The Secret Guide To Bangalores Chaat Shops

secret guide to Bangalore chat shops.


Rakesh Kumar Pani Puri Stall (Jayanagar)

Located on the third block of Jayanagar, this place redefines the taste of chat, and takes it to a whole new level of taste. Dishing out savory treats, this joint will make you come wanting more even if you aren’t a fan of chat! Apart from its delicious GolGappa, the aloo chat, and DahiPuri are utterly scrumptious as well!


Tikki Tikki (Koramangala)

This chat corner is particularly famed for its TikkiPuri, a prized street food of Bangalore. Also, the chocolate tikki, mudpietikki, masala tikki, and paneer tikki are must-eats here.


Chatar Patar (Jayanagar)

As you pay a visit to the Rakesh Kumar Pani Puri Stall, be sure to make your way to Chatar Patar as well. Make sure that you’ve got ample room in your belly, because the range of food to choose from is enormous!


Sahi Darbar (Yeshawantpur)

Widely famous for its exceptional rolls is the Sahi Darbar, located beside the M.S. Ramiah ground in Mathikere, Yeshwantpur. Insanely underpriced and delectable, the double paneer roll, double egg chicken roll and simplest veg roll here are out of the world!


Spicy Corner (Jeevanebheema Nagar)

Spice is the name here and rightly so! The spicy hot TavaParatha, savdahiPuri, Baby corn manchurian, gobi chilli and much more are sure to blow your mind away and leave your taste buds tingling for more!


Hari’s Sandwich Zone (Jayanagar)

If you haven’t heard it before, try it now. The chocolate sandwich is every foodie’s dream come true and yes, it does taste as blissful as it sounds! Highly affordable, a vast variety of mouthwatering sandwiches are served here along with a variety of chats!



If you are looking for the best chaat in Bangalore, you need not look any further. Everything here is authentic. Right from their little plates to the actual food, this place harnesses the perfect atmosphere for a delightful evening!



Karthik Mithai Shop

This place has everything from Dahi Puri to golgappas. The ambience, in particular, is phenomenal. After a long day, this place is a total stress reliever. Spend your night trying out the most succulent chaat varieties in this joint.


Sri Sai Ram’s Chaat And Juice

Are you a lover of chat items? Then this is the perfect destination to excite your taste buds! The service is outstanding and one plate of Pani Puri or Dahi Puri will just be not enough for you. Also the price is very economic and won’t burn your pockets.



Grab any chaat of your desire here! Be it the delicious dahi poori or the golden brown pav bhaji, they have every single type of chaat here for you! At insanely affordable prices, you can try a minimum of three to four chaats and have a full belly at the end of the night.


Karnataka Bhel House

This joint sits on Uma Theatre road. From AlooDahiPuri to SevPoori, they have everything here. Enjoy a beautiful sunset here as you eat some of the best chaat ever. This place is just right for a fun evening with your friends or your family. Also, it is pocket-friendly so don’t fret about the bill!


Dadar Vada Paav

Located in Indiranagar, this shop serves some of the yummy vada paav ever in the city! The food here is tremendously delicious and is a must-try if you are in Bangalore. The veg tikki vada pav is quite the specialty here, but they serve other dishes too including a variety of burgers and sandwiches.


Gullu’S Chaat

Gullu’s is a flush and vibrant little joint in the heart of Bangalore inviting passerbys in with its tempting aroma and brilliant display of varieties of chaat. Lip-smacking tastes and rich Indian heritage are exhibited here in their traditional way of preparation.


Murli (Chaat House)

This is as good as chaat gets ever! Succulent chloe tossed with the most aromatic spices and curries make the dish impossible to resist! They serve the chaat in adequate amounts and affordable prices enabling you to try a good number of their many varieties.


Dial A Chaat

The dishes served here are as unique as the name exemplifying the irresistible taste for the food! If you can’t put your finger on what you want, the Litchi PaniPuri, Tasty twister chat, Khatta Meetha Gapagap, Chowpati Pav Bhaji and Ahmedabad dabeli are your best choices to make you come back for more!


Shub’s Sweets

Aloo Tikki chaat, DahiPuri, Masala puri, Pani Puri, Pav Bhaji, Dahivada, pakora, Papri Chaat, samosa chat, you name it, and they have got it. Artfully garnished, this little joint brings every chaat lovers’ fantasy to life.



If you are in Bangalore and looking for typical desi flavors, you’ve got to try chaat at Bansuri. Every shopkeeper in the area orders their evening snacks from them and the shop is packed with eager customers waiting to taste the chaat.


Maheswari Chaat Waala

This chaat shop offers the luxury of a vast variety of options to choose from. The place is without a doubt, hygienic and the atmosphere is lively. Do try their VadaPav. It is singularly tasty. A juice shop opposite to this stall offers good refreshment as well.


Shiva’s Chaats

Shiva’s chaat shop is quite unlike the usual street joints we see, but a complete expert diner that serves Chaat in a very hygienic setting. They prepare everything from the PaniPuri sauce in mineral water and display unique varieties of chaat.


Anand’s Chaat House

This chat place is simply exquisite in its service and food. They serve fresh gastronomy in a rustic style. While you are here, you should try out their very special fruit chaat as well. Apart from this, they also serve delectable golgappas, samosa, Kachori, Tikki, Bhalla, Pav Bhaji and more!