20 Unusual Cafes Around The Country


1.Hijack Cafe, Ahmedabad

Every wished your meal would be served to you while sightseeing? Well, Hijack Cafe would make this wish come true. A unique venture started by the Moist Clay Media takes you through the streets of Ahmadabad while you are slurping on the yummy food. This tour on the double-decker bus lasts about an hour or two. They serve authentic Chinese and Indian delicacies. Sounds Exciting, doesn’t it?


2.Dialogues in the Dark, Hyderabad

Well, we all enjoy a romantic candle light dinner but have you ever thought of having your food in a total blackout. As exciting as it sounds, these 45 minutes will surely be a spine chilling experience for you. Here at Dialogue In Darkness, you just don’t see your food but you experience what you are having. The menu offers low-priced meal, mid prices and the full deal. The food served here is mostly North Indian and totally satisfying.


3.Tihar Food Court, Delhi

Tihar Food court is a praise worthy effort by the largest prison in South-Asia to rehabilitate the convicts. The food court was set-up just to make the convicts re-enter the society after a tough life in prison. The food court consists of approximately seven people and a constable manager. It serves vegetarian food. The place is still seeking approval from the government so they don’t have their fully functional kitchen. The food you have here comes from the Tihar Prison Canteen


4.Veli Lake Floating Restaurant, Trivandrum

In the midst the wonderful lakes and beaches of Kerala is this amazing yet unique restaurant. The restaurant is located in the village establishes by the local residents. Cross the floating bridges to enter into the mystical aura of the floating restaurant. The food here has the authentic flavours and is made by the local produce.


5.The Bar Stock Exchange, Mumbai

As the name suggests the bar is the based on the simple idea of a real time stock market. The unique thing about this pub is that the prices of drinks rise or fall based on the popularity of the drinks ordered. As the bar opens or at the zero-hour the prices will be very less but as soon as the demand increases, the drinks would be a lot more expensive or cost you few pennies.


6.70 mm, Hyderabad

Aren’t we all huge movie buffs who can’t live without some Bollywood Tadka in our life? Well, the 70 mm at Hyderabad is a place for all the movie-enthusiasts out there. With the iconic movie posters immortalised on the walls and a run-a-thon of the Classic Bollywood movies, 70mm is the spot for you. Enjoy your crazy love for Bollywood with relishing Indian and Continental delicacies.


7.Social Offline, Delhi

Social offline is an urban hangout with a unique ambience and a bit of a Desi Twist. The café has a terrace seating and also anindoor one. The place is an experience in itself from the menu’s to the serving, to the presentation to the seating is just a mix of Desi+ Vedesi which you will definitely love. The food here is amazing. Order anything and wait for the funky twist you’ll get served on your plate. Social is an experience in itself the place which tried to connect you even when you are offline


8.Poush, Mumbai

Located in Mumbai, Poush gives you quite a Kashmiri experience in the ambience and the food. The ambience is so designed to give you the feel of a boat style setting, the curtain adds to the royal look and to make the place just as Kashmir the place is made so cold that you cover yourself with a warm cozy blanket. The food here is authentic and has the flavours of Kashmiri cuisine.


9.Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

Ever thought of getting arrested and being served in a prison, well Kaidi kitchen will give you an experience of a lifetime. As you enter, you are given the feel that you are handcuffed and all the staff around is dressed as jailer and inmates. You can enjoy the vegetarian food from plenty of cuisines to choose from, be it Thai, Mexican, Indian or Italian. If you want you can even dress as a convict and enjoy the time here.


10.UFO Revolving Restaurant, Mumbai

Aren’t we all obsessed with crop circles, Aliens and UFO’s? Well, this eatery in Mumbai will give you the feel of a journey in the UFO. The Blue &White lights add to the aura of the place, giving you the feel of a sci-fi movie. Well, the ambience will definitely give you the feel of the of a UFO but the food will bring you back to your home. You can choose from variety of cuisines like Continental, Indian and Oriental Cuisine and to add to your whole experience order drinks which are crafted to give you an exquisite experience.


11.The Black Pearl, Bangalore

Since childhood, we have once wished to be a pirate and Captain Jack Sparrow was one of the favourite ones. The Black pearl has been specially designed to give you the feel of the pirate ship, the wooden decks, skeletons, Pirates with eye patches and what not. This one must be on the list you are a fan of Captain Jack Sparrow. What’s better than a pirate themed eatery where you can enjoy the Caribbean and the Continental cuisine?


