20 Unique Samosa Fillings to Try


With these 20 fantastic samosa-filling ideas, make your next Indian feast one to remember. These samosas, which come in various flavors, are too good to pass up. Samosas are savory pastry pockets filled with stuffing. In addition, there are a plethora of samosa fillings to try, in addition to the traditional Indian spiced potatoes and peas. Because of the onions and peppers in the fillings, some are deliciously savory. However, you haven’t lived long enough to have had a sweet samosa!

1. Cream Cheese Samosa

First, look at how incredibly arranged these are on that tray. The tangy and creamy cream cheese filling perfectly contrasts with the sticky, sweet, and crispy crust. These delicious snacks will sell out quickly, so you might want to make two batches.

2. Apple Samosa 

Caramelized apples fill this delicious samosa. They are stuffed with cinnamon-sugar apples, making them look like miniature apple pies that can be carried around. They are extremely straightforward but incredibly timeless. The inside is gooey and crispy on the outside. For even more fun, dip these in chocolate or serve them with ice cream!

3. Three Cheese Samosas 

I’m reminded of delicious grilled cheese by these savory samosas. Even better, a seared, compact barbecued cheddar. They are the ideal balance of salty, tangy, and creamy, packed to the brim with mozzarella, feta, and cream cheese. A crunchy, triangle-shaped crust holds the delicious cheeses together. At any party, these fantastic cheese appetizers will go fast.

4. Chocolate Samosa 

This dessert is truly opulent. Crispy pastry with a rich chocolate ganache filling served warm and melty. Yum! Fried chocolate lava is made of sweet, rich chocolate ganache, which is embarrassingly simple. The pastry’s cinnamon sugar, which adds sweetness and texture, will delight you.

5. Keema Samosa 

Samosa filling is a typical snack in both India and Pakistan. These are too good to pass up because they have a meat filling that is spicy and smoky. Mutton or lamb is the traditional meats, but you can use any meat you like.

6. Coconut Samosa 

The filling of these samosas is light and deliciously sweet. They are loaded to the brim with coconut and sugar, a ridiculously simple combination. With a pastry shell that is crispy, it is even better.

7. Onion Samosa 

Samosas stuffed with a spicy onion filling and crisped up are as traditional as they come. These are delicious as an appetizer or lunch item for your Indian feast. This version of the samosa is quite popular in India for an evening snack. The pastry is perfectly crisped, and the onion filling is delicious. These should be served warm with a strong tea like chai or cardamom.

8. Mawa Samosa 

At festivals like Ramadan, Holi, and Diwali, these sweet samosas are typically served. However, after just one bite, you’ll want them daily! A creamy and sweet mixture of Mawa, coconut, nuts, and other traditional ingredients and spices fill the crispy pastry. Ricotta can be used as a simple substitute if you can’t find Mawa, similar to curd.

9. Baked Cheese And Spinach Samosa 

Try these baked samosas if you want something healthier. The filling of cheese and spinach is so delicious and creamy. Additionally, the crust is still crisp, providing that distinctive crunch. What a win-win situation!

10. Cheese Samosa Puffs 

I like to compare these to Indian empanadas because they have a flaky puff pastry shell. Also, do not be fooled by the title. These may be loaded with cheese and potatoes, but they also contain a lot of turmerics, cumin, mustard, and garam masala.

12. Vegetable Samosa 

The most delectable veggie appetizer ever comprises these little triangles of goodness. In addition to the traditional combination of potatoes, peas, and onions, you’ll add a slew of flavorful spices. It is the ideal filling for the exterior, which is crisp and light.

13. Jalapeno Cheese Samosa

The cheesy samosas are delicious. The stringy, gooey cheese is an appetizer of dreams. Loaded up with cream cheddar, mozzarella, and cheddar, they have cleaved jalapeños for a touch of flavor.

14. Chinese Samosa 

These Chinese samosas are stuffed with chicken, Asian-style spices, and noodles. I would never have thought to put noodles inside a samosa, I would venture to say that they are even better than egg rolls!

15. Chicken Samosa 

These chicken samosas are impressively delicious and straightforward to prepare. The dough must rest after being drafted. That is the ideal moment to prepare the filling. Everything will be ready to assemble when you finish. These samosas make an excellent party appetizer or snack.

16. Butter Chicken Samosa 

This filling for butter chicken is fantastic. It is delicious, creamy, and perfectly spiced. Simply put, these delicious samosas will be devoured more quickly than any other dish at your next party.

17. Nutella Samosa 

The indulgent chocolate-hazelnut spread and gooey marshmallow fluff fill these golden heaven bites. Ingredients melt together in the fried samosa, which is pure bliss. Try out a variety of sweet fillings if Nutella or marshmallows aren’t your cup of tea.

18. Potatoes And Peas Samosa 

As previously stated, the typical filling for samosas is potatoes and peas. One of my favorites are these little handheld flavor bombs. The flavors and texture of the potatoes and peas are delicious.

19. Egg Samosa

A filling similar to egg salad is found in egg samosas. It has a fun Indian twist and is creamy and rich. You’ll combine traditional Indian flavors with hard-boiled eggs. Additionally, these are covered in crispy phyllo rather than regular pastry. The inside is flavorful and fragrant, and the exterior has many delicate layers. That makes the ideal snack for your afternoon slump.

20. Sambousak 

The appearance of these Sambousak is slightly different from that of traditional samosas. However, this does not diminish their flavor. Otherwise called an Arabic samosa, they’re similar to egg rolls rather than three-sided samosas. There are herbivore- and carnivore-friendly variations in this recipe, so there’s something for everyone.