20 Sandwiches Around Mumbai To Tingle Your Taste Buds

20 Sandwiches Around Mumbai To Tingle Your Taste Buds

1. Chocolate Sandwich

This delicacy, now a popular option at most street stalls, is a perfect pick for your sweet tooth. The toast sandwich is generously filled with piping hot chocolate sauce. The sandwich is garnished with grated chocolate spirals instead of cheese. A perfect pick on a gloomy day when you need the comfort of hot chocolate to boost the dopamine levels. Gupta Sandwich stall in Matunga East has some great chocolate sandwiches.


2. Sev Puri Sandwich

This sandwich was created for those indecisive minds who spent hours contemplating whether they should grab a warm toast sandwich or indulge in some street side chaat. The Sevpuri Sandwich, an amalgam of the famous chaat dish and the regular sandwich comes to the rescue. The filling (or in some cases the topping) of this sandwich includes the crispy puri’s laid out on bread, served with aloo, onion, tomato, chutneys, and sev on top. Served with chutneys and sauce, this sandwich brings the best of both worlds together on one platter.

sevpuri-sandwich   3. Spinach And Corn Sandwich

Displayed in the glass shelf at the nearby Café Coffee Day, this sandwich succeeds in getting that fussy kid who hates spinach, to relish the veggie they loathe. A scrumptious mix of blanched spinach, corn, and a generous amount of cheese loaded with spices stuffed in a French loaf makes this sandwich look desirable.


4. Bombay Masala Toast

How could one miss out the classic masala toast served at almost every street-side stall beside your workplace? The mashed potatoes cooked with the essential Indian spices serve as the basic filling in this sandwich. Often, the potato masala is clubbed with sliced onion, tomatoes, beetroots, and other raw veggies, making it a filling meal.


5. Noodle Sandwich

This sandwich is served in various forms at various stalls. While some choose to make the stuffing using our favorite Maggi noodles, some others opt for a variety of other combinations of sauces and noodles. The sandwich stall near St. Xavier’s College prepares the sandwich by cooking boiled noodles in a mixture of Schezwan, tomato, and other sauces. Toasted with a cheese slice, the sandwich is served along with chutney, tomato ketchup, and a garnish of sev on top.


6. Veggie Patty Subway Sandwich

Subway outlets are a sought-after brand in Mumbai for their appetizing sandwiches. The veggie patty includes aloo patties in the subway loaf coupled with olives, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a variety of sauces. The best part about ordering a subway is that you get to choose what kind of mayo, what sauces and which particular veggies you’d like to eat in your sandwich!!


7. Grilled Sandwich

With a variety of filling options, the grilled sandwich is a popular lunch option. Often made with three humongous triangular bread slices, the sandwich is grilled and skilfully coupled with a raw beetroot and cabbage salad. The usual stuffing includes slices of uncooked vegetable slices and sprinkled with salt and pepper. And not to forget, grilled sandwiches are almost always given with generous amounts of grated cheese sprinkled on top.


8. Chilli Cheese Toast

The Chilli Cheese Toast is served either as a toasted sandwich or an open sandwich. True to its name, the sandwich includes a variety of bell peppers mixed with cheese, oregano and chilli flakes. The sandwich is topped with a tower of grated cheese and is usually served with chutney and tomato ketchup.


 9. Melting Cheese Grilled Sandwich

The Melting Cheese Grilled Sandwich at Om Snacks in Chakala is sure to make your tastebuds swoon with delight. The gorgeous blend of molten cheese and chili flakes on the sandwich melts in your mouth at the first bite. One sandwich serves as a heavy meal and keeps the hunger satiated.


10. Manchurian Sandwich

A specialty at the sandwich stall near St. Xavier’s college Mumbai, this sandwich includes dry Manchurian balls sautéed in butter, Schezwan sauce, and tomato ketchup. With the cheese added to it, this sandwich is sure to please your taste buds as you chew on those Manchurian pieces. You can also add crunchy sev to the sandwich for an enhanced taste.


11. Chicken Sandwich At Candies

A popular amongst the Bandra College students, the chicken sandwich in Candies gets sold out quickly. Often served with potato chips, the sandwich is a good option for a quick bite at a lunch break for students on a limited budget.


12. Paneer Schezwan Sandwich

Another specialty of the Sandwich corner near St. Xavier’s college, this sandwich comes with diced paneer cooked in a variety of Chinese sauces and cheese. Once cooked on the pan, the contents are transferred on a bread slice, covered with extra cheese and toasted. The aroma of this very sandwich will make your hunger pangs increase and act as a magnet to draw you to the stall.


13. Samosa Cheese Toast

The Samosa cheese toast at Raju Sandwich near Churchgate station is that Punjabi Dhamaka sandwich. Stuffed with a hot Punjabi samosa and ample amount of cheese, the toast sandwich is prepared and is served with tomato ketchup, green mint chutney, and a red chilli chutney.


14. Pasta Sandwich

Another delicacy served at Raju Sandwich is the Pasta Sandwich. First, the boiled pasta is cooked in a mixture of cheese, sauces, and essential spices. The hot pasta doesn’t contain itself and tends overflow out of the bread, making it even more tempting to devour.


15. Chutney Cheese Sandwich

On days when the tummy demands some yummy yet simple food, the chutney cheese sandwich is a sought-after option. With cheese sandwiched between two chutney filled bread slices, the sandwich acts as a light snack. This sandwich is available at every stall in Mumbai.


16. Russian Sandwich

A generous mix of veggies and cheese, filled between giant bread slices, this is another specialty that Raju Sandwich serves out on a platter. Served with chilli chutney and ketchup, this spicy mix awakens the taste buds.


17. Paneer Tikka Sandwich

A favourite amongst the Subway goers, the Paneer Tikka Subway includes fiery Paneer tikka stuffed in the Subway loaf. The Paneer is soaked in the masalas for ample time, letting it absorb the flavor. Then, with raw vegetables and sauces of your choice added right on front of you, your lip-smacking subway is ready to be devoured.


18. Junglee Veg Sandwich

A popular pick amongst the vegetarians at the Bombay Sandwich Company, the junglee sandwich attracts a lot of customers just by its name. The sandwich has a continental filling of onions, carrots, capsicum, and cabbage. Once grilled, it is served with chutney and tomato ketchup.


19. Kyani’s Mutton Grill Sandwich

This Sandwich tops the charts at the traditional Parsi restaurant near Marine Lines. Often ordered with additional soya beans, the sandwich is savoured by college goers as well as retired citizens who frequently visit this place for their breakfast.


20. Champion Sandwich

The Champion Sandwich at The Pantry is a healthy option for the ones looking for taste and good health. A combination of a healthy roast of chicken breast and mayo filling, it is usually served with a salad. The spices used in this sandwich make it stand apart.