20 Types of Street Foods in Melbourne You Should Know About

20 Types of Street Foods in Melbourne You Should Know About

Whenever we go outside a city or a country, we always prefer to have authentic food that is related to a particular place. Street foods are the best option to explore the options of the local places which are good enough to satisfy the taste buds.
Here is a list of 20 types of street foods in Melbourne you should know about:

1. Tagliolini al Nero

The name might sound tricky to pronounce, but the minute you have a taste of this dish, it won’t be strange for you. It is a combination of steaked pasta and rabbit. The sauces and spices added to this dish will surely lift your mood!

Tagliolini al Nero – Copy

2. Ricotta Hotcakes

Ricotta Hotcakes are a perfect treat for your sweet tooth. These are available at a cheap price in Melbourne. These cakes are made with a lot of ingredients treasured by the tourists and local due to the availability of a variety of tastes. Blueberry and Ricotta Hotcake is one of the best brunch dishes in Melbourne. It has double cream, seeds, and organic maple as its ingredients.

Ricotta Hotcakes – Copy

3. One Piece Double Chili Burger

Burger has to be one of the common street foods found in any city or country. It is served by One Plus Piece Cafe which has impressed the locals with their popular burgers. Their secret sauce makes every variety taste delicious.

One Piece Double Chili Burger – Copy

4. Fish Mackerel Dumplings

Shandong Mama in Melbourne serves World class dumplings like Pork and chives dumplings and black fungus dumplings, but Fish Mackerel dumplings steal the show. They are among the world’s best consisting of fresh mackerel fillet mixed with ginger, coriander, and chives wrapped in a dumpling skin.

Fish Mackerel Dumplings – Copy

5. Margherita Pizza

Margherita Pizza at 400 Gradi serves World Championship winning Margherita Pizza. The quality of the base and perfectly cooked ingredients make it the best pizza ever! The staff also performs a pizza dance many times during the night so make sure you don’t miss it whenever you are in the city.

Margherita Pizza – Copy

6. Baller Bucket

Baller Bucket is a special dish of Belle’s Hot Chicken which has all the necessary flavors and aromas which enable you to get the real taste of the dish.

Baller Bucket – Copy

7. Turmeric Pancakes

Turmeric Pancakes is a delicious dish packed with turmeric and lemon made with quinoa flour which makes it gluten-free. It also has nutritional value as turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidants while lemon aids digestion and supports the immune system.

Turmeric Pancakes – Copy

8. Lasagne

Lasagne is served by a famous cafe called Bossy Boots Cafe serving delicious lasagne. The locals boast about their specialty which is cheesy with piping hot goodness.

Lasagne – Copy

9. Pasta

When it comes to famous street food, pasta needs no introduction! It is served by La Cucina Di Sandra Cooking School which also offers pasta cooking classes. Locals highly recommend it as it is fully loaded with Italian sausages and pecorino cheese.

Pasta – Copy

10. Baked Eggs

Baked Eggs is a piping hot pot full of ingredients like potato, eggs, queso Mahon, pepper chunks of chorizo, toasted almonds, and aioli. It is served with sourdough bread for mopping up the dish. It is served by a standout cafe called Hardware Societe which is quite famous in Melbourne.

Baked Eggs – Copy

11. The Bully Burger

The Bully Burger has a double beef patty, bacon, jalapeños, double cheese, and Sriracha hot sauce inside a milk brioche bun. The high-quality dish is full of flavors, and all of them come together as a sweet harmony. The Tuck Shop Takeaway serves this dish. Just say “Secret Burger Please” and they’ll know what you are talking about.

The Bully Burger – Copy

12. Marron with Sweet and Sour Pumpkin Seeds

Marron with Sweet and Sour Pumpkin Seeds has to be the best dish served by Attica. Marron is an Australian freshwater crayfish which has a perfect sweetness and texture. The pumpkin seeds give it a nice crunch with sweet and sour dressing.

Marron with Sweet and Sour Pumpkin Seeds

13. Mr. Franky Roti

Mr. Franky Roti is a perfect dish for breakfast served by One Plus Piece. It is a roti roll with two fried eggs, cheese, and smoked ham, topped with smashed avocado, sour cream and drizzled with organic tomato relish. The bloggers have been raving about this dish, so this makes it worth a try. Since spicy breakfasts are in a trend now so chili scrambled egg in a bun with bacon, avocado, and herbs are quite famous too.

Mr. Franky Roti

14. Meataxe Burger

The Meataxe Burger from Cafe 51 will make you drool once you have a bite. If you enjoy the heat in your burgers, then you must try this dish. It is a massive burger which looks like a beast as it has fried chicken, beef patty, double dirty cheese, jalapeno peppers, lettuce, onion rings, XXX BBQ sauce, and chipotle.

Meataxe Burger

15. Duck Sausage Benedict

Duck Sausage Benedict is like an art in a plate which is every Instagrammers dream. It is served by Mammoth Cafe which serves other dishes like orange and corn blini, fried egg, pickled onion, and many more.

Duck Sausage Benedict

16. Son in Law Eggs

Apart from being an Instagram art on a plate, Son In Law eggs is full of texture and flavors for a simple dish with appropriate levels of spice. The sweet and spicy taste comes from chili, fried shallots, and tamarind.

Son in Law Eggs

17. Deconstructed Tiramisu & White Chocolate Mini Pots

One can never say no to Tiramisu. It is a delicious delight for dessert lovers making you fall in love with the city, and the food it offers. Deconstructed Tiramisu & White Chocolate Mini Pots are served by Merricks Creek Winery.

Deconstructed Tiramisu & White Chocolate Mini Pots

18. Peking Duck

Peking Duck is a signature dish of Flower Drum. Duck is perfectly cooked until crispy and slightly pink. The decoration of the sauce on each plate is of a different animal character.

Peking Duck

19. Mango Sorbet and Black Sesame Desserts

Just as the name, Mango Sorbet and Black Sesame Desserts sound refreshing and enchanting. It is another sweet dish ready to satiate your taste buds. If you love mango, then add this to your checklist right now! It is served by Din Tai Fung

Mango Sorbet and Black Sesame Desserts

20. Lamb and Cucumber

Lamb and Cucumber are a famous street food dish that is always on the list of food lovers. These are served by the stalls when it starts to get darker outside as many tourists have their evening meal from restaurants and stalls. Apart from this, you can also try other delicious stomach filling dinner-based foods.