Top 20 Places to Have Japanese Food in India


India has a style of food, which is different on its own level. There are quite a few restaurants in India that specialize in cuisines of other countries. One such cuisine is the Japanese cuisine.  The staple food of the Japanese is rice, and it is eaten with clear miso soup and pickles. The consumption of meat is very less in Japanese cuisine, but seafood is  consumed a lot.

1. T.K’s Oriental Grill, New Delhi

Located on the ground floor of Hyatt Regency in New Delhi provides a range of Japanese dishes. The must eat food here is the teppanyaki which is cooked in an iron plate. This dish in particular is prepared live in front of you. You can see the chef cooking your dish step by step and the relish the taste the moment it is served in front of you.


2. Dahlia Restaurant, Chennai

This restaurant is owned by an Indo-Japanese couple who serve highly authentic Japanese food. The ambience is good, and they are also extremely hospitable. The restaurant gives out a Tokyo vibe which along with the food completes the whole picture. The sushi, maki, and tempura(fried food) are to die for in this place. It certainly is a food heaven that you can’t miss out.


3. En- The Japanese Restaurant, Delhi

This place is authentic as authentic gets. It has got a complete Japanese feel to it the moment you enter the restaurant. The interior is decorated with Japanese artifacts and samurai costumes. The lighting is dim which is perfect while having dinner. This restaurant, located in an 100-year-old heritage building, with an impressive view of the Qutb Minar. The sushi and tempura are a must have here.


4. Benihana, New Delhi

A part of a chain restaurants that started in the United States of America. It is a recommended place for all Japanese food lovers. It has a lovely ambience and an everlasting impression. This restaurant has a Hibachi style of cooking, which is cooking in front of the guest.


5. Fuji Japanese Restaurant, New Delhi

A good  place if you’re a lover of exotic Japanese food and authenticity. This place has a Japanese style seating arrangement with decor that is similar to the traditional Japanese restaurants. There is a branch of this restaurant even in Chennai. The tempura is a must try. If you love raw fish, then the sushi is the thing you must try here. The Nigiri sushi platter is the best here.


6. Megu, New Delhi

This restaurant is located in the Leela Palace. It’s quite expensive, but it is certainly worth  going there. The staff are courteous which goes well with the ambience of the place. The sushi with the wasabi and the tempura here must be tried no matter what. A perfect place for a quite dinner.


7. Umame, Mumbai

Umame means pleasant savoury taste which is exactly what this restaurant offers. This restaurant offers more than just the Japanese cuisine; it also offers Thai, Chinese, Korean, and Asian. They have an extraordinary buffet which can satisfy the taste buds of the person eating the food here. The tofu and noodle soup are quite good here, as their tofu is made and not bought. A bit expensive, but nevertheless an experience worth having.


8. Kofuku, Mumbai

An authentic Japanese restaurant which has an amazing sashimi platter, where the perfectly cooked rice compliments the fish its being eaten with. This place is quite cheap compared to the other restaurants. The staff is very hospitable, and cheerful to the customers. The tempura and rolls are quite good.


9. Joss, Mumbai

This place has an outstanding ambience and decor. Many famous Indian celebrities frequently visit this restaurant. This restaurant has a perfect balance with all the cuisines and drinks that they serve. The big bang theory is a must try in this restaurant.


10. Harima Restaurant, Bangalore

One of the best authentic Japanese restaurants in town, with an ambiance and decor that gives you a Japanese feel. This place has reasonable prices, and they serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. It is very hard to find Japanese restaurants who have vegetarian dishes, but this place is an exception having an incredible vegetarian bento box at a decent price. This place may be hard to locate if it’s your first time visiting here, as is located behind an old building.


11. Guppy By Ai, New Delhi

One of the places in Delhi that serve authentic Japanese food with a certain modern flair. The decor and ambiance are quite different, the interiors filled with colors, that are calming and peaceful. They have a variety of dishes. The food is a little expensive, but completely worth it. The food served is based on what we like and they take consideration of our allergies and avoid using the ingredients that cause it.


12. Sushi And More, Mumbai

The sushi from this place is well known for its taste and presentation. The sushi here are combined with a bento box. This place is a takeaway restaurant, for those who are feeling too tired to go out and craving Japanese food what better place than this. The pricing for the sushi is quite cheap, and the sushi is certainly delicious.


13. Global Fusion, Mumbai

As the name suggests, this restaurant is a fusion of different cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, Asian, and North Indian. This place has mind blowing buffet options, and the sushi buffet is known to be the best. They also have it in vegetarian, which is not so bad itself. The staff is courteous and the ambience is perfect. This place is expensive, but worth it.


14. Momoyama Restaurant, Chennai

It is a quaint and small family run restaurant, with magnificent choices in seafood. The staff is courteous and the ambience is good. The prices are quite reasonable for a Japanese restaurant. This place is authentic ; that most of their customers turn out to be Japanese or Korean people. The sushi and ramen are a must try in this restaurant.


15. San-Qi, Mumbai

This restaurant is located in the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai. This place is quite expensive, but the great food that they serve makes it worth spending our money. They serve delicacies of different cuisines like Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and North Indian. They serve equally delicious desserts. They also have a teppanyaki grill, which serve mouth-watering Japanese food. The staff here is courteous. The ambience and decor are chic and elegant. A perfect place to have brunch.


16. Kuuraku Japanese Restaurant, Chennai

A restaurant that is a must visit, serves incredibly authentic Japanese food, which makes you feel like you are in Japan. It is part of a restaurant chain with locations like Japan, Canada, and Sri Lanka. The miso soup, dumplings, and the rice dishes are a must try in this restaurant. It is quite cheap for the tantalizing food that they serve.


17. Teppan- Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar, Chennai

This Japanese Grill and Bar is a small restaurant which serves mouth-watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Usually, Japanese restaurants have limited options for vegetarian, but this place is an exception. They have a long menu for the vegetarians. They have a teppanyaki grill, where the chef cooks in front of the guests and shows his amazing moves in cooking. The garlic fried rice is out of the world, and a definite must-have. It is a little expensive, but a must visit place in Chennai if you’re a Japanese food enthusiast. There is another branch opened in Bangalore, yet another place to enjoy the Japanese cuisine.


18. Shiro Restaurant, Bangalore

This restaurant has great food and equally great ambiance. The teppanyaki and the seafood here is amazingly delicious. The taste of the food here is quite exotic that will leave you wanting for more. Each dish has enough portions for you to eat. This place is quite expensive, but if you are willing to experiment your taste buds this is a place you must try. This restaurant is one of the finest Japanese restaurants in Bangalore.


19. Go Go Ramen, Chennai

It is a small shop located in Chennai that focuses on Japanese cuisine.  If you are a fan of ramen and meat-filled buns, then this is a place that you must visit. The ramen here is mouth-watering and served with a meat of your choice. This restaurant specializes in ramen, and it’s a destination for many ramen lovers. The dishes related to pork are a must have here. The rates here, are quite expensive, but the taste of this place makes you want to come back again and again. The staff here is courteous and welcoming.


20. AKI BAY, Chennai

A small restaurant amidst all the rush. This place serves Japanese food which is so tasty that it makes you come back for more. The interiors of the restaurant are filled with Japanese artworks, and Japanese comics in English. It’s a perfect place for people who love Japanese food, and everything and anything related to the Japan. The ramen of this restaurant are recommended by almost everyone who visits this place. The pricing is extremely on the light side making it an even more of a delight to visit again.

These places offer incredibly mouth watering dishes, that must be tasted no matter what. These restaurants also provide an opportunity to know more about the Japanese, their culture, lifestyle, and what they eat.