20 Places You Must Visit To Eat At In Jaipur!

20 Places You Must Visit To Eat At In Jaipur!


Sanjay Omelette

This restaurant owned by one of the former contestants of Master Chef India has been running for two decades now. They specialise in delicacies prepared with only eggs and eggs and more eggs. Be it a curry, or a simple omelette or rolls, everything has egg in it.  Don’t be mistaken that since the restaurant specialised in egg dishes they won’t have varieties. You will be surprised with the variety of flavours they have in their dishes. Obama Omelettes is something you definitely want to try while you’re here.


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The restaurant is known to be a quite famous one in the city. Be it the elegance in the decor or the romantic feel, this will be a refreshing place for you. It is somewhere where you want to enjoy a meal watching the sunset. The food served here is majorly Indian with certain Mughal Specialities. They serve food on silver crockery and cutlery, which defines the elegant royalty of the place. Also, their Laal Maans, the Rajasthani speciality, is quite amazing here. Other than that, try the Sula Biryani or the Jungli Maas is good.


Anokhi Cafe

This cafe is unique in its own way and a favourite for locals. If you want healthy food and a great time, then this bistro is just the place. The bread available here is freshly baked, and the dishes are cooked with ingredients grown organically on a local farm. Try the Khao Suey and the Coffee Cake here.


Laxmi Misthan Bhandar

A sweet shop in Johri Bazaar that serves some of the best local delights in the area. Not only will you find the infamous ghevar and milk cake here, but also the very famous Rajasthani Kachoris and Mirch Vada too. Also, it is a pure vegetarian place.


Tapri Central

This is a lively restaurant that attracts a lot of young crowds here. The restaurant is known for serving unique yet amazing food. The fusion food available here is reason enough for you to return here more than once. Be it the Cheese Phuchka or the Pesto Khakra Pizza, all the dishes are unique in every way possible. Surprise yourself with this one.


Brown Sugar

Prepare to be addicted! A chic and contemporary cafe, Brown Sugar serves amazing bakery products and great coffee. If you’re looking for a place for great finger food along with your friends, then this is an end to your search. Also, for all Nutella fanatics, they have something called Nutella Pancakes here which tastes just as amazing as it sounds!


Rawat Mishtan Bhandar

Another sweet shop, which is known for its sweets and snacks. What is tastier than the classic Rajasthani Pyaaz and Dal Kachori, which they serve here? Prepare to be blown away by the rich, powerful flavours of the food here.


Spice Court

The name is derived from the idea of having a courtyard in a restaurant or a restaurant in a courtyard. One of their specialities is the Jungli Maas, which is a preparation of mutton cooked with a lot of spices, which makes this dish an essential favourite. Also, the Keema Bati here is something you might want to try, which is a non-vegetarian substitution of the classic vegetarian dish Dal- Bati.


Dragon House

Dragon House serves the best of Asian delicacies in Jaipur. Be it Thai or Chinese, you’ll find it all here. The Salads and Dim Sums are quite talked about and are an absolute delight. So, if you’re looking for a change in palette for the North Indian food, then you must come here.


Jammie’s Kitchen

An ideal place for dinner if you’re looking for the best of seafood options in the city. It is highly recommended by the residents of the city and is quite the place for a lovely meal.



An iconic place of all meanings is what makes Niros a must visit for all. They serve a variety of food including Continental and Chinese as well as Indian. Also, their Rajasthani is quite recommended.


Little Italy

Little Italy has a huge fan following in the country and around. So if you want a break from the Indian cuisine into something Italian, then this is it!



This is some place you will definitely visit if you’re in Jaipur for the Lit Fest. The outdoor area has a great ambiance with candle lit tables and canopy shades.


Jaipur Modern Kitchen

Less of a restaurant and more of a cafe, but still is famous enough to be a great place for a meal. The garden is one of the reasons for its popularity.



This is a restaurant which has been open since 1979 and was once a part of the Ambassador Hotel. Now this restaurant may not be as fancy as the one that used to be in Delhi but still is quite loved by the residents of the city



The decor will interest you at the first go. It has a thatched like roof setting which will interest you. They serve some of the best Lal Maas in the city.



Peshawri aims at transporting you o the village of Punjab, serving authentic Punjabi food that will get you addicted to this place.



This is a restaurant which is part of the Jai Mahal Palace in Jaipur. Sit along the pool in this Italian restaurant, and the courtyard adorned with red bricks make this an amazing experience.


Mamu’s Infusion

This is a place which is very differently styled and is known for the amazing vegetarian delicacies they offer here.


Chokhi Dhani

Saving the best for the last indeed! Chokhi Dhani is a village themed park, which has a lot of enjoyable areas which are every interesting and reflect the essence of Rajasthani culture. Other than the magic shows, and the Kalbeliya dance and folk music, they even have a dinner area, where you can get the best of Rajasthani cuisine. And you’ll be fed until you’re about to burst.