20 Restaurants That Can Deliver Lunch To Your Office In Kolkata


Bored of eating the same lunch every day at your workplace? Worry not as here we provide you with a list of 20 restaurants that deliver lunch in your office to satisfy your taste buds!

When your work gets tedious, what better way to make yourself feel better by ordering some delicious food to satisfy your hunger cravings? Choose from this list and grab some mouth-watering delicacies in your office next time for a wholesome lunch.

1. Arsalan

Arsalan has been serving the people of the city of joy since 2002 and has made its own mark. Arsalan offers a plethora of Mughlai dishes from a range of Biryanis, Rotis, Tandoors and Kababs. If you are a lover of authentic Mughlai cuisine, this place should be on your next list. No other place can match the Biryani this place serves. So, what are you waiting for? Order some lip-smacking Biryani and enjoy with your office-mates.


2. Charcoal Grill

 Located near Park Circus flyover, this place is perfect for you when you’re running low on budget. This place is known for seafood at it’s best! Along with that, this restaurant offers Chinese and North Indian too. Don’t forget to order its specialities, ‘Stuffed Squid Tandoori’, which has a perfect blend of spice and subtle taste.


3. Chatar Patar

In a mood of street food while in office? Chatar Patar has a huge range of street foods from Burger, Sandwich, Puchka Maggi, Chole Chaat, Garlic Chatizza, etc. This place is a paradise for those who love to have street food. What better than having it at your own office?


4. Mission Cafe

The amazing Chola Bhatura in this cafe is a perfect desi meal that will satisfy all your cravings. This place is a must-visit for all vegetarian lovers. A pocket-friendly place with a variety of foods from South Indian to North Indian and Chinese, this place is definitely a treat for all office workers.



This little eatery is a hidden gem located near Metro Plaza. Momo lovers can satisfy their taste buds by ordering one from this place which is famous for Chinese food.  This pocket-friendly place won’t burn a hole in your pocket and would offer you delicious dishes like Chilli Fish, Szechuan Prawn and Mixed Hakka Noodles.


6.Kasturi Restaurant

The Bengali and Bangladeshi cuisine will make you drool over the authentic dishes all over again. The perfect combination of Dhaka cuisine with Bengali flavours will make you order again from this place. Bengali food is at its best in this place. Don’t miss dishes like Moong daal, Mutton Dak Bungalow, Kadai Bhetki Bhapa and Bhetki Kalia which will satisfy your taste buds.


7.Golden Spoon

This is a small and cozy eatery with a lip-smacking taste and wide varieties of food. The place offers one of the best rolls in Kolkata. The chicken double egg rolls will be totally worth your money. The rolls and other dishes like Biryani, Red Pepper Chicken, and Fried Rice will also make a great option for your office lunch!


8.Spaghetti Kitchen

When in the mood for an Italian brunch in a workplace, look no further and order the perfect Italian food from Spaghetti Kitchen. Though it’s a little pricey, the European dishes here are totally worth every penny. The Risotto, Pasta and yummy Pizza will make you want for more.


9.Govinda Restaurant

Love veg delicacies and wanna have Jain food?  Then this is just the right place for your next brunch. Govinda Restaurant offers the yummiest foods without onions and garlic. Every veg lover should try out their North Indian platter, Veg Biryani, and Aloo Dum.


10.Ma Ma Lebanese

Lebanese food is the best to have when you’re in the office or home. Most dishes from this healthy cuisine would ensure that your body doesn’t heat up too much. Don’t miss the main item- Chicken Shawarma which has the perfect tinge of sweetness for your sweet tooth.


11.Crystal Chimney

Treat yourself with some mouth-watering Chinese and Tibetan dishes. Located near the office area in Chandni Chowk, this place has a lot to offer. You’ll be surprised by the quantity of food they offer. Chilli Garlic Chicken Rice, Lapchi Kai Chicken and Crystal Chimney Special Soup are some of the dishes you cannot afford to miss.



Amber was ruling the scene of North Indian cuisine since the 1970s in the city of joy. The prices are a bit high here, but it’s worth splurging on The kebabs along with the Paneer Pakora are worth spending a few bucks! Another dish that stands tall amongst all is “Fish Liver Gin” which is mouth-watering and class apart.


13.Bon Appetit

Because there is always room for desserts! For those longing for desserts in office, this place is the perfect one for you. You will get fascinated with this place’s special and famous dessert, ‘ Chocolate Avalanche’.  Try and order it yourself to know more!


14.Red Express

Look no further other than this place if you intend to enjoy a satisfying meal. Located in the IT hub of Kolkata in Salt lake Sector -V, this place is the best to order from if you are a die-hard lover of Chinese cuisine.


15.Anarkali Restaurant

The Tandoori Chicken and Biryani of this place will make you drool over it. It has smoking Hot Chicken Masala with creamy and spicy gravy full of flavours. What better than having this at your office? This place has varieties of Chicken dishes which are good in quantity and taste.


16.Pou Hing

This restaurant is probably one of the best pocket-friendly restaurants which serve delicious Chinese and Seafood at reasonable rates. Some of the dishes that will blow your mind with its lip-smacking taste are Chicken Volcano, Singapore Fried Rice and Drinking Wings. Make sure you try this masterpiece from this restaurant.


17.Jabbr Afghani

This place is well reputed and best known for Rolls, which is loved by everyone who lives in Calcutta. Grab a bite of this mouth-watering food filled delicious filling which will be worth your every penny. Every kind of roll is bound to mesmerize you with its yummy taste.


18.BB’s Restaurant

The prices are a bit pricey here, but it’s worth it because of the quality of food which is up to standard. Located beside the IBM hub of salt lake sector 5, this restaurant is perfect when there is a party in your office.


19.Madras Tiffin

Though this restaurant is a must- visit for every South Indian lovers, yet this place has a lot to offer from authentic dishes to yummy Dosas. This place is a saviour for South Indians and for those who want to have a fulfilling meal at a low price. Like who in the right frame of mind would have imagined Dosas at just Rs 40 in today’s world?



 This place is highly recommended when you just want to have casual dining or North Indian and Chinese. Most famous and drool-worthy dish in this restaurant goes to Biryani. This place is also known for Kababs. Nevertheless- Chicken Rezala and Mutton Biryani are the top picks from here