20 Unique Kitchen Tips That Turn Kitchen Waste Peels Into Utility

20 Unique Kitchen Tips that turn Kitchen waste peels into Utility

Whenever we prepare something, we tend to throw off the waste of the fruits and vegetables thinking what their use might be then. But what if we tell you that those peels that you throw off without thinking twice can prove to be useful in many ways? Peels of fruits and vegetables are full of flavors and provide various benefits. If you throw them out, then you are losing out on a lot of flavors. By not throwing out peels, you are not only stopping the wastage of the but also being smart by ensuring to keep their benefits intact.Read on to know the uses of those peels and to ensure to take full advantage next time:

1. Homemade candles from lemon and orange peels

Homemade candles can be made from orange or lemon peels. Settle the wax inside the peels, and your beautiful candles are ready.

homemade candles

2. Vegetable Peelstock

You can make stock from using all the vegetable peels. It is a perfect way to use all of the vegetables you think as a waste.


3. Peel Fritters

We usually throw away the carrot peels. What we don’t know is that we can make tasty fritters out of them. Add flour, spices, herbs, and beaten egg to the fritters and fry them. Serve hot with a cup of tea.


4. Potpourri with Orange Peel

A Potpourri is a mixture of dried petals and spices which is placed in a bowl to perfume a room. Since oranges are available in abundance in this season, use its skin to make these, and keep your room or house scented.


5. Keep ants away with cucumber peels

Do you always keep complaining about ants roaming all around the house? If yes, then find out from where they come from and place some cucumber peels. Ants hate cucumber and will never return to that area.


6. Potato peels for puffy eyes

Puffy eyes can happen due to many reasons. It is mainly because of taking too much stress. Its remedy is available at home itself. Use potato peels have an enzyme called ‘catecholase’ which act as a skin lightener. Place the peels under the eyes and relax for 10 minutes.


7. Grapefruit peel as a face refresher

We all have been caught up with loads of work at some point or the other. Because of being all stressed up, we end up not taking care of our face. Well, grapefruit peel helps to refresh the face. Take its peel and rub it over the face while avoiding eye contact. After some time, the skin will feel refreshed and alive again.


8. Vanilla Sugar

Use fresh vanilla out of the pod to make this aromatic sugar. Add vanilla pod into the sugar jar, and beautiful and aromatic vanilla sugar is ready!


9. Avocado peel for healthy skin

Each one of us desires to have a healthy skin. To achieve that, we end up spending lots of money on cosmetics. The easiest method is to rub an avocado peel on your face. They have fatty acids that are good for skin and hair. Apply for 20 minutes and wash it off.


10. Banana skin for shiny house plants

If your houseplants have lost their shine and have become dusty, then rubbing a banana skin over them proves to be worthy. Wipe down the inner side of the leaf using the peel, and they will become bright and new.


11. Natural Dyes

Some of the peels of vegetables and fruits can be used to make natural dyes. For getting different colors, you can use food items like onion skin, orange peels, spinach, and lemon. Natural dyes can be prepared which are free from chemicals.


12. Lemon Zest

Lemon Zest is a flavorful ingredient which adds taste to the prepared dish. You can even make a seasoning comprising of lemon zest, ground pepper, and kosher salt. Bake this at the lowest temperature to get an aromatic seasoning.


13. Peach peel for face scrub

Peach peel acts as a great face scrub. Add sugar to the peel and gently scrub on your face. This will keep your skin hydrated.


14. Apple Peel Jelly

The peels of apple can be used to make jelly. You need some apple peels and cores, water, sugar, dry pectin, and food coloring. Get ready for the tastiest jelly!


15. Orange Peels for teeth whitening

White teeth boost the confidence of the people which is why they smile wide. A very simple way to get those bright white teeth is to rub the orange peels on your teeth and brush after some time. It is simple, effective, and easy.


16. Potato skin crisps

Many of us love having potato chips, but how about potato peel crisps? They take less time to prepare. Mix the peels with olive oil, lemon juice, and bake till they turn golden brown.


17. Lemon peel for cleaning utensils

Lemon peels work wonders when it comes to cleaning. Rub these peels on the stained surface of copper, chrome, or stainless steel to bring their shine back. Clean the stains on coffee pot using lemon peel, ice, lemon, water, and salt.


18. Banana peel for shoe polishing

When you realize that your shoes aren’t polished, and you don’t have shoe polish either, then worry not! Grab a banana peel and polish your shoes. It is because of potassium which is a key ingredient in shoe polish and an important nutrient welcomed by plants. This will leave your shoes shiny and spotless.


19. Orange Peels to turn brown sugar back to normal

Has it ever happened that brown sugar has turned into hardballs because of bad weather? Well, there’s a hack for you. Put few orange peels into the sugar jar and after some time, the sugar will turn back to normal.


20. Make tea without tea leaves using apple peels

Yes, you can actually make tea without using tea leaves. You have to let the apple peels simmer in water. Add spices like cardamom, cloves, or cinnamon stick. You can also add honey and lemon. Red apple peels will give a beautiful color to the tea and a good aroma.