Top 20 Street Food In Shillong

Top 20 Street Food In Shillong

Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, one of the seven sisters of East India. Shillong is a hill station that is quite a popular place among travelers. It has beautiful mountains, trees, forests, and people. Along with all this, it also serves tasty food to its guests. All these things are just enough to make your vacation perfectly enjoyable. Street food of Shillong is a topic of conversation among the people who visit it. So, here we are to give a glimpse of the famous mouth-watering street food of Shillong. Let’s have a look:


Almost everyone in our generation loves momos, and when you get that perfect flavor and chutney, you get the feeling of living in heaven. Every momo lover is a guise fan of chutney is served with the momo. And momos of Shillong meet all of your expectations, from the perfect momo layer to the perfect spicy-tangy chutney.


2.Shillong Aloo Muri

Aloo Muri is just like the bhel puri you eat, but with the surprise of the spicy potatoes. It is the most mouth-watering snack you’ll get at almost every turn of Shillong streets. This is the kind of snack that you can eat while walking and visiting other places very freely. Whenever you visit Shillong, just try this snack.

famous Bengali snack "Jhal Muri" is ready to eat.


These are basically fragmented soya beans eaten by the people of Shillong with roti or bread. But you can enjoy it as a meal also. It is very easily available on the streets of Shillong. It is one of the dishes from the Meghalaya cuisine. So, it is not only the staple food of Shillong, but also eaten in the whole Meghalaya.


4.Pu Tharo

This snack looks like idli or uttapam, but it tastes differently. So, it is also made up of rice but with a different method. It is first kept in an earthen dish, and it is baked. When it gets baked then, it is eaten with a spicy chutney. It is also a snack you’ll quicky get at every food stall in Shillong.



This snack is made of pork. It has lip-smacking flavors of local spices and juicy pork. It was initally a curry dish, but people frequently enjoy it at the food stalls in Shillong. If you are a pork lover, then this dish is definitely for you. Go to Shillong and enjoy it with your friends.



You all must-have eaten Jalebis. But these Jalebis taste differently in the cold weather of Shillong. This sweet dish connects Shillong with the other states of the country. Hot and crispy Jalebis are the must haves in the cold weather of Shillong. So, come to Shillong and enjoy jalebis with rabdi.


7.Pu Doh

So, this is a snack you’ll get at every food stall in Shillong. It is made up of soya beans with added local herbs. These are then slaughtered together on a pan, which makes the dish flavorful. It is a mouth-watering healthy snack that you can eat almost every day. As it is made up of soybeans, it is stomach-filling also.


8.Pani Puri

Yes, so you got water in your mouth just by reading Pani Puri. And this is so obvious, as this snack, is just so flavorful. Whenever you see a stall, you can’t even miss having it. You can never ignore this mouth-watering snack, because that just feels illegal. It is the only snack that has different flavor at every stall despite of the same recipe.



It is a flavorful snack of Shillong. It is rice drenched in the flavor of local spices. This dish even has pieces of pork in it. So, it is a non-vegetarian dish that brings water to your mouth while you watch it being served. Jadoh is the local dish of Shillong, so it is a must-try for you all.



This dish basically looks like sushi, but it is pork that is cooked with sesame and soy sauce. It is also the local dish of Shillong and can be found at every food stall on the streets of Shillong. It is very flavorful, and you’ll never want to miss that out.



It is a kind of snack that you can get everywhere in the parts of your state. But no Chowmein can defeat the taste of Chowmein you’ll have in Shillong, along with the view of the mountain and the cold weather. So, Chowmein is a must-try as it is tasty as well as stomach-filling.

Asian Chow Mein Noodles with Vegetables and Chopsticks

12.Chilly Pork

It is a kind of Indo-Chinese cuisine you will quicly get even in the other parts of Meghalaya. So, this dish is pork sauteed with vegetables and chillies. It is a spicy dish because the name itself says Chilly Pork. It is a lip-smacking dish which you’ll never wanna miss.



It is a sweet dish served on the food stalls of Shillong. It is basically sweetened bread with fermented rice on it. And it is not only the dish of Shillong, but a traditional sweet dish of the whole Meghalaya. So, whenever you crave something sweet in Shillong, you can easily find the sweet dish named Phuklein.


14.Smoked Meat

Smoked meats are not only popular in Shillong but are popular in every North-Eastern state of India. Since the weather is cold, the Smoked Meat gives a sense of warmth to the people who consume it. Every meat cooked with this method can be easily found in the food stalls on the streets of Shillong.

Smoked Meat

15.Phan Tungtap

It is a snack made up of boiled red potatoes and dried fish. It also consists of smoked meat and local spices. All this gives it a lip-smacking tangy flavor, which is loved by almost everyone who tries it. So, it can be your go-to snack whenever the hunger strikes.

Phan Tungtap

16.Pu Sla

It is also a kind of smoked meat served by Shillong to its guests. This snack of Shillong has such a strong aroma that you can smell it even from a distance and get water in your mouth. It is the most recommended snack in Shillong. You would be best if you try it with your family and friends.

Pu Sla

17.Pineapple And Other Seasonal Fruits

In Shillong, you will not only get the food stalls, but you will also find fruit stalls that will serve you seasonal fruits in various forms of salad, chaat, etc. So, Shillong is a place where you get to eat various snacks and dishes.

Pineapple And Other Seasonal Fruits

18.Sabudana Vada

It is another kind of snack you get at almost every food stall on Shillong Street. It is a vada made up of sabudana and gram flour with some local spices and chilies. It is very flavorful and has a great aroma that you can smell from a distance.

Sabudana Vada


It is made up of pork, onion and chilies and has a lip-smacking taste. It can be made by adding various vegetables according to the season and required taste. It snack is available at every food stall in Shillong. And its taste is unforgettable.


20.Nakham Bitchi

It is a type of soup consisting of fried fish and other vegetables. This is a thick soup that is made by boiling all ingredients together. It is consumed before meals by the locals as a light snack. You should try this dish whenever you plan to visit Shillong.

Nakham Bitchi