20 Strangest Halwas You Must Try


Whenever we talk about Halwas, only two things come to our mind immediately- Sooji Ka Halwa or Gajar Ka Halwa. But it’s time to change that stereotype and know about other varieties too. There is a vast variety of Halwas available made from strange ingredients like eggs, meat, chilies, and onions. Surprisingly, some find it delicious too.
Below are the strangest but delicious Halwas to replace those old boring ones:

1 Kele Ka Halwa

Bananas are not only used to make chips but Halwa too. This soft Halwa is made from Robusta bananas, ghee, sugar, almonds, cashews, and cardamom. It is made during the Onam festival.

Kele Ka Halwa

2 Hare Chane Ka Halwa

Hare Chane are popularly used in kebabs and vegetables. This dish hails from Varanasi and has ingredients like hara chana, ghee, sugar, and pistachios. Once cooled down, it can cut in any shape you like and garnish with pistachio silvers.

Hare Chane Ka Halwa

3 Papaya Halwa

Papaya is usually an ingredient used in fruit Chaat, but it’s time to use it as a sweet dish. It is prepared using four ingredients – mashed papayas, sugar, ghee, and cashew nuts. Papaya is known to be healthy as having papaya Halwa won’t be considered as cheating on your healthy diet.

Papaya Halwa

4 Tamatar Ka Halwa

Tomato as a soup and chutney is fine, but how about a Tomato Halwa? You need a few ingredients like ripe tomatoes, ghee, cardamom, sugar, salt, and dry fruits to prepare this dish. You can add condensed milk too.


5 Kacchi Haldi Ka Halwa

Haldi is the main ingredient which is used as a spice in many vegetables and curries. This Halwa is prepared from raw turmeric, peeled and ground, whole wheat flour, milk, Jaggery, and dry fruits. It is available around Makar Sankranti in western India as a popular Gujiya.

Kacchi Haldi Ka Halwa

6 Lauki ka Halwa

Lauki is disliked by all and mostly by kids. This Halwa recipe made from bottle gourd will change their mind. You need bottle gourd, ghee, cardamom, dry fruits, Mawa, and sugar to prepare this Halwa. It is also known as dudhi halwa. It is a slow-cooked halwa. The after results of a slow-cooked dish is delicious. So, it is worth the wait! It is similar to making gajar ka halwa.

Lauki ka Halwa

7 Gosht Ka Halwa

A dessert made from mutton? Well, this Halwa is unique and requires mutton mince, cardamoms, Khoya, milk, cardamom powder, ghee, sugar, rose water, cashew nut powder, and a pinch of saffron. Having a couple of spoons of this Halwa won’t disappoint you as many are not able to guess its core ingredient which minced mutton is.Gosht Ka Halwa

8 Mirchi Ka Halwa

The title is enough to let you wonder how does Mirchi ka halwa exist on the earth! To make this halwa, you need green chilies, semolina, sugar, ghee, cardamom powder, alum, dry fruits, and khoya. The chilies are coarsely ground and added to a pan. Semolina is added to give this halwa a smooth texture. It is served hot and garnished with cashew nuts, almonds, and pistachios.

Mirchi Ka Halwa

9 Pyaz ka Halwa

The list keeps on stating crazy halwas now. Onion Halwa requires finely chopped white onion, roasted cashew nuts, ghee, milk, and sugar. It is prepared by blending Palm Jaggery and pearl onion. It is good for cooling the body and helps to recover the body from aches. It is advised to consume it in empty stomach.

Pyaz ka Halwa

10 Bread Halwa

Bread is one such ingredient which is versatile. It is used to prepare many dishes like sandwiches, pizza, and many more. This Halwa tastes like a bread pudding and made by frying small pieces of bread in ghee and then mixing with sugar and milk.

Bread Halwa

11 Kaddu Ka Halwa

Pumpkin Halwa saves all your energy and time as it is made in a pressure cooker. It doesn’t take much ghee or oil, unlike other halwas. To enhance the flavor, and melon seeds.

Kaddu Ka Halwa

12 Aloo Ka Halwa

Potato is a versatile vegetable as many dishes can be prepared out of it. The Potato Halwa is a combination of mashed potatoes, dry nuts, and ghee. You can prepare this dish for fast and for festive season too. It just takes twenty minutes to get prepared.

Aloo Ka Halwa

13 Ande Ka Halwa

Many dishes can be prepared from egg-like boiled eggs, fried eggs, Omelette, scrambled eggs, and egg curry. But how about Egg Halwa? You need a few ingredients like crushed cardamom, butter, cashews, Khoa, eggs, almonds, sugar, and raisins.

Ande Ka Halwa

14 Peach Halwa

Peach is an under-rated fruit and making its Halwa will prove to be beneficial. The ingredients include peach, sugar, Mawa, and cardamoms.

Peach Halwa

15 Chana Dal Ka Halwa

Chana Dal Halwa has a soft texture that resembles a cake. It includes ingredients like sugar, soaked Chana dal, ghee, saffron, cardamom, chopped almonds, and milk.

Chana Dal Ka Halwa

16 Apple Ka Halwa

Apple is a favourite fruit of all, and we wouldn’t mind having it as a Halwa too. It requires fewer ingredients and is easily available in the market. You need an apple, sugar, cardamom powder, dry fruits, ghee, and unsweetened Khoya.

Apple Ka Halwa

17 Beetroot Halwa

Beetroot is ignored by all of us when we are told to consume raw. All you need is grated beetroot, sugar, ghee, cashew nuts, full-fat milk, and cardamom. It is full of nutrition. The sweet and soft halwa will make you forget that you are eating a healthy vegetable.

Beetroot Halwa

18 Sweet Potato Halwa

One of the common dish prepared from sweet potato is its fries sprinkled with chat Masala and lemon juice. Its Halwa is completely different and includes sugar, sweet potato, and dry fruits. You can have it during fasting too.

Sweet Potato Halwa

19 Kali Gajar Ka Halwa

A black colored halwa? Who would want to eat that? Purple carrots are found only in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, and Bihar. They get their characteristics as they have extra antioxidant pigments which benefit diseases like heart diseases and arthritis. This is for all the health enthusiasts as it is made from black carrots, dry fruits, and sweetened yogurt.

Kali Gajar Ka Halwa

20 Karutha Halwa

Karutha Halwa hails from Kerala and includes ingredients like water, ghee, rice flour, cardamom, raisins, cashew nuts, and dark Jaggery.

Karutha Halwa