20 Pocket-Friendly Foodie Places In Delhi!

20 Pocket-Friendly Foodie Places In Delhi



With a devoted fan base, no wonder even with the not-so fancy interiors and stylish decor, they are visibly crowded at most times. Their dishes like Saag Chicken, Chicken Pulao, Keema Kaleji, has sparked wonders for their customers and evolved into favourites.


Hunger Strike, Amar Colony

Amar Colony is the paradise for students with a tight budget yet a huge appetite. From biryani to kulfi to momos, you’d almost get anything here and especially with the area having multiple PGs; this market is a major attraction for youngsters. The one thing you must try here at Hunger Strike are the Tandoori momos.




Situated in the ever-busy locality, Satya Niketan Market is a one-stop destination for people seeking out the luxury of quality restaurants yet are tight on a budget. The Satyaniketan market is full of restaurants, QD’s being one of them. Their tandoori momos are one of the reasons why the restaurant is such a loved one amongst most. So, while you’re there do not forget to try them along with Crispy Chilly Potatoes.


The Big Yellow Door

Located in the North campus, it is the only place which gives you the luxury of a great ambience, chic decor, and finger licking food. They offer the best comfort food at a minimal price and are open 15 hours a day. A taste of their baked cheese nachos will keep on bringing you back. They have another outlet near South Campus too!



Inarguably, this place serves the best of Shawarma in the city. The first of Al-Bake’s was in New Friend’s Colony which has since then opened various outlets all over the city. It is clearly the reigning King of Shawarma.


Paranthe Wali Gully

The essence of Delhi is incomplete without Paranthe wali gully, of course. The gully sells the best paranthas, every known to man. With more varieties than fingers can count, they are a part of Delhi’s true essence.



It’s hard to miss this one if you’re in Green Park Market. Undoubtedly with the largest storefront, Evergreen is one of most famous sweet shops in Delhi with a restaurant on top. But if you’re looking for a quick snack, the dhoklas are the best!


Food Trucks, Gurgaon Sector 29

Those of us who have grown up watching English shows and desiring food trucks in the city, it is finally here. In Gurgaon -Sector 29, you’ll find a street full of food trucks serving a variety of finger food and snacks. These trucks have since then been fulfilling many dreams of today’s youngsters!


Saravana Bhavan

It is a popular hotel,for anyone who wants to taste some authentic South Indian cuisine. From traditional meals to regular dosa and idli, they serve everything with an objective of satisfying your taste buds. Saravana Bhavan is a global chain!


Rigo Restaurant

This restaurant in Majnu ka Tila tucked away in a comfortable area in the Tibetan Market is where you want to go to taste the best of Tibet! Due to its popularity, it is the busiest restaurant in Majnu Ka Tila. The top of this restaurant is that their scrumptious dishes comes at a nominal cost.


Indian Coffee House

The Indian Coffee House is one of those legendary places one has to visit! With the other famous coffee houses being in Kolkata and Trivandrum, barely people know of this beauty! On the second floor of Mohan Singh Palace, this is one of those feel- good places which gives you once in a lifetime experience. Adding to the culinary achievements of the Coffee House, their mutton dosa is remarkably out of the world!



Bringing our commonly used lingo – BTW as a food destination is ground-breaking on its own. The place with its unique name has since then gone on to become one of the favourites. With outlets all over, this is the place for tikkis, raj kachori, etc.


Dilli Haat

This place is the perfect destination if you’re in a group and looking for multiple cuisines at the same time. A haat for national integration of sorts has stalls from almost all part of the country which provides authentic food of their regions. While some might be more expensive than the others, most of them are affordable for the food of such quality.


Andhra Bhavan

If you are craving for some good Andhra food, then this is the apt place to gorge on to some delicious delicacies of Andhra Pradesh. The fact that this restaurant provides multiple servings at just the price of one probably attracts people from all over the city.


Chole Kulche

Now there may not be one place to have these or even a restaurant, but you know you’re in Delhi when you have Chole Kulche at any of the stalls. At a meagre amount of Rs 20, you’ll get a plate full of feel-good food. Especially on a small budget, a lot of us resort to these for meals.


Sita Ram Diwan Chand

This is the only place where people from all over the city visit for breakfast. They have a limited menu and it runs out quickly. There can be no better place to satisfy your Chhole Bhature cravings.


Kulcha King

Inarguably the most famous place in Delhi for a long time has been the Sarojini Market. The Kulcha King’s located very near to the Sarojini Market have been feeding hungry shoppers since time immemorial. Their shop has barely any seating arrangement, but that doesn’t stop the ongoing rush at this store.


Kolkata Biryani House

The Kolkata Biryani House right in the middle of CR Park put all biryani monger’s hunger at rest. The answer to the lust for potato ends here! So if you’re in the mood for some authentic Bengali Biryani, there is no place better than Kolkata Biryani House.


Ustaad Moin Uddin’s Kebab

Within a stone’s throw of Chawri Bazaar metro station, this is the place to turn to for the city’s best and finest beef seekh kebab. For INR 7 per piece, this place is a treasure trove for all gourmands.


Al-Rashida Galawati Kabab

Delhi being the National Capital has cuisines from all regions of the nation. So if you have a craving for the best Lucknowi Galawati Kabab, this is the place to be! And at only INR 8 per piece, you’ll get the mouth melting beef kebabs. Al Rashida’s Galawati Kabab is no less of a hidden gem!