20 Popular Dishes Of Shanu’s In Banasthali

20 Popular Dishes Of Shanu’s In Banasthali

1.Tortilla Wrap

Tortilla Warp is the very famous dish in Banasthali. It is the special dish of the canteen Shanu’s. The tortilla wrap is made up of the components Maida, veggies and different types of sauces. The roti of maida is made and then all the ingredients are stuffed in it. Then the roll is grilled in the oven. Later, it is served with sauce.


Cheese Burger

Cheese Burger is the most common dish which is loved by the youth. The dish is made up of the burger bun, cheese and many vegetables like tomato, onion, cucumber, etc. The famous street food is also loved by a Banasthali girl.


Spider Roll

Spider Roll is a very popular Chinese dish which is so popular in the Banasthali. The dish is affordable and preserved. The spider roll is made up of bread and veggies which is not so junk. The spider roll are served hot with tomato catch-up.



The samosa is favorite time pass street food of Banasthali. It is served hot with the green and red chutney. Slices of onions is also put on to the samosa to make it tastier. The samosa is eaten by all in the breaks between the classes. It is a dish which is made easily and available also.


Chocolate Frappe

Chocolate Frappe is the most famous dish of Shanu’s canteen. The chocolate lovers love the shake so much that they drink it twice in a week. The drink is full of the chocolate and most importantly it is filled with the choco chips which are really very tasty. The texture of the drink is thick, as a chocolate. The frappe is loved by most of the girls in Banasthali.


Chocolate Shake

Chocolate Shake is the shake which is very popular in Banasthali. The most important thing is that the Shanu’s canteen is very much famous for their shakes. The texture of the chocolate shake is thick but it does not contain the choco chips. It is served with the ice cubes.


Chole Bature

The Chole Bature is a well-known Indian dish which is loved by all. The dish is made up of two things that are chole ki sabzi with gravy, and the batura is made up of the maida. The dish is served hot with the sliced onions and lemon. The Shanu’s canteen serve the batura of the very big size that is why this dish is very famous in this canteen.


Cheese Grilled Sandwich

The Cheese Grilled Sandwich is also a very famed dish of this canteen. It is made up of the ingredients like cheese, cream, tomato, onion, etc. The bread is grilled in the microwave oven. Then it is served hot with the tomato ketch-up. It is enjoyed by the Banasthali girls on the street.


Coleslaw Sandwich

Coleslaw Sandwich is the sandwich which is sasta, sundar, and tikau means the sandwich is affordable as well as tasty. The sandwich is normally made, but only the difference is that the sandwich is low in Cholesterol. It is good when you are hungry but do not waste your money on the expensive food item.


Badam Shake

The shaan of the canteen is Badam Shake. The shake is very tasty and yummy. The texture of badam shake is very thick. The badam means the almond are soaked in the water or milk, overnight. Then those almond are grinded in the mixer and mixed in the milk and the scoop of ice cream are mixed in it. Then it is served with the ice cubes.


Garlic Bread

Garlic Bread is another Chinese dish which is very famous in Banasthali. The Garlic is spread over bread with butter and then it is baked in the microwave. The item is very delicious. The people who love the taste of garlic, love this item.


Suji Pani Puri

Many people love Pani Puri which is made up of the simple atta but the Suji Pani Puri is different. The Suji Pani Puri is also loved by many girls. The pani of the puri is same, only the batter by which the puri is prepared is different.


Pav Bhaji

This famous Indian street food is also famous in the campus of Banasthali. The pav bhaji is healthy as well as tasty. The bhaji is made up of the vegetables, and the pav is a readymade bun. The dish is served with the slice of butter, onion and lemon. The dish is very common in the treats of Banasthali.


Cheese Pasta

This is another Chinese dish which is very popular in Shanu’s canteen of Banasthali. The canteen serves special cheese pasta which is filled with many veggies. The dish is somewhat expensive, but the quality is superb. The cheese pasta is served hot with loads of cheese.


Russian Sandwich

The Russian Sandwich is the different type of sandwich. The special ingredients of Russia is added to it to give it a Russian touch. The dish is very yummy. The sandwich is affordable as well.


Fried Rice

Fried Rice is the type of pulao which is made up of the ingredients like seasonal vegetables with Basmati rice. The rice is served with the gravy of Manchurian. The rice is served hot with the salad and chutney.


Chilli Paneer

Chilli Paneer is again a Chinese dish in which the paneer is coated with the corn flour and deep fried. Then the vegetables are also deep fried, and all the ingredients are mixed with the different types of sauces. Then it is served hot. Chilli Paneer is the special dish of Shanu’s canteen in Banasthali.


Cheese Dosa

At every place, the Dosa is a common South Indian dish but, the cheese dosa is somewhat rare. The masala inside the dish is filled with cheese. The cheesy masala is melted and get stuffed in the dosa and shallow fried on Tava. Then it is served hot with Sambhar and Nariyal ki Chutney.


Chocolate Cream Roll

Chocolate Cream Roll is a very popular snack which is available in the Shanu’s canteen. The chocolate is filled inside the readymade roll and then baked. The rolls are preserved for many days. The roll is packed in air tight poly to get free from germs.


Chilli Mushroom

Chilli Mushroom is another Chinese dish which is well-known in this canteen. The special dish is very popular among the students. The dish is very tasty and affordable.