Top 20 Hangover Foods Around the World

Top 20 Hangover Foods Around the World
Top 20 Hangover Foods Around the World

Suppose you consume a lot of alcohol the night before, you are likely to experience a hangover. Hangover symptoms include irritability, headache, nausea, and tiredness. The symptoms vary from person to person.

The consumption of beverages has been a part of the human culture for more than 8000 years In Ancient Greece, people used to have social gatherings for drinking known as symposiums. Some societies also considered alcohol as a gift from Gods. But drinking these days is for a variety of reasons. You might end up consuming alcohol more than you should have on some days, which would result in a hangover. What do you do then?

There is no cure for a hangover. But different countries have different foods to alleviate these symptoms. Let’s take a look at the Top 20 hangover food from around the world.

1. KOTTU(Roti Stir Fry)

Kottu is a Sri Lankan dish. It is chopped-up rotis mixed with spices and vegetables. This dish is one of the most common hangover dish in Sri Lanka. It can be made with egg, meat or just vegetables. Since this dish is a mix of various kinds of spices-, vegetables, and roti, Sri Lankan people believe that this dish represents their culture as they have different cultures and ideologies.

Kottu is a very flavorful dish with spice dominating the rest of the flavors. You can feel that tingling rush of flavors in your mouth. For a hangover this dish is worth a try.


2 BANTAN(Flour Soup)

Bantan is the most common Mongolian hangover dish. One of the most consumed alcohol is beer, and in the countryside fermented mare’s milk called the airag is also highly consumed.

It is prepared with flour, mutton, salt and onions. Bantan means mixed up or something mushy if roughly translated. This dish tastes salty and looks like porridge. It is a good hangover dish as it is warm and comforting and gives enough carbs and proteins.


3. TORTA AHOGADA(Pork Carnitas Sandwich)

After a good party in Mexico, they look for spicy food. It is a typical food in Mexico and can be found anywhere around Mexico. It is a bun filled with pork carnitas. Marinated onions lemon juice and, hot sauce are the toppings on the torta. The dish has a variety of flavors. It is a perfect hangover dish.



Ulster fry is a combination of full Irish and full English breakfast. It is also a hangover dish in Northern Ireland. It consists of bacon, fried egg, white pudding, soda bread, potato farl, fried mushrooms, fried tomato, pancake, and beans. Ulster Fry is a salty dish it does help in alleviating a hangover. Hence, it is a highly recommended dish after a big night.



The people of Cyprus, the third biggest island in the Mediterranean sea, prefer having a Bidda Badadez after a party night. It is a vegetarian sandwich dish with thick fried potatoes, grilled halloumi, and fresh slices of tomato and cucumber. The word Bidda badadez comes from the pita bread we use in a dish, and Badadez means potato in Cyprus. This dish is amazing for hangovers as it has carbs. People usually have this for hangovers after drinking raki or ouzo, which are the most popular drinks in Cyprus. But for hangovers in general, after any drinks, this dish would be a yes.



Chicken fillet roll is another most loved dish in Ireland. More than a fifth of Ireland rates this as their top food. It is chicken-filled, vegetables, mayonnaise, and sriracha. It is also a popular hangover cure in Ireland. It has a variety of flavors which makes it more desirable for a hangover day.



In most parts of the USA buffalo wings is a popular hangover food. The red hot sauce they add to the wings is what makes this dish spicy. This meal is fatty and spicy and is a good cure for hangovers.



Chuan’r is a Chinese dish typically found in the regions of China. It is meat grilled on a skewer, usually lamb. It is cooked over an open flame with a lot of seasonings, mainly cumin and chili peppers. This dish is a newcomer to the Beijing area.

The seasonings of the dish make it very flavorful. This, as a hangover dish, is healthy as well because it has a lot of proteins.



French fries and cheese curds topped with brown gravy is the a called poutine . It emerged in Quebec, Canada. It is a part of the Quebec culture. It is known as Canada’s national dish. Poutine is a famous hangover dish in those regions.

The French fries and the taste of cheese, and the flavorful brown gravy give the dish a variety of flavors. After a party night, this is a very light dish and helps relieve the hangover mode.



Arcaraje is a famous Brazilian street food. Balls prepared from peeled beans are deep-fried in palm oil and then it is split in half and stuffed with a paste made from cashews, palm oil and shrimp which makes the food flavorful.

After consuming famous drinks of Brazil like Caipirinha and Cachaca, people like to have Arcaraje as their hangover cure, as it is flavorful and healthy this is a preferable hangover food.



Doner kebab is a popular Turkish dish. It is also famous in Germany, where they have the biggest market for it. Meat, either lamb, meat or, chicken, is cooked on a vertical rotisserie. It is then sliced and wrapped in pitta flatbread with some vegetables, mayonnaise, and other sauces.

Doner kebab is a common hangover dish in Turkey. It is filled with carbs and proteins and is a great hangover cure.



Porchetta sandwich is an Italian dish found in Italy. Porchetta is an Italian pork roast. The taste of the pork, the citrus, chilly, fennel, garlic, all these elements, make the sandwich very delicious to savor.

The blast of all these flavors in the food makes it a very favorable hangover cure for people in Italy. It is a highly preferable hangover food.



Iranian pizza, also known as Persian pizza, is a famous hangover food in Iranian regions. Persian pizza is known for its preparation rather than its toppings. Minced meat, beef sausage, mushroom, mozzarella cheese and other Persian spices are the key ingredients. The Persian spices are one of the main element which adds up to the exquisite taste of this dish.



Japanese noodle soup is called ramen. It is the traditional food of Japan and is almost found everywhere in Japan and therefore the most famous hangover food. It consists of Chinese style wheat noodles served in meat or fish broth. Every region in Japan has their variation of ramen. This is a very filling and healthy food for a hangover.



Currywurst with fries is Germany’s most iconic street food and also a popular hangover food in the region. It is grilled pork sausage in a rich tomato-based spicy sauce. The combination of fries and mayonnaise takes this dish to a whole different level. The mix of all these flavors and the lightness of this food is one main reason this would be a perfect hangover cure.



Smazeny syr, which translates to fired cheese. It is also known as vyprazany syr, which also means the same. It is a Czech and Slovak-based cheese dish. It is consumed widely in both these countries. The people in the Czech savor this as a hangover cure. It is a light dish and filled with proteins and fat and is a warming food during a hangover.



Chips and cheese are a famous hangover snack in regions of England. It is also found in many other parts of the world. It is light and tasty and is a munchy snack and fills your hangover cravings.



Haejangguk is also famously known as hangover soup. The name haejangguk means soup to chase a hangover. As the name suggests, this is the most common hangover food in Korea. It consists of vegetables, Napa cabbage, and meat in a beef broth. The kick of all these flavors is believed to alleviate a hangover.

This soup is worth a trying during a hangover as it is proven to provide some hangover relief.


19. PHO

Pho is a Vietnamese soup dish consisting of broth, noodles, rice, meat, and herbs. It is found in households, street stalls and all over the country. It was eaten as breakfast by rice field workers and later evolved and found all around the country.

Pho also is a hangover dish for Vietnamese people. It is a healthy and filling dish, so it’s a yes dish for a hangover cure.



Finally, we have our Indian hangover food. Palak masoor dal is the best-known hangover cure in India. It is a thick soup with lentils and spinach as its main ingredients. It is a healthy and a low-calorie dish. Easy to make at home even if you are hungover.