12.The Hive – Khar Mumbai

The Hive- enjoy your cup of coffee and work together. The Hive Khar provides a platform for the amateur artists’ as it is more like a studio-cafe collaboration. The Hive has a performance area, recording studio and co-working offices. There have many session and workshops for freelancers such as poetry competitions, stand-up comedy even an open mic. The cafe here provides you flair of homemade food – meals, cakes and bake with fresh ingredients from the trusted and standardized vendors.


13.Mrs Magpie-Lake Terrace Road, Kolkata

Remember the story where the lady has her whole house made out of all baked and yummy treats? Well, Mrs Magpie will give the exact same feel. You will find yourself in a doll’s house like settings where you can enjoy cupcakes, baked treats and it probably won’t dig a hole in your pocket. Mrs Magpie is the fantasy world serving the food to satisfy your sugar craving.


14.Ciclo Cafe, Chennai

This cafe just inspires you to ‘Go Green’. Ciclo is a uniquely themed cafe with a decor customized to go with the theme. From tables to wall art or even the Chandelier is made out of bicycle parts. This place will take you down the memory lane didn’t we all wanted to own a bicycle when we were small which are now replace with fancy bikes and cars. Our pick is Pizza Verdure and Salted Caramel Cheese Cake. No words!


15.Seva Cafe, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Based on the mantra of “Peer to peer” benevolence, Seva Cafe is a place where you don’t pay for your meal, but the one that will come after you. They have a menu designed where there are no prices written against the dishes and when the cheque arrives it reads zero you can actually donate as much you like. The menu serves five vegetarian food items, which change every day. They offer Continental and North Indian cuisines. We loved their Paneer Tikka, Chaat and Chole Bhatura.


16.Gufa Bangalore

As the name suggests, this cage is themed more or less like a cave. Even the costumes of the restaurant staff sticks to the theme and will surely grab your attention. This place will feel like an escape from the city lights and noise. This jungle themed restaurant serves Afghani and Peshawari stylized food that will definitely satisfy your taste buds. The food fits right in your budget. Do visit for the experience.


17.Hoppipola- Todi Mills / Khar/ Powai, Mumbai

Still remember when we were young and doodled anywhere we liked and got scolded. Hoppipola just lets you relive those childhood memories again. Here you can play with you food and drinks and doodle on your table, which is actually a chalkboard. This cafe even has some adrenaline pumping competition from time to time such as chuggathons. Enjoy  while playing Taboo, Connect 4, Jenga or Uno. The colorful, adorable setting and food will definitely keep you coming back for more.


18.Rainforest Restaurant, Adyar, Chennai

We all wanted to live like Tarzan, didn’t we? How he lived and what he ate. Rainforest Restaurant will give you a feel that you are living in the forest. Fine Dining with a variety of cuisines- North Indian, Continental or Chinese and their Biriyani will definitely leave you speechless- Taste that satisfies all your senses. The ambience will take you to the Amazon jungles with waterfalls, robotic insects and animal. If you are into different dining experience this place is a must visit.


19.Leaping Windows Andheri, Mumbai

Comics are the things of the past and the 90’s kids will surely remember the excitement of reading the monthly or the fortnightly comics. Leaping window will take you back in time, although the comic books are online but this place will seriously satisfy your love for the book and obviously the food. The cafe is run by three partners and is inspired by a Japanese Cafe. Try their Chickenator Sandwich with a yummy Shake and a comic to go.


20.Chor Bizarre, Delhi

A famous concept in India is the ‘Market of Thieves’ or the Chor Bazaar, the place where the rate of the things is surprisingly quiet pocket-friendly. This eatery in the national capital region has taken this experience and transformed it into one the decor the aura here will give you that feel. An old vintage car with loads of valuable is the focal point of this place. The eatery is very popular among the Delhiites. Enjoy the authentic flavours of Kashmir and we recommend you to try their ‘Aloo Bukhara.’

There are few cafes which need the honorable mentions-Cross Cafe, Mumbai, New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmadabad, Firangi Dhaba, Mumbai. Have we missed any interesting ones?