20 Lip-Smacking Sindhi Dishes Every Non-Sindhi Should Try

20- Lip-Smacking- Sindhi- Dishes- Every- Non-Sindhi- Should- Try

Sindhi cuisine is popular among many households. It is great in taste and full of flavours. The food is a pleasure for taste buds and high in nutritional value. Sindhi cuisine is similar to Punjabi cuisine, so there’s no doubt that they are rich in texture, flavor, and full of zesty ingredients. Ranging from their soulful kadhi to Seeyal Tevarn, this article covers all the popular dishes that every Sindhi feels proud about.
Here is a list of 20 Sindhi delicacies every non-Sindhi should try:

1. Khoya

Khoya is a winter dish of Sindhi cuisine. Some call it khurak while others call it majoon. The similarity between the two is that basic ingredients are same, the only difference is the taste and texture of the dish. It is made of dried dates and includes a puree of poppy seeds, coriander seeds, and almonds.


2. Dodo Chutney

Dodo Chutney is rich in taste and high on nutrition. It is parantha rolled out from semi-wet dough through hands. The dough is prepared with a mixture of finely chopped onions, jowar, coriander leaves, and chilies. It is quite common during winters and can be enjoyed with mint chutney.

Dodo Chutney

3. Mithi Bread

Sindhi cuisine has a variety of desserts. A special dessert is bread dessert. ‘Mithi’ means sweet, and it is made with dipping fried bread in sugar syrup and garnishing them with dry fruits. You can enhance the taste by adding Rabri on top of it.

Mithi Bread

4. Dal Pakwaan

Dal Pakwaan is a famous Sindhi dish. It is quite heavy, and you might full for long when you have it. It is made by frying Maida rotis. The dough is kneaded with jeera, and the roti is topped with Chana dal, tamarind chutney, spices, and onions.

Dal Pakwaan

5. Dhaas Karela

Karela or bitter gourd is one such vegetable disliked by all. You need to try this Sindhi dish to change your opinion. Bitter gourd is stuffed with spice mixture and onion. The spices reduce the bitterness of the vegetable.

Dhaas Karela

6. Guradi/Lolo

Guradi is a sweet dish from Sindhi cuisine. Guradi is simple to prepare. Just roll out a chapati and fill it with jaggery. Seal its edges and bake on tawa. When it’s done, the soft jaggery melts. If you want to increase the flavor, add desi ghee and white butter.


7. Sindhi Kadhi

For most of the Sindhi’s, a Sunday brunch comprises of a hot bowl of kadhi with boiled rice. The Sindhi Kadhi is prepared from gram flour with vegetables like drumsticks, peas, okra, and spices.It is served with steamed rice and Vaangan Bataloon (potato-brinjalsubji) or AaluTukku (crisp double fried potatoes seasoned with masalas) along with sweet boondi.

Sindhi Kadhi

8. Tairi

Tairi is a must prepared dish in Sindhi household. It uses sweetened rice, fennel seeds, and roasted nuts in desi ghee. The dish is so delicious that you might want to have another bowl.


9. Singhar Ji Mithai

Singhar Ji Mithai is a dish made out of sev. This Sindhi cuisine is a savory sweet dosh made from unsalted sev, nuts, and khoya. They melt in the mouth within the first bite!

Singhar Ji Mithai

10. Kok Pallo

Kok Pallo is made out of Hilsa Fish and stuffed with green masala which is made with green chilies, garlic, ginger, and coriander. According to the Sindhi tradition, the fish is cooked in a sandpit rather than frying it in a tawa.

Kok Pallo

11. Lobia Masala

Lobia is a Sindhi word for Black Eyed Beans. Lobia masala is a curry made from these beans. This is prepared by frying onion and tomato masala gravy on slow heat. Serve this hot with rice.

Lobia Masala

12. Besan Ki Tikki Ki Sabzi

Besan Ki Tikki Ki Sabzi is perfect for lunch. All you need is to prepare chickpea flour tikkis dipped in a tomato-based gravy. They are delicious when served with hot paranthas and raita.

Besan Ki Tikki Ki Sabzi

13. Seyal Bread

Seyal Bread is prepared from leftover bread or roti. Dip the pieces of bread in the tomato and garlic gravy and let it soak. Add a tadka of fried onions and mustard seeds to enhance the flavor.

Seyal Bread

14. Sata Bhajyun

‘Sata’ means seven and ‘Bhajyun’ means vegetables. This is a traditional Sindhi dish made from seven vegetables like French beans, carrot, cauliflower, apple gourd, potatoes, okra, and spinach. It is prepared during Diwali in Sindhi household.

Sata Bhajyun

15. Bhori (Kutti)

Bhori is also known as Kutti. A very simple breakfast recipe made out of freshly baked chapatis crumpled into pieces. Sugar and desi ghee is added to bind it. Enhance the taste with pickle or papad. Whether to serve it hot or cold totally depends on you.

Bhori (Kutti)

16. Seyal Teevarn

Seyal Teevarn is a popular non-vegetarian dosh prepared in Sindhi household. The mutton is cooked for approximately two hours until the meat is tender and soft. It is preferred because it involves a lot of aromatic spices.

Seyal Teevarn

17. Koki and Curd

Koki is a Sindhi dish which is incomplete without a bowl of curd. Koki is a flatbread made of wheat flour, coriander seeds, green chilies, chopped onions, and cumin seeds.

Koki and Curd

18. Tidali Dal and Juar Jo Doda

Tidali Dal and Juar Jo Dodaare prepared from three different lentils- Arhar Dal, Green Moong, and Chana Dal. The Doda is a flatbread rolled from Juar flour known as ‘new quinoa’ in the west. Green onion, green chili, and garlic are added as spices to this dish.

Tidali Dal and Juar Jo Doda

19. Sai Bhaji

‘Sai’ means green, which indicates the color of the dish. This curry is made from lentils and spinach. Many spices are added to this dish and form an important part of Sindhi cuisine. It also has a high nutritional value. It is accompanied by vegetables like steamed bhindi (okra) and malpua. Serve it with Koki or boondi raita!

Sai Bhaji

20. Aloo Ki Tikki

Aloo Ki Tikki with green chutney is prepared in every Sindhi household. It is easy to make as you just need to mash the potatoes and all the spices. Roll the mixture into small round tikkis and shallow fry.

Aloo Ki Tikki