20 Places To Eat In Bir: Himachal Pradesh

20 Places To Eat In Bir Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a state of mountains, having a town named Bir. Bir is a center of ecotourism, spirituality, and meditation. Mountains, nature, and spirituality are a perfect combo for tourists to visit Bir during their vacation. And in the past few years, it has become pretty popular place among travelers and this has increased cafe culture in the town. As the cafe have increased, the options for eating have also increased for the tourists. Tasty food with scenic beauty is the best combination ever. And here we are mentioning the 20 places to eat in Bir, so that you can enjoy your stay to the fullest:

1.Ram Bahadur Cafe

This cafe provides the yummiest momos ever to its guests. There are all kinds of momos, like veg momo, chicken momo, mutton momo, and many more. And every momo has its fried and tandoori variant, also. Momos are not the end for this cafe, and it even offers the yummiest chutney with the momos and your meal gets sorted.

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2.Nyingma Restaurant

This restaurant serves various dishes, but its thukpa and momos are the bestsellers. Thukpa served here has pretty balanced flavors and is a perfect meal, as it is heavy too. Now, let’s talk about everyone’s favorite momos, so here, you’ll get steamed, fried, and pan-fried momos served with heavy, spicy garlic.

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3.Cafe Ilaka

It serves food, like shakes, pasta, pizza, and many more. It serves various shakes like peanut butter shakes, oreo shakes, etc. Along with food it gives a beautiful ambiance to the people to sit and enjoy their time. It is also economical for your pocket as its menu card has a very affordable price range.

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4.Paloma Bistro

So, this restaurant is a little expensive, but its food will not disappoint you. It serves cuisines like Italian and European along with shakes, salads, and soups. It gives you an open seating area on the terrace and a beautiful indoor seating area. So, overall, this restaurant has a beautiful ambiance to sit and chill.

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5.Garden Cafe

This cafe servesa variety of pancakes, shakes, pizzas, momos, and pasta. Its pancakes are the bestsellers and have the best flavor. With tasty food, it provides a beautiful ambiance for the people to eat and chill. As the name suggests, it has lovely greenery around it, which prevails peace in the environment.

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6.Vairagi Cafe

This cafe serves tasty food like pizza, pasta, North Indian food, etc. Along with your perfect meals, you can have snacks too. This place provides you with various snacks like sandwiches, hot dogs, pastries, etc. Here you’ll get both veg and non-veg food to eat.

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7.Suryansh Bhojanalay

This place serves vegetarian food in Himachali Thali. It is a restaurant for people who crave Indian flavours in the mountains. Its food drives you to the memory lane of your home. It has simple yet tasty food, which is also economical for your pocket.

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This place serves the delicacies of Bombay street food on mountains. You can experience Bombay at the heights of mountains. It serves vada pav, pav bhaji, samosa pav, and everything from Bombay. Here, artistic souls come to chill and soothe the environment. And here, you can feel peace because of the food and scenic beauty.

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9.Silver Linings

This cafe is the main attraction for artistic souls, digital nomads, and the local community. People come here to sit and chill. Here, people enjoy Banoffee Pie along with the coffee. It also offers other kinds of food to eat. It has a beautiful view of the mountains. Overall, it is an excellent place to eat and relax.

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10.Avva’s Cafe

It serves South Indian food in the mountains. It makes dosa, idli, sambhar, uttapam, and everything that belongs to the category of South Indian food. Its food is a little expensive, but every bite of food is worth your penny. You get to have your food with a beautiful view of fields and mountains. And your mind relaxes here.

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11.Glider’s Pizzeria

This place looks expensive but is very pocket-friendly. It serves Italian cuisine like pizza, pasta, etc., along with a variety of shakes and beverages. Whatever you like, you can have that here. As mentioned, it has a great ambiance to sit, eat and chill. People usually come here to enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountains.

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12.Ticksy Food Corner

It serves Continental and Italian Cuisines. People love its food and service. It has a beautiful ambiance to eat and chill. It also has a small gaming area where you can keep yourself entertained. It has everything that can make a cafe beautiful and playful. People enjoy coming and sitting here.

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13.99 Not Out

With this unique name, it serves North Indian Cuisine to the people. It makes delicious curry, which it serves with roti. It is a perfect place to have your dinner and is also pocket-friendly. It has a beautiful view to watch while having your food. And matar paneer and chicken curry are its bestsellers.

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14.Musafir Cafe

It serves Chinese cuisine with shakes and beverages. If you love Chinese, you should come here and try it. It has a very pocket-friendly menu card and a beautiful ambiance to enjoy your food. It has tasty food and excellent service to offer. People just love sitting and chilling here.

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15.The Northern Cafe

It is a tranquil cafe with a beautiful scenic view. Digital nomads love to do their work from here. This cafe serves North Indian food with a very peaceful ambiance. It has good lighting to capture photos. It provides you with indoor and outdoor seating areas. It is situated in a place where there are fewer travelers, so the site is very peaceful.

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16.June 16

It is surrounded by the travelers and is loved by the travelers for the Hot Chocolate that it serves. It serves many more things to the guests, like maggi, etc., but their shakes are popular among the people. It has a beautiful view for watch and have food. With the unique name, it also has tasty food to serve the people.

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17.Bombay Local

It serves all the Maharashtrian street food delicacies for the people to enjoy on the mountains. It serves vada pav, pav bhaji, cutting chai etc., It has a beautiful ambiance to sit and relax. Bombay flavors are served here with authenticity. If you’ll visit it, then you’ll love it.

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18.Kuckie’s Cafe

This cafe serves home-cooked food to the people, and this connects them with their homes with just one bite. Along with the food, it even has a home kind of interior, and it feels like you are entering the living room of your home. This perfect food and perfect ambiance are very pocket-friendly. And don’t forget about the view, because that is more beautiful.

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19.Ara Cafe

This cafe serves Indian and Italian Cuisines. It also serves soups, salads, and beverages. It is pocket-friendly and it has excellent service. It has a lovely ambiance and an open seating area. With an excellent view, it becomes a good cafe to sit, eat, and chill.

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20.Maggi And Chai

There are multiple places in Bir to have Maggi and chai. And each site has a different flavor of Maggi along with tea. You will get to eat a variety of Maggi, from plain to cheesy. And everybody knows that no Maggi can defeat the flavor of The Pahadon Wali Maggi. It is the best combination ever to taste.

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