20 Tricks To Make Your Cooking Faster

20 Tricks To Make Your Cooking Faster
20 Tricks To Make Your Cooking Faster

Cooking is a skill that can change the mood of anyone. This skill can impress many people whether it is for work purpose or special occasion all you have to do is serve good food, making your purpose successful with a short time frame. But there are times when you don’t have enough time, and you want to serve tasteful dishes for your desired occasion in quick time, so there is no need to worry as we mentioned above, Cooking is a skill then there is way to get your work done in a quick time. We got 20 ways to make your cooking faster.

1. Boiling Raw Food In A Pan Instead Of A Pot

Boiling raw food is one of the best ways to get your recipe ready. When you are in a hurry and want to cook pasta or cook some rice or veggies, then pot can take time, but in pan surface is large, so it will not take much time to boil your rice or pasta or any boiling food to get ready in quick time.


2 Adding Salt To The Water

We have seen many give some pinches of salt to the water, but many are still not aware why it is helpful for your quick Cooking. Yes a good taste you will get, but with that in the benefit, it will raise the boiling point of water, which eventually raises the water temperature, and you will be ready to proceed with a tasty recipe.


3. Preheat Pan

Preheating the pan is one of the traditional ways as well, nothing added on the pan and just heating up saves a lot of time when there is food present on it may take time because veggies and other food have water which cools down the temperature of the pan so preheating the pan is beneficial.


4. Take Out The Frozen Food Before 30 Minutes

When you go to cook an expensive kind of recipe, then those required some raw and those raw foods are mostly frozen, so instead of direct heating up, you can choose to take it out of your freezer before 30 minutes of your cooking process, and it will give much better benefit than the direct Cooking of raw food.


5. Pre Chop And Deepfreeze Onions

A maximum number of people use onions. Yes it gives a tasteful smell and a taste to the food, but when it’s about saving time, you can choose to deep freeze them for the next 2 3 days of recipes, and they will not leave any kind of taste and will not spread any kind of unwanted smell as well.


6. Trim The Veggies, Then Wash

Washing truly takes time, many washes/rinse food many times but in a less time consuming way what you can do is for big veggies like carrot, beans and many other hard vegetables that you can choose to trim them first then go for washing, and it will also give the benefit of deep cleaning of your food, and there will be nothing harmful as well.


7. Chop Meat In The Maximum Pieces

Tasty meat is the demand of everyone. Many complain about non-clean meat, but if a Chef/Dish maker chooses to chop the meat in multiple pieces, not just cleaning will be efficient in that way with that when you go for cooking meat, meat absorbs the maximum amount of flavor.


8. Multitasking

A good cook can choose to do multitasking as well. Multitasking is efficient when you have multiple stove or devices or any cooking material you can use simultaneously which not just save times but can help you serve earliest during the special occasion. Remember, an experienced person can perform this.


9. Grate Your Butter

We used to see at home and at various stalls or restaurants that many chefs/food makers choose to add butter directly, but when you hurry, the grater is the best option you can opt for melting your butter on the pan or pot. The grater is not just helpful for butter but cheese as well.


10. Lid On Pot

When you are heating a pan or want to cook up some food earliest then to produce extra heat from all sides, many choose to put the lid on the pot or even on the pan to get maximum result and earliest. The cooking lid simply helps for any food and also saves your cooking gas and money. This method we are in using since ancient times.


11. Kitchen Shears

Kitchen shears like chopping scissors are the best tool a chef can have for quick cutting of leaves. Of course, through knives, it takes a lot of time to cut those leaves in multiple pieces, but when you are aware of kitchen shears, why choose the hard way when you are in a hurry for instant hunger food.


12. Sharp Knives

To cut/chop meats, there is always the requirement of cooking tools which are sharp because there is a lot of protein in the meat, which keeps it tight. You can’t tear it quickly, so it’s better to keep your at least one knife on the sharper side so it can be safe and you can cut the meat quickly, and there will be no clotting complaints well.


13. Baking Soda For Beans

Sometimes many people make plans to eat beans on an emergency basis at that time. Getting soaked beans not that easy because to get maximum results of beans. For health benefits, you need to soak the beans first, and once they are soft, they are ready to cook, so to save the time of soaking, you can add baking soda to your water for quick absorption.


14. Freeze Your Precooked Sauce

Sauce making is a time consuming process, especially for a household, but people like sauces in their meals, so just for that, you can choose to freeze the sauce which you can use in your food for many more days. Also, it will save a lot of time because any vegetable sauces do take a lot of flaming time.


15. Don’t Overload Pan

We all know something over can be harmful or can give you disadvantage same here if you directly add all the veggies at once or overloaded the pan then you are mistaken that it will beneficial in place of wasting your a lot of time in going through all process again.


16. Freeze Left Over Veggies

Many people choose to use leftover veggies for salad or waste them by throwing in the garbage because people believe it is not helpful anymore, but if you look brighter way you have the option still that you can use your freezer and keep your already chopped veggies safe and healthy and you can use it later on as well.


17. Create Salad For Next 2-3 Days & Freeze It

Many people like salad, salad is simply the best healthy diet which everyone should use, but it takes time to chop off veggies instead of that you can cut them all at once and freeze it in a packed container this will be safe and will not give any kind of harmful germs.


18. Freeze Your Cooked Meals For Instant Hunger

Many students who are not living at their home choose to cook food for them at their rented accommodation and sometimes foods which they cook are in extra amount so for their future hunger they can freeze that food to keep it safe and can focus on their studies.


19 Crank Egg On A Flat Surface

Instead of using any edgy corner of some bowl, you can choose to flat surface to crank your eggs. It will not just be on the safer side but also reduce the chance of anything spread on the floor. Cranking egg itself, a technique for newcomer egg crank on a flat surface, is best, and for professionals, it is the fastest way to crank the eggs.


20. Keep Salt Near Your Stove

Salts are in daily use, and some people keep it in the wooden case, or they choose to keep in the wooden case instead of that these days use of need should be in front because Salt are needful in any time of cooking it will surely save a lot of time of a chef/homemaker when you are going quick learning.