Top 20 Best European Restaurants In Delhi



Olive Bar & Kitchen

It is a great place to have a nice and sophisticated lunch, out in the sun. Its head chef has returned from a long stay in London, and has definitely brought back its flavors. You can also have a sneak peak of Qutab Minar, and that adds to its beauty.



There is something about this place that is magical. It is located at ground floor. They have Spanish and Portuguese playlist playing. Their food has a hint of modern Europe. Also, they grow their vegetables locally, so they are always fresh and good.


Indigo Delicatessen

It has a colorful and cozy ambience, which adds to the already famous Cyber Hub in Gurgaon. It will be the experience of a lifetime to visit this place. They have unique combinations of food. They pay more attention to their seasonal food. This place takes the European dining to a whole new level.


Amour’s The Patio Restaurant, Cafe And Bar

It is located at Hauz Khas Village. It is famous for its Mediterranean food. The entire area has been further classified into three sections. The first section comprises wooden deck, with a view of lake and live kitchen. The second section is more like a private room for fine dining, and finally, the third section is of lounge, where you all can hang out with friends.



This place is winning hearts everywhere. As the name suggests, their ambiance is raw, made with wood. Also, you will be able to spot old aesthetic tribal type murals and some bamboo decoration. The sea food here is their USP, so do try some!


Lutyens Cocktail Bar

It’s a modern place with modern food. The menu has food from whole Europe rather than just sticking to UK. It is a nice place to hold business meetings. It is spacious and comprises  two parts: one area as a gentleman club and other being a restaurant They specialize in sea food.


Zu Tisch

It is a new place at M block market. It should be your go to place for European cuisine. Its menu boasts of sausages variety. They have so many of them and they specially import them from Germany. You can create your own platter of sausages.



You don’t usually see restaurants with an in-built garden for veggies and herbs, which you can tour. Yes, here at Pluck they provide you with such an opportunity and this is their biggest attraction. They have natural lights that adds to light green décor.


Elma’s Bakery

We all need some sweets to munch on after a fine meal. This place in Hauz Khas is famous for its sweet delicacies. They have English styled pastries and desserts. You can spend hours here, reading a good book and sipping on your high tea.


The Grill Room

It is at Lalit Hotel. They had always been particular about their Grill House. But since the owner’s son has taken control over the place, this place has been energized and freshened with some new ideas. They have a variety of steaks to choose from and are thus famous for it.


Uzzuri Deli And Bar

This place is away from all the hustle bustle and commotion of the city. It is an ideal place for people who are looking for some silent place to catch up with friends and colleagues. They have in their menu continental and European food. They have two sections, one on ground floor with natural light and the other on first floor with cocktail bar.


7 Degrees Brauhaus

It is located on Golf Road. It is a brewery with beautiful seating arrangement. They have expensive yet exquisite food. They have a separate smoking room. They cater to the high-class drinking and elite crowd.



Its ambiance speaks for itself. It has been beautifully decorated with multi-faceted creativity. Their superlatives flavours make us feel like as if we are in France itself. They have promising chefs as their team.



The Hungry Monkey

They have their tagline as ‘Eat.Drink.Play’. So they incorporated it in their ambiance. Their first floor consists of restaurant which caters to larger gatherings. Their second have cocktail bar and their third floor which is rooftop, gives you an amazing view of Deer Park.


Basil And Thyme

It has been started by a former Oberoi manager. It is situated at Santushti Complex, which was once a trendiest place in city. This place gives you authentic European food to relish.


Nostalgia At 1911 Brasserie

It’s an elegant French themed restaurant with 5 star hotel prices. They have established it at a historical room. They have some great and exquisite food to offer. Their wine selection is impressive.


Burbee’s Cafe And Diners

It has a friendly environment and service. Their food is unpretentious. They have delicious food. Their garlic sauteed pawns are a must have. It gives you a young-at-heart feel.


Cherie One Qutub

It is an ideal place for winter days. It is close to Qutub Minar and gives a peek of it. They serve Mediterranean food with some old school jazz music. This place is sheer beauty.


The Blue Door Cafe

It’s a decent place to have food. The food variety is more for non-vegetarians. They are famous for their breakfast section but the menu is limited. The prices are a bit high considering the place.



It is located in ITC Maurya. One should visit this place for their beauty of ambiance. The food served is totally worth your money and experience. They have some great wine selection.