20 Types of Sweet Dishes to Make at Home


1. Mango and Nut Dream

Put diced mango into yogurt, then divide between two glasses. Top with dark brown sugar. Cover with plastic. Refrigerate for 1 to 2 hours (until sugar melts). Top with roasted nuts.


2. Gulab Jamun

Take khoa. Add flour, baking soda, and knead it into a dough (it should not be dry). Shape the dough into balls. Heat ghee in the pan, and deep fry the balls. Heat water and sugar in a pan for the sugar syrup. After the sugar syrup is ready, put the balls into it.


3. Lauki ka Halwa

Heat ghee in a pan, add dry fruits, and fry till golden brown. Add the grated bottle gourd and sauté for five to six minutes. Add the milk and cook for a while. The bottle gourd should soften till now. Add the condensed milk and stir continuously till the mixture thickens. Sprinkle some cardamom powder, mix well, and remove from the gas.


4. Besan Ladoo

Start by heating ghee and gram flour in a pan. Heat on low flame, and stir constantly to avoid lumps. Remove it from the pan when it turns golden brown. Let it cool. Add sugar and dry fruits to it and mix well. Give the shape of sweet by rolling in between your palms.


5. Coconut Barfi

Grate the coconut and roast it on a pan. Heat Ghee. Add milkmaid and milk, and let it boil. Turn off the gas and add the coconut. Combine the mixture. Mix well. Refrigerate it for five to six hours. Remove from the fridge and cut it into squares. You can garnish it with pistachios.


6. Wheat Flour Halwa

Fry dry fruits in ghee. Keep it aside. Take wheat flour and ghee in a pan. Heat on low flame, and stir constantly to avoid lumps. Remove it from the pan when it turns golden brown. Let it cool. Add sugar and dry fruits to it and mix well. Give it the shape of a round ball, and your sweet dish is ready.


7. Jalebi

Mix maida, dosa batter, corn flour, curd, and baking soda in a bowl. Now add ghee. Mix well until it is thick (pouring consistency). Keep it aside for some hours (two to three). For the sugar syrup, warm up sugar and water in a pan over medium flame. Add saffron (optional) and cardamom powder. Stir well. Heat oil in a pan. Now fill the jalebi batter in a cloth (muslin) and make a small hole in it. It is good if you have a jalebi maker. Fry till jalebi’s become golden. Soak them in the syrup for two to three minutes.


8. Moong Dal Halwa

Soak the moong dal overnight, or you can also directly grind it. Dry roast (till golden brown). Keep on adding ghee to it after an interval of four to five minutes. Then, add sugar syrup or powdered sugar, cardamom powder, and almonds to it. Then put one cup of milk in it. Cook for five minutes. Turn off the gas. Cover with a lid.


9. Rava Halwa (Sheera)

In a pan, roast one cup semolina. Keep flipping it; you don’t want to overcook it. After it changes color to golden brown, add one tsp of ghee to it and mix. Keep adding ghee till the semolina soaks it. Don’t overdo it though. Add hot water (two cups) to it. Mix well. You can use milk instead of water. After the mixture becomes a bit thick, add sugar (as per your taste) and dry fruits fried in ghee (optional) to it. Cook for six to seven minutes. Turn off the flame and cover with lid for five minutes.


10. Ganesh Prasad

Knead dough of wheat flour. Make thick and big chapati of it. Make the sugar syrup by heating sugar and water in a pan. Cut a square or any shaped pieces of the chapati. Deep fry them in a karahi. After that, put them in the sugar syrup for five to six minutes and remove. Your Ganesh Prasad is ready!


11. Kalakand

Crumble the paneer. Put in condensed milk and milk powder to it. Heat this mixture in a pan. Cook on medium heat (stir till the mixture becomes thick). Remove from the gas and transfer it on a greased plate. Sprinkle some cardamom powder. Let it cool. Then cut into squares.


12. Dry Fruits Ladoo

Take your favorite dry fruits-almonds, walnuts, pistachios, and cashew nuts in a grinder. Grind them, and sauté them in a pan. Take figs (soaked for two hours) and dates. Grind them together. Now, in a pan take ghee, add this paste to it. Sauté well and add raisins (chopped). Mix the dry fruits as well. Add desiccated coconut (roasted) to it and mix well. Remove mixture in a plate and make ladoo.


13. Gajar ka Halwa

Take grated carrots and milk in a pan, heat till it comes to boil. Cook on low flame, stirring occasionally, and let it dry. Add condensed milk and milk powder to it. Continue to cook on low flame, occasionally stirring, till the mixture dries up. Add ghee and cook for another ten minutes. Garnish with almonds.


14. Kheer

Take a pan, and add condensed milk, milk, paneer, and ghee. Allow the mixture to boil. Simmer for five minutes, remove from gas and let it cool down. Place in the refrigerator.


15. Shahi Tukda

Prepare a paste of cornflour and two to three tbsp milk. Add condensed milk and milk. Bring it to boil, and add the paste. Cook until thick (stir constantly). Add cardamom powder. Make the sugar syrup by heating sugar and water in a pan. Cut bread slices into two or squares. Fry in ghee (till golden brown). Put the fried bread into sugar syrup for five minutes or so. Remove from the syrup and plate in on a place. You can top it off with nuts.


16. Jauz Ka Meetha

In a pan, heat condensed milk, paneer, saffron, ghee, and nutmeg powder. Cook for another eight to ten minutes. Then add the remaining condensed milk, mix well, and turn off the gas. Remove the mixture in a bowl. Garnish it with blanched almonds.


17. Coffee Cups

Combine condensed milk, coffee powder, water, and semolina.  Bring it to boil, and stir continuously. Cook for a few more minutes (till mixture thickens). Grease the molds and pour the mixture into it. Let to cool. Mix milk, water, and cocoa. Make a paste of it. Add condensed milk & butter. Heat over medium flame till the mixture thickens. Pour on the unmolded coffee cups.


18. Phirni

Soak rice in water (30 minutes to 1 hour). Grind to a fine paste, and add milk to paste. Heat together, constantly stir (mixture should not stick to the bottom). Bring it to boil. Cook for five to seven minutes. Add condensed milk and remove from fire. Add rose water and cardamom powder. Cool in a refrigerator.


19. Badam Kheer

Blanch almonds and peel them. Soak almonds and cashew nuts (optional) in two cups of hot milk for half an hour. Make a paste by grinding it along with milk. Boil milk in a pan. Add the mixture and condensed milk to it. Cook for another five minutes (keep stirring). Turn off the flame. Your kheer is ready!


20. Doodh Peda

Boil milk in a pan. When the milk starts boiling, add sugar to it. When it reduces to its half, add curd to it. Keep stirring. It will curdle. Cook till the mixture is dry. You can also add milk powder to it. Once the mixture is cooled down, grind it to smooth paste. Finally, shape the sweet.