Top 21 Recipes Of Paranthas Offered In Street Shops

Top 21 Recipes of Paranthas offered in Street Shops

1. Aloo Parantha

That homely feeling you get whenever you hear the classic aloo parantha. Every Indian mother has somehow gained the expertise to make the perfect aloo paranthas and give us some amazing memories with it. The flavorful stuffed mashed potatoes in the beautifully cooked parantha drizzled with butter is enough to make your whole day glorious.


2. Egg Parantha

This one is for all egg lovers. It has the combination of a succulent parantha and delicious scrambled eggs. The eggs are either scrambled on the top of the parantha while it is being cooked or they are scrambled separately and then stuffed into parantha dough. Scramble the eggs with onions, chilies, and capsicum for added flavor.


3. Gobhi Parantha

This parantha requires a tad bit more effort than the aloo parantha. Here the parantha dough is stuffed with flavored grated cauliflower. It depends on you if you want to pre-cook the grated cauliflower or add the raw cauliflower and cook it along with the parantha. Anyways both taste brilliant and make a great breakfast.


4. Lachcha Parantha

This one is a multi-layered parantha which is a perfect example of how something so creative and lovely can be created from some simple and minimal ingredients.This recipe requires a bit of practice and patience while making it. Serve this with chicken curry or chickpeas curry for the perfect combo.


5. Chicken Parantha

Just when you thought there are enough paranthas in the world, humanity came up with chicken parantha, the perfect recipe for all the non-vegetarians. This parantha is filled with mouthwatering chicken keema enough to make your taste buds go crazy. Tastes best when served with curd and pickle.


6. Mooli Parantha

There are many people who cringe at the name of radish but very few who don’t like mooli parantha. The radish is grated; the water is squeezed out, added with masalas and then stuffed. Make sure that the parantha is cooked longer for the radish to cook nicely and to give it a great flavor.


7. Onion Parantha

Onion paranthas are perfect for breakfast and lunch. This can be prepared in 2 ways; the first one is where you fry the onions with chilies and spices and then stuff it in the parantha or the second one where you add the onions while kneading the dough.


8. Paneer Parantha

There is nothing more satisfying and soothing as a delicious parantha full of your favorite ingredients. Paneer is one of the most popular dishes, no wonder this recipe is everyone’s favorite. It is one of those recipes that can be eaten any time of the day with curd, sauce, or pickle.


9. Methi Parantha

Methi parantha is the perfect alternative to plain parantha if you want something that is tasty and also on the healthier side. To give it a great punch, blend garlic along with methi. Add the paste while kneading the dough. Serve it hot with any curry of your choice or eat it with curd or pickle.


10. Beetroot Parantha

Not only these paranthas look pretty due to the beautiful color imparted by the beetroot but they also taste good. It is different than your regular paranthas as it has the hint of a sweet flavor. Eat this with your favorite curry as it is not only tasty but also provides sufficient nutrition.


11. Cheese Parantha

Is there anything in this world that we can’t add cheese to and make it even better? So why stop at just veggies when you can add cheese to paranthas and savor it to your heart’s content. Add any cheese of your choice to the parantha and enjoy the gooey and mouthwatering paranthas.


12. Mughlai Parantha

This one comes directly from the rich and flavored Bengali cuisine. The minced meat preferably mutton is placed in the middle of the parantha, and then the parantha is folded like an envelope. Drizzled with lots of ghee or butter. Usually served with curd, sauce, or pickle.


13. Pudina Parantha

If you love the freshness of mint, then don’t miss this one which is perfect for a healthy brunch. Blend mint leaves with garlic, chili, lemon juice, and salt. Add the paste to the dough and make appealing paranthas. Squeeze some lemon on the top of it and eat it hot with dal tadka or any veg curry of your choice.


14. Malabar Parantha

Malabar parantha could be called a South Indian cuisine of lachcha parantha. Flaky, fluffy, and crisp; this parantha tastes best with chicken chettinad or lip-smacking South Indian stir fries. Made with maida, and richness of milk and eggs, Malabar parantha can be enjoyed for both lunch and dinner.


15. Palak Parantha

This one is for all those fitness freaks who can’t stop craving paranthas but also want to stay fit as this one contains the healthy greens. It is the perfect recipe for kids who don’t love spinach. I bet they will never know what the parantha even contains.


16. Matar Parantha

You will forget all the matar kachoris and the hara bhara kebabs after you have eaten this.The peas are boiled, mashed, and then cooked with onions, chilies, garlic, and spices. Next, the cooked peas are added as stuffing to parantha. It is a great mouthwatering recipe for lunch.


17. Vegetable Parantha

This healthy and appetizing parantha is made with mixed vegetables stuffing. The kind of vegetables you want to use is totally upon you. This parantha tends to remain soft even after cooling down. Since this is a complete food, it is a great tiffin box snack. You can also eat it for lunch and dinner.


18. Sugar Parantha

This parantha is for all the sweet tooth out there.The sugar is either stuffed, and the parantha is rolled along with it, or the parantha is drizzled with sugar syrup while it is cooked. You can also use jaggery instead of sugar. It is generally made for kids but there is no law against the adults enjoying it.


19. Ajwain Parantha

Crispy and flaky, this whole wheat parantha is filled with ajwain (carom) seeds. The seeds provide a great fragrant whiff to the paranthas. These are good for health since ajwain is known for their digestive properties. It tastes best with curd or pickle.


20. Broccoli Parantha

If you want something as tasty as gobhi parantha, but simultaneously something healthier, then opt for this recipe.The recipe is quite similar of the gobhi parantha where you have to grate the broccoli then either pre-cook it with spices or add it raw to the parantha. It is the best option for all the gym lovers.


21. Carrot Parantha

This healthy and toothsome whole wheat paranthas are made with carrots. It has a faint sweet flavor due to the carrots. Serve it hot or warm with a dollop of ghee or butter for added flavor. Just add the grated carrots, onions, and some herbs to the dough. This one is an ideal snack for breakfast or brunch for the winter days.