20 Variants Of Uttapam That You Must Give A Try

20 Variants of Uttapam That You Must Give A Try

Uttapam is loved by South Indians. They are thicker than Dosa and can be easily confused as a pancake. They are crispy and spongy and a delight for many. They vary according to their sizes as you can prepare large or mini Uttapams. They have a layer of vegetables which enhances the taste, but you can experiment the toppings according to your wish. You can have many varieties like paneer, tomato, bell peppers, and onion. It is simple to make and doesn’t need any expertise. You can have this for breakfast or pack your kids’ lunch with their favourite toppings. It just requires the same batter that you prepare for Idli and Dosa.Here is a list of all the variants that one must need to try once in their lives:

1. Bajra, Carrot, And Onion Uttapam

Using the whole bajra and its flour along with carrots and onions is a variant famous in South India. These vegetables give a nice crunch to this dish. Adding coriander leaves and lemon juice enhance the flavour and aroma. Serve it with green chutney.


2. Instant Oats And Whole Wheat Uttapam

This type of Uttapam is an instant variety made by oats flour, whole wheat flour, and vegetables. All of these ingredients provide good flavour to this dish. You can have this in breakfast, as an evening snack, or for dinner.


3. Uttapam Pizza

Making a pizza out of leftover Uttapams is a great variant. Uttapam pizza has all of the basic ingredients including onions, capsicum, cheese, and pizza sauce. You can also add ingredients according to your choice from toppings like pineapples, sweet corn, and olives and other sauces too. The best part about this dish is that it doesn’t require an oven.


4. Rava Uttapam With Cabbage

Rawa Uttapam is a quick recipe as it doesn’t require a ground and fermented batter. It needs ingredients like semolina, curd, and other ingredients. It has a fabulous texture which acts as a treat for taste buds.


5. Bread Uttapam

When you don’t have a batter to prepare Uttapams instantly, then Bread Uttapam work as a quick fix. It is made with a batter of semolina and bread. It tastes as good as an authentic Uttapam without any soaking or fermentation time. Add some vegetables to boost the appeal. It is a good way to make use of leftover bread and also when unexpected guests arrive. Serve immediately with green chutney.


6. Sprouted Matki And Coriander Mini Uttapam

This is a unique variety of Uttapam made with a batter of sprouted Matki with coriander, green chili, and other ingredients which enhance the taste. The batter doesn’t require any soaking as sprouted Matki is used. Serve them with green chutney.


7. Olive Jalapeno And Sun-dried Tomato Uttapam

Usually, people don’t prefer adding jalapeno and olives to Uttapam, but they don’t know that this combination is delicious. Try adding these toppings to Uttapam instead of pizza to give an exotic touch. You can serve these mini Uttapams in parties.


8. Onion Uttapam

The most popular variety of Uttapam is onion Uttapam. The onions make the Uttapams crunchy and tasty. You can also try other combination like onions and tomatoes with the same batter.


9. Onion Tomato Uttapam

Onion Tomato Uttapam is another tasty variant. It is made with Dosa batter and has a topping of onions, tangy tomatoes, chilies, and coriander which add Flavor to the dish. Don’t forget to press the toppings well into the Uttapam otherwise it may fall off while serving.


10. Green Peas Uttapam

Green Pea Uttapam might be considered as the winner among all the varieties. It is a batter of Urad, rice, and green peas. Since the batter doesn’t require any grinding or fermenting, it can be made as a quick snack.


11. Sprouts Uttapam

Sprouts Uttapam is a quick and easy snack which is both delicious and nutritious. Sprouted pulses increase vitamin B complex and vitamin C, calcium, iron, and protein. They are great for low-calorie evening snack as it uses little oil.


12. Soya Uttapam

Soya Uttapam requires few ingredients like soya milk which is rich in protein and other vegetables. It is tasty! Have this as a breakfast or any time you like. Pack your kids’ lunch box with this variant to make them love this even more.


13. Banana Uttapam

Soft and succulent Uttapams with the sweetness of bananas are loved by all. It uses the usual batter of Urad dal and rice, and after it is fermented, the batter is mixed with mashed bananas which makes it softer.


14. Jowar Uttapam

Uttapam can be made healthier by using iron-rich jowar. Their taste is relished the most when served with coconut chutney.


15. Sandwich Uttapam

Uttapam with a twist- Sandwich Uttapam! The batter is spread out with veggies, and another layer is coated over the previous one to make a sandwich. Cut them into wedges. It is great to start your morning with this variant of Uttapam.


16. Paneer Uttapam

Paneer is used everywhere and has taken over Uttapam too. Sprinkle grated paneer on top and press it with a spoon so that it doesn’t come off.


17. Carrots Uttapam

Carrots Uttapam might seem like an unusual variant but trust its taste. Apart from having an orangey look, it tastes delicious too.


18. Cheese Uttapam

Cheese Uttapam looks almost like a pizza. It is a fusion of South Indian and Italian cuisine. There’s a taste of cheese mixed with vegetables within the first bite.


19. Ragi Uttapam

Ragi Uttapam is made using semolina, Ragi flour, and yogurt. Mix these ingredients along with green chilies, chopped onion, mustard seeds, and cumin seeds. Mix the batter well so that it doesn’t form any lumps. Add vegetables of your choice and make Uttapams.


20. Bell Pepper Uttapam

If you love bell peppers, then you must try this variant. Replace all the vegetables with bell peppers of any colour like red, yellow, or green. Spread the better in the tava and make sure that the bell peppers don’t fall off while serving. Garnish with coriander and serve with green chutney.