos, and Hakka Noodles. Grab the food for Rs. 500 for two approximately at T- 7A, Khirkee Extension, Malviya Nagar. They serve North Indian, Chinese, and Mughlai like a pro and will live up to the expectations.