20 Unexplored Restaurants In Kerala

20 Unexplored Restaurants In Kerala

The beauty of the landscape and the lush green trees swaying to the beat of the soft, tender breeze reminds us of only one place and that is Kerala, India. It has a magical rhythm which adds tons of colours to a person’s life and paints his life with wonderful vibrant hues. So if you are planning a vacation it should be none other than Kerala. What makes it more approachable and adorable is the wonderful diners spread across the state. The food of that place makes us forget all sorts of expensive cuisines we would have tasted at some point in our life. Savouring those different yet similar spices and experiencing the palette of the people residing there is simply blissful in its very nature and remains an unforgetful experience as it remains etched in our lives forever.

Therefore presented to you is a list of 20 restaurants which are offbeat and have not been explored much in Kerala. If you are an adventurous traveler and diner then this list is going to be extremely handy for you as it will be easy in the pocket and will satiate your lust for tasty and delicious delicacies.

1. Trilogi

This restaurant has been placed for many years in Cochin and is synonymous with the word pure bliss. The food offered here satisfies every person visiting that place. The seafood is enriched with herbs and flavoured with spices from all around the world. This diner might be a little expensive but it’s totally worth it. The aura and ambience of the place also are a supplementary factor for your visit to this dinner. The melody of the violin ringing in your ears and the smell resonating from the food is just unimaginable. In all, this place will surely make your mouth water.trilogi

2. Shala Restaurant

This dinner is also placed in Kochi amidst a very busy and a vibrant lane of shops. The major unique selling point of this place is that home cooked food is served in a very simplistic fashion that is in huge round steel plates which provide an extremely caring and loving touch to this place. Various home-makers have connected and have started this dinner. So if you are a craver for sheer home cooked and simple food this place is the best restaurant for you. The speciality of this place is the prawn curry and the major seafood items.shala-restaurant

3. Grand Pavilion

Situated in Kochi this place is remarkable. This restaurant has earned a perfect 5 star in the rating column. If you can overcome and get past the crowd around this place almost every day then you are in for a delightful surprise. You will taste so many spices intertwined with each other that it will just be wonderful for your palette. The speciality of this place is Syrian food as it has been highly inspired by the famous cooks of Syria and the various types of fish available at this restaurant are just unimaginable by any of us. Though this place might not be feasible for vegan delicacies. However, visiting this dinner should be on the top of a traveler’s list.


Hotel Annapoorna

This restaurant is placed in Perumbavoor, Kerala. The major speciality of this place is that it is a major treat for all the vegan population. If you are a vegan and you don’t try out the food at this place then you literally tend to lose out on the most amazing vegan Kerala’s cuisine. It is a simple yet elegant place to dine as the food served there cannot be considered as the best of all, however the hospitality of this place and the ambience makes you feel special and welcome. Also if you are open to experimenting with your palette then try out the “Puttu” served there. It is just amazing.

5. Indian Coffee House

This place is situated in the busiest and crowded places in Kerala. Amidst the central station road, flocks of people march into this cafe every day for a refreshing cup of filter coffee adorned with some side snacks. This red bricked restaurant proves to be belonging to the oldest of chains prevalent in Kerala. This cafe is famous due to its beauty and ability to capture with which it actually lures a person to this restaurant. If you are travelling to Kerala you just cannot miss out on the mesmerizing coffee made here otherwise you will be suffering a major lossindian-coffee-house

6. Kashi Art Cafe

This café is situated in the Fort Kochi and is a must visit. It doesn’t matter whether you are a food lover or not, if you are on vacation in Kerala then it is mandatory for you to visit this place due to its artistic beauty and mystical magic which this place has in store for everyone. However, the food served here is also terrific and will also linger on your tongue for a while. The idea with which this restaurant has been created is to enjoy the food while enjoying the scenic beauty which has specially been designed by the architects of that particular place.

7. Ginger House

This particular place is considered to be a favourite of only selected travellers who have a very vibrant palette to taste food. This place has a spectacular location. It is hidden behind a huge go down which gives a little hint of antiquity. On top of that, it is a waterfront restaurant adding to the scenic beauty of the place yet again. This place serves everything under the earth related to ginger. You will find everything- ginger ice cream, ginger prawns, ginger lassi etc.

8. IL Marinaio

This place stands in the lane of the Samudra Beach and is considered to be one of the most alluring restaurants. This place will be the most offbeat place you would ever come across in Kerala. The service here is considered to be a little slow however the food served is next to amazing. The food is freshly cooked and you can get a whiff of how actually seafood smells which is refreshing after a long day. This place serves delicious Italian food and is probably the only good Italian restaurant in Kerala.


9. Gad

This restaurant is in Varlaka, Southern Kerala. It has been rated as the best restaurant in that area. The fried up golden prawns and the eggplant being the most salient feature of this restaurant, as people usually go there to enjoy the delicacy as well as look at the world from a bird’s eye view. Also, this is an international restaurant and has been acclaimed credit for the same. So if you haven’t been able to find anything suitable for your palette this place will surely surprise you with its variety.
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10. The History

This restaurant is situated along the Cochin harbor and is miraculously set within a beautiful, recreated colonial building that dates bake to the 19th This place significantly highlights the culture of the Kerala and also marks the traces of the history of that particular diner. It is recognized as the finest restaurant in all of Kochi. It might prove to be a little expensive, however the melodious tune of the harp with the scenic beauty coupled with beautifully designed delicacies makes this place a must visit. Also if you are a digger for history, this place displays the richness of the Dutch, Syrian Christians, and the Portuguese, so that you won’t be disappointed.

11. 1788

As unique is its name is also the place where it is located. It is housed in the Old Harbour Hotel and the warm breeze makes this place look just magnificent. This restaurant is popular for one reason and that is it serves the freshest caught seafood. This diner lights up in the evenings when soft music accompanies a seafood barbecue which is laid down outside the restaurant. People in huge numbers flock towards that just to take a glimpse of the barbecue and experience the smell and aroma of the seafood coming up in spirals.

12. Mushroom

This place is housed in an open breezy place somewhere in Southern Kerala. The warm breeze ruffling your hair all day long makes concentrating on food a little difficult, however the food provided there is exquisite. It is cheap though spicy. All of you are in for spicy flavours and are ready to run for water to cool down your burning throat you should visit this place. Also, the Halal offered here proves to be the best amongst most of the restaurants around it.

13. German Bakery

It is situated along the Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam. This spot proves to be the most common and cool hang out spot for youngsters as well adults. The orange balcony gleaming and glistening due to the sun rays is what makes this beautiful. So you can enjoy a warm day with a lavish and exquisite breakfast menu eating pancakes dripping with maple syrup and freshly squeezed out juices which are healthy as well as tasty.

14. Chakara Restaurant

A spiral staircase leads to this restaurant overlooking the beauty and magic of the shore. This place is also surrounded with palm trees making this place even more breezy and open. The food offered is a fantastic blend of the cuisine of Kerala and the European style of cooking. People tend to enjoy this blend as they experience something different from everywhere. The pricing might be a little high, however the food and the cool breeze makes it worth a visit at least.

15. Dal Roti

This restaurant is housed in Kochi. If you have been residing in Kerala for a period it is apparent that the need to taste regional varieties and delicacies does arise occasionally. This place is perfect to experience the taste of some impeccable northern delicacies which are mixed with the spices of the South Indian flavor. This hybrid of the two is what makes the food finger licking good and forces you to travel to this pace time and again. The speciality of this place remains the Kathi rolls for time immemorial now.

16. The Rice Boat

This place is a spectacular restaurant housed in the hotel of Vivanta by Taj. The exclusivity of this pace is what makes it beautiful and memorable. This place is housed on a rice boat and it is proud of the juiciest seafood which it servers in Kerala. The delicacy ordered is enhanced by the spectacular view of the beach opposite it and the warm, salty breeze enrapturing the person. The rustic decor of the boat makes you feel in paradise. The major dishes of this diner are tiger prawns served on a long green leaf and soft-shelled crab with a tinge of tartar sauce.

17. Malabar Junction

This place stands amidst the beautiful Portuguese courtyard and reminds you of the beauty which once prevailed in all of Kerala. The location of this place is the only place which has not been corroded by industrial workers and remains as serene as a place could be. This place is a perfect blend of the view and the food reflecting exactly the soul of Kerala. The staff seems to be extremely courteous and knowledgeable and the dishes are said to be prepared with expensive and quality ingredients. It would be a delight for you to travel and taste the fresh food of this place.

18. Rahmathullah Hotel

Situated amidst a busy and bustling street of vendors and dwellers this place seems to be the most offbeat and unexplored place to dine. Even though the location of this diner is not one to die for but the food served here seems to be acclaimed highly by the locals of Kerala and the chicken breast served here is to die for. The food ordered doesn’t take much time to prepare so service seems to be extremely fast and the staff proves to be courteous and understanding.

19. Barbeque Factory

Situated in Kozhikode, this place defines what barbecue taste like. The best barbecue restaurant prevalent in Kerala provides you with a refreshing complimentary drink in the beginning and then serves you all types and kinds of barbecue steak available in the world. It might not be a beautiful place to dine at, however the exquisite food offered surely will make you visit this place again.

20. Pillai Snacks

If you are a vegan and have a sweet tooth only then can you visit this place. It offers you a range of sweets which surely bring out the child in you and you will not be able to stop. This restaurant is considered to be a vegetarian delight and serves some amazing “bhajji” to people. Also, a plus point for this restaurant is that it is extremely easy in the pocket